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What Is ISEE Practice Test? Its Levels And Practice Test

Joining a premium school to continue your studies and have a better experience is the wish of every student and their parents. But it is not as easy as it seems to be because you may have to clear particular tests like ISEE to enroll yourself in such a quality school. It is not a piece of cake to clear this test unless you have performed an ISEE practice test and cleared it. In this guide, we aim to help those students who are struggling with the clearance of this test. By reading this blog, you will learn about the ISEE exam and the method through which you can participate in its free practice test. Let’s get started and read about ISEE testing in detail.

Part 1. What Is ISEE Test?

Independent School Entrance Exam or ISEE is a specific test conducted by ERB to evaluate the skills and understanding level of a student. This test is accepted by 1200+ premium schools around the world. It means that you can clear this test and apply for admission to any of those schools. An ISEE practice test is available for every student regardless of the level of grade they are in or trying to apply for. The only difference is the test content/material and marking level. Moreover, ERB doesn’t ask you to move to a specific city to conduct this test as it is flexible for everyone. You can register yourself for the upcoming ISEE test and choose your nearby center to complete it. The only thing you have to make sure is that you are ready to get enough marks to go ahead with the admission process. For this, the easiest and most effective approach is to use a platform for an ISEE practice test and keep practicing until you have what you need to clear this exam.

Preview of ISEE Test

Preview of ISEE Test

Part 2. Levels Of ISEE Test And Their Syllabus

When reading about an ISEE practice test, it is important to understand its levels and syllabus. The reason is you will be familiar with which practice test you should pick according to your educational level. Here we have done a quick discussion about its levels and necessary information about them.

Primary Level

For admission in 2-4 grades, this ISEE test is conducted by ERB. You will find three different sub-level tests in the primary level given the names of primary 2, primary 3, and primary 4. The primary 2 test is conducted when the student is looking to enter the second grade while the primary 3 is when a student is looking to enter the third grade. Similarly, the primary 4 test will help the students to get admission in the fourth grade of the school in which the ISEE test is accepted. But the course content for all these primary level tests remains the same with small changes. You will have 53 to 60 minutes to clear these tests depending on the level you have picked. Keep in mind that you should always perform an ISEE practice test and clear it multiple times in the practice sessions before appearing in the exam.

Lower Level

When you are looking to enroll yourself in 5 or 6 grade, you need to participate in the ISEE lower-level test. It is a complete exam of 2 hours and 20 minutes involving different types of content. You will have to participate in the tests for verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, reading, Mathematics, and essay writing. Be mindful that you will have specific time from the entire duration to complete a specific type of test. So, you should be prepared for it and make sure that you are ready to complete that section of the ISEE practice test before appearing in the actual exam and trying your luck.

Middle Level

If you are interested in enrolling yourself in a premium private school for seventh or eighth grade, you should have cleared the Middle-level ISEE test. This test is particularly accepted for those students who are ready to pursue their studies from these grades. In this test, you will have the same categories as the lower-level test but the number of questions will be higher. Simply, you can say that it is an extended form of the lower ISEE test. Additionally, you will get 2 hours and 40 minutes for the completion of this test. You can find an ISEE practice test online for free to give it a try and check whether you are ready to go for this test or need more preparations.

Upper Level

It is right to say that this test is a 100% replica of the middle-level testing because the number of questions, given time, and all other sections are the same. The only difference is that this test enables the students to enroll in grades from 9 to 12. You may have a little more complicated questions but they remain from the same category. The reason why this test is kept a little complicated is the higher level of education/grade you are enrolling. It is right to say that you have to choose a platform for an ISEE practice test with the availability of multiple turns to appear in this exam. The reason is you have to struggle a lot to understand the questions and perform well in this test.

Part 3. How To Perform ISEE Practice Test?

When it comes to being prepared for this test, it is important to perform a series of ISEE practice tests. It will enable you to check whether you are good to go for the actual test or need more preparation. For this, you can choose multiple online platforms to enroll yourself for the practice test. You may find a few platforms that enable you to choose a free ISEE practice test. But you may also have to pay a minor fee to try your luck. We recommend using the free platform first or downloading the sample test from the official platform. It will enable you to have an idea of what type of questions you may have in the exam. Along with this, you can try those tests as many times as you want because of the offline access to the sample test. The only drawback is that the questions in the sample document will have a huge difference from the original questions that will be asked in the actual ISEE practice test.

A Question from the ISEE Practice Test

A Question from the ISEE Practice Test

Part 4. What Types Of Questions Are There In An ISEE Test?

Overall, questions from 5 major categories are included in ISEE practice tests. You will find all practice tests with the involvement of these questions. Here we have listed all those categories with a brief discussion to let you know what those categories mean. 

Verbal Reasoning

In this section, the vocabulary and reasoning skills of the participants are evaluated. For this, the questions related to synonyms and sentence completion are written. You must be proactive when reading their statements and solving these questions. Be mindful that these questions will be according to your grade level. 

Quantitative Reasoning

In ISEE practice tests, you will find some questions related to word problems and quantitative analysis. These questions come under the category of quantitative reasoning. The purpose of adding these questions is to check the reasoning skills of the students when it comes to dealing with the quantity of something like words. 

Reading Comprehension

As the category’s name shows, this section is related to reading comprehensive paragraphs. Every student has to read the paragraphs and then answer the questions given with every paragraph. It is like reading the passage and finding answers to the questions from them. The number of paragraphs for this section depends on the grade level you have while joining the ISEE practice tests. 


It is right to say that no standard test is available without the involvement of Mathematics. ISEE test isn’t an exception in this regard as you have to deal with problems involving math. In this section, you will find questions according to the national standards and your grade level. From basic to advanced, you may need to answer the questions from different branches of mathematics as per your grade. 

Essay Writing

In the last section, you have to write an essay about the topic or prompt that is given to you. ISEE practice tests include multiple topics to let you be familiar with how to write on various topics. You should practice these tests because you will have a tight time limit when appearing in the real ISEE test. Also, you should make sure that you have enough writing speed to write without mistakes. 


How Can I Practice The ISEE?

You can download a sample test from the ERB official website for practice. Also, you can find a platform that allows you to participate in an ISEE practice test with a free/paid subscription.

Is ISEE A Hard Test?

Yes, ISEE is considered a hard test to clear because it enables the students a direct entrance to their dream premium private school in the world. Also, it involves multiple categories enabling a student to be prepared for all of those to clear the test.

What Is The Highest ISEE Score?

ISEE tests involve multiple sections in which you will find questions related to different categories. Every section has specific scores that range from 760 to 940. There is not a single highest ISEE score because it depends on various categories involved in this test.


Undoubtedly, ISEE is a hard test that isn’t a piece of cake for everyone. You should enroll yourself in an ISEE practice test before appearing for the actual exam. It will enable you to be aware of what will be waiting for you in the examination hall and how you should prepare yourself for that.

Isn’t it something that can help you clear your exam? It is right to say that ISEE test clearance will open doors to many high-quality private schools for you.

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