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Why Chinese Teas Are Famous? Types & Methods Of Tea Making

For many people, the first drink they have in the morning is tea. It is because they think that nothing is better than having a cup of tea when we get up. Undoubtedly, it is a pleasant experience to enjoy this. But it becomes better when you have a cup of Chinese tea. The reason is its unique and delicious taste with multiple benefits. If you are unaware of Chinese teas, this blog is written for you. In this blog, we will focus on a few famous and useful types of Chinese teas with a discussion of how you can make them. We will also share a few reasons why these teas are famous for both health-conscious and taste-conscious people in the world.

Part 1. Why Are Chinese Teas Famous?

Let us first show you a few reasons why Chinese teas are more famous than standard coffee and tea types. The very first reason behind the popularity of teas in China is the health benefits. These teas normally originated from natural herbs instead of inorganic and artificial materials. Because of their origin, these teas provide the body a great health and leave no bad impacts. It means that you will not face any stomach problems like you may have experienced when taking the artificial tea cups. Another reason why Chinese teas are famous is the unique taste they have. You will never find a delicious tea than these teas in the world even if you are visiting a premium-quality hotel. These teas have distinct tastes that will let you get fresh in the morning and have an unforgettable experience. You will never regret your decision to add these teas to the routine of morning teas.

Part 2. 7 Types Of Chinese Teas

When it comes to Chinese teas, you will find more than 15 types in its list. But not all of those are delicious to try and list in this section. So, we have tried to check all of them and made a list of the 7 best teas that you will enjoy the most.

Green Tea

It is the most ancient type of tea that is still used widely in China. Due to being the most ancient Chinese tea, it is also considered a traditional Chinese tea. The main reason for its popularity is the origin of this tea and its processing. It is basically produced from the shoots of the fresh tea plants and kept for processing for a few hours. The green tea is dried for a few hours depending on the flavor that one is looking to get at the end. As it is kept for processing for a few hours, it includes maximum natural resources like nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes. Moreover, it has maximum antioxidants that are good for the human body. This is the main reason why Chinese green tea is widely used for dieting purposes in the world. In the Chinese language, it is also called “Lu Cha” and most restaurants have labeled this tea with this specific name.

Chinese Green Tea

Chinese Green Tea

Black Tea

Instead of shoots, black tea is processed from the branches of the tea plants. This Chinese tea is also called red tea because of the red color that it gets when processed for making. It is the second most famous tea among other Chinese teas in the world. Like green tea, it is also oxidized for perfect processing but the leaves are processed before going to this stage. In the end, the black tea looks like other traditional Chinese teas with a dark brown color and red tone. The main reason for its popularity is its sweet and beautiful fragrance that comes from it when it is made as well as when it is poured in the cup for drinking. It is called “Hong Cha” in the native Chinese language. You will find multiple sub-variants of black tea in the country and pick the one that suits your taste.

Chinese Black Tea

Chinese Black Tea

Herbal Tea

As the name shows, this tea is made from fresh and dried flowers depending on the flavor and taste you are looking for. Unlike other Chinese teas, it is not processed to make oxidized and filled with natural ingredients. In some circles, it is also not considered a traditional Chinese tea because it is not made like other Chinese teas. But you will find it with a unique presentation and taste. Because of its unique properties, herbal tea is made and served normally at night times. If you love to have a cup of Chinese tea before sleeping or going to bed, you should try it.

Chinese Herbal Tea

Chinese Herbal Tea

Dark Tea

Instead of fresh tea leaves or shoots, dark tea is made in the post-fermentation phase of plants. It is not well-known as compared to other Chinese teas that we have mentioned above. But it has still got a position to be listed in this selection that we have made for the famous teas from this culture. This tea isn’t made like other teas and needs focus while processing it. Overall, the making of dark tea involves two main phases that include the fermentation of plants, water pouring, and fermenting the ingredients at the end. The process of making this Chinese tea takes time which discourages lovers not to taking this tea and choosing from other Chinese teas.

Chinese Dark Tea

Chinese Dark Tea

White Tea

Among other Chinese teas, White tea is also used widely in the country. It is mostly used by rich people, poets, and others because of being expensive. Unlike other teas, the leaves for white tea are collected once a year. It makes this type of Chinese tea more expensive than others. Also, it has a unique taste that makes it more delicious than others. People love to take this tea when they are feeling tired and looking to get relaxed. Overall, it is a tasty tea that you can take to have a distinct taste from a teacup. But it takes much time to get ready completely which makes it hard for many people to have a sip of it. 

Chinese White Tea Cup

Chinese White Tea Cup

Yellow Tea

If you love to enjoy sweet tea, you should try Yellow tea from the list of Chinese teas. It has a sweet taste with a delicate fragrance. You will surely get relaxed with its smell and have a wonderful experience while taking this tea. It has a golden color instead of having purely yellow color. You can make this tea in the same way you make the green tea. The only additional step is the controlled processing to give it a golden shade and amazing smell. 

Chinese Yellow Tea

Chinese Yellow Tea

Oolong Tea

If you are trying to have a unique taste, you should try Oolong tea. It is not a pure tea among other Chinese teas. But it is made by combining two popular Chinese teas named black and green tea. Yes, Oolong tea is made by processing these teas to get a unique and distinct taste at the end. Because of the mixing of these teas, it gets a dark share that is not similar to any of the above-mentioned teas. It is normally made to reduce the oxidizing properties of green tea and make it suitable for many people who have any health problems related to green tea. 

Oolong Chinese Tea

Oolong Chinese Tea

Part 3. How To Make Chinese Tea?

Undoubtedly, making Chinese teas is similar to other teas production. But it involves the leaves of a specific plant depending on the tea type you are trying to make. That’s why we have listed a few steps here to let you make this tea with great taste.

1.First of all, you should boil water in a pan at a specific temperature depending on the type of Chinese tea.

2. After that, you should wash the teapot and cup to remove any contaminants from it

3. Now, put the tea leaves in the container. Be careful while doing so because the change in the amount of the leaves can change the taste of the tea.

4. Pour the boiled water on the leaves and make sure that they are dipped into it. Be patient for a few minutes before further processing.

5. Now, change the teapot or container and extract the tea into another one. You may have to do so multiple times until you get your tea ready.

This is all you have to do to make the Chinese teas. You can now pour it into a cup and enjoy your tea for a better experience.


How Time Is Required To Make Chinese Teas?

It all depends on the ingredients you are adding to make your tea more delicious. Overall, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds or half minutes to ready your tea and have it. 

What Is Traditional Chinese Tea?

Green tea is considered the traditional Chinese tea as compared to others because it has been used in the world for more than 1000 years. It’s processing and natural herbs make it special among other Chinese teas.

Which Teas Come From China?

China is considered the largest producer of tea in the world. It produces black tea, green tea, oolong tea, white tea, and yellow tea. Many other types of teas are available in the market but these are considered the most popular among them.


From this blog about Chinese teas, you must be aware of the famous teas used in this country. You must have got an idea about the benefits of the teas from this country. We have also shared the method to make these teas and have a good experience. You must be ready to take your experience of taking tea to a higher level with the involvement of Chinese tea.

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