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6 Best Apps to Learn Chinese: Master Mandarin with Ease

Are you ready to explore the world of learning Chinese? Feeling overwhelmed with so many options out there? Don’t fret! Picture this: You’re eager to kickstart your Mandarin journey but unsure which app to choose. Struggling with pronunciation or grammar? We’ve got your back! In this guide, we’ll unveil the 6 best apps to learn Chinese. Whether you’re a beginner seeking basics or aiming for fluency, we’ve curated the perfect list for you. Let’s embark on this adventure together!

6 Best Apps to Learn Chinese: Master Mandarin with Ease

List Of Best Apps to Learn Chinese

Apps to Learn ChineseFunctionalityUser-FriendlinessAffordabilityRecommendedFor Grades
LingodeerGamified lessons cover HSK levels, speaking practice, and comprehensive learning resources.Intuitive interface with interactive exercises and clear progress tracking for effective learning.Free basic plan with option to upgrade for additional features and enhanced learning experience.★★★★HSK levels 1 to 3
WuKong AppTailored curriculum, expert educators, global accessibility, supplementary resources, and personalized learning experience.Easy-to-navigate platform with flexible scheduling and engaging, interactive lessons for effective Mandarin learning.Competitive pricing with flexible payment options and trial classes available for new users.★★★★★K-12
HelloChineseStructured curriculum, real-world conversations, speech recognition, and writing practice for beginner to intermediate learners.Clear learning path, interactive exercises, and pronunciation feedback for easy Mandarin language acquisition.Free basic plan with option to unlock premium features through affordable subscription plans.★★★★Up to HSK level 6
Daily ChineseSpaced repetition, diverse word packs, vocabulary expansion, and advanced learning resources for comprehensive Mandarin acquisition.Easy-to-use interface, spaced repetition system, and diverse word packs for effective vocabulary mastery.Subscription-based model with some features available for free, offering value for learners of all levels.★★★All levels
italkiPersonalized tutoring, flexible scheduling, one-on-one sessions, and diverse tutor options for tailored Mandarin learning.User-friendly platform, diverse tutor selection, and flexible scheduling for convenient and effective language practice.Variable pricing based on tutor rates, offering options for learners with different budgets.★★★★All levels
ChineseSkillGamified learning, comprehensive curriculum, interactive exercises, and diverse resources for engaging Mandarin language acquisition.Intuitive interface, gamified lessons, and interactive exercises for enjoyable Mandarin learning experience.Free basic plan with option to upgrade for additional features and advanced learning content.★★★All levels

1. Lingodeer: Gamified Learning for HSK Success

Lingodeer offers a gamified approach to learning Chinese, making the process engaging and enjoyable. It targets HSK 1 to 3 vocabulary and grammar and helps learners practice writing 1,000 Chinese characters.

Gamified Learning for HSK Success


  • Gamified Lessons: Lingodeer’s gamified structure motivates learners through interactive lessons and exercises.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The app covers a wide range of topics and skills, including vocabulary, grammar, listening, and writing, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.
  • Speaking Practice: The app includes features that allow learners to listen to sentences and then record themselves, promoting oral proficiency.


  • Sequential Learning Path: Learners must follow the set sequence of lessons, which might not appeal to those who prefer a more flexible learning approach.
  • Limited Advanced Content: Lingodeer primarily targets beginner to intermediate levels, potentially lacking in advanced material for higher proficiency learners.

2. WuKong APP : Unleash Your Child’s Potential on Chinese Learning

Embarking on mastering Mandarin is an enriching experience, especially when guided by the expertise of the WuKong Chinese Course. Tailored specifically for children aged 3-18 worldwide, WuKong stands as a beacon of authentic Chinese learning, facilitated by educators deeply immersed in the culture. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of this renowned app to understand how it can elevate your child’s language skills.

6 Best Apps to Learn Chinese: Master Mandarin with Ease - WuKong Blog


  • Tailored Learning Experience: WuKong offers a meticulously crafted curriculum developed by a top-tier research team. With four core Chinese courses comprising 32 levels and five supplementary modules, each child can find their perfectly tailored course, ensuring effective and personalized learning.
  • Expert Educators: At WuKong, only the top 1% of teachers globally are selected to be part of the teaching team. With an average of five years of teaching experience and 76% holding a Master’s degree or higher, these educators bring unparalleled expertise and dedication to each lesson.
  • Comprehensive Course Offerings: From International Chinese to Pre-K Chinese, WuKong covers a wide range of core courses suitable for different age groups and proficiency levels. Additionally, supplementary courses like “Speak Like a Natural” and “STAR Reading Club” provide a complete balance to your child’s Mandarin learning journey.
  • Global Accessibility: WuKong’s online platform provides flexibility and accessibility, available in over 2000 cities worldwide. Whether it’s one-on-one or small group classes, children can enjoy engaging and fun lessons tailored to their schedule and learning pace.
  • Chinese Resources: As a Chinese learning hub hosting resources on topics ranging from printable worksheets PDFs and Chinese learning workbooks to traditional stories and tutorial videos, WuKong offers an extensive library of supplementary materials to enrich the learning experience further.


  • None Identified: Wukong Chinese currently only provides free trial lessons for new users, but there are many Chinese learning resources that can be obtained for free, overing Chinese vocabulary, Chinese characters, Chinese books, and more.
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3. HelloChinese: A Comprehensive Starter Kit

HelloChinese is a fantastic app for beginners embarking on their journey to learn the Chinese language. With over eight million downloads worldwide, it offers a well-rounded curriculum around real-world conversations and listening activities.

HelloChinese: A Comprehensive Starter Kit


  • Structured Curriculum: HelloChinese provides a clear, structured learning path that guides beginners through the first six levels of the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test), ensuring a solid foundation in the Chinese language.
  • Interactive Learning Tools: The app includes features like speech recognition to help with pronunciation and tones, and an interface for handwriting practice, making it a comprehensive tool for all aspects of language learning.
  • Engaging Lessons: Lessons designed around real-world conversations allow learners to apply what they learn to everyday situations quickly.


  • Limited Advanced Content: While excellent for beginners, advanced learners might find the content less challenging after reaching a certain proficiency level.
  • Basic Plan Limitations: The free plan offers limited access, prompting users to pay for a more complete experience.

4. Daily Chinese: Vocabulary Mastery Made Easy

Daily Chinese is a powerful tool for learners focused on expanding their vocabulary. Using spaced repetition and diverse word packs, it covers everything from basic grammar to niche categories.

Daily Chinese: Vocabulary Mastery Made Easy


  • Extensive Vocabulary Database: With over 9,000 Chinese characters and a wide variety of word packs, Daily Chinese offers one of the largest vocabulary collections for Mandarin learners.
  • Spaced Repetition: This technique helps optimize retention and recall, ensuring learners remember what they’ve studied over the long term.
  • Variety of Topics: The app includes word packs on various topics, from foundational grammar to industry-specific vocabulary, catering to learners with varied interests.


  • Subscription-Based Model: While some features are available for free, a subscription is required to access the full range of content, which might not be ideal for all learners.
  • Interface Learning Curve: Some users may find the app’s interface less intuitive, requiring time to get accustomed to its features.
  • Limited Speaking Practice: The app focuses heavily on vocabulary and may not provide sufficient Chinese speaking and listening practice.

5. italki: Personalized Tutoring at Your Fingertips

italki connects learners with experienced tutors for personalized lessons, offering a flexible and interactive way to master the Chinese language.

Personalized Tutoring at Your Fingertips


  • One-on-One Tutoring: Personalized lessons with experienced tutors ensure focused learning and tailored feedback, addressing individual needs and goals.
  • Flexible Scheduling: With tutors available 24/7, learners can schedule sessions that fit their timetable, making learning convenient anytime, anywhere.
  • Customised Lessons: Whether you want free-flowing conversations or structured learning based on HSK prep books, italki allows you to tailor lessons to your specific objectives.


  • Cost Variability: The price per session depends on the tutor, ranging from $4 to $30 per hour, which might be expensive for some learners.
  • Tutor Quality Variation: While most tutors are qualified, the quality can vary, and finding the right fit might take time.
  • Dependency on Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is essential as lessons are conducted online, which might be a limitation for some users.

6. ChineseSkill: Fun and Interactive Learning

ChineseSkill makes learning Mandarin fun through games and interactive exercises. It is suitable for both beginners and intermediate learners, covering HSK 3 and 4 levels.

6 Best Apps to Learn Chinese: Master Mandarin with Ease - WuKong Blog


  • Interactive Games: The app uses games and interactive exercises to make learning enjoyable and engaging.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: With over 400 grammar points, 300 sentence patterns, 1,000 words, and 1,500 characters, ChineseSkill offers a thorough foundation in the Chinese language.
  • Practice Features: The app includes character writing practice, speaking exercises with speech recognition, and native-speaker videos, providing a well-rounded learning experience.


  • Intermediate Focus: While great for beginners and intermediate learners, those at advanced levels might find the app less challenging.
  • Limited Advanced Content: The app primarily focuses on foundational and intermediate levels, with less content for advanced learners.
  • In-App Purchases: To access more features and advanced lessons, users might need to make in-app purchases, which could be a limitation for those seeking free resources.

FAQs: App to Learn Chinese

Q1: What features should I look for in an app to learn Chinese?

A: Look for features like interactive lessons, speech recognition, native speaker audio, character writing practice, and progress tracking.

Q2: How long does learning Chinese using an app take?

A: The time it takes to learn Chinese varies by individual and the amount of daily practice, but consistent use of an app can lead to significant progress in a few months.

Q3: How can the best app to learn Chinese improve my listening skills?

A: The best apps enhance listening comprehension by providing native speaker audio, interactive listening exercises, and real-life conversations.


In this article, we’ve explored several options to find the best app to learn Chinese. Each app has its own benefits and drawbacks, catering to different learning styles. From structured lessons to personalized tutoring, there’s something for everyone. Among these options, WuKong Chinese Course stands out as a top recommendation. With its expert teachers, well-designed curriculum, and global accessibility, WuKong offers a comprehensive and tailored learning experience for children of all ages. If you’re looking to unlock your child’s full potential in mastering Chinese, we highly recommend giving WuKong Chinese Course a try.

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