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WuKong Math: Best Online Math Tutors Near Me!

WuKong Math offer exceptional enrichment programs that go beyond traditional curricula. We provide a comprehensive range of courses tailored to international mathematical competitions such as the AMC8, Math Kangaroo and Math League.

WuKong Advanced Math Program incorporate the advanced Singapore CPA (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract) Approach, integrating it in a holistic and innovative manner. This approach allows us to precisely identify and nurture students’ mathematical potential. We understand that students’ mathematical cognition and thinking abilities develop at different stages, which is why we implement finely graded teaching methods. This ensures that every student receives maximum mathematical advancement at the appropriate instructional level, laying a solid foundation for their academic and future endeavors.

Experience the WuKong Advanced Math Program today and witness your mathematical prowess soar to new heights. Unleash your potential and conquer the world of mathematics!

Part1. WuKong Advanced Math Program

Advanced Course

Latest changes:

WuKong Advanced Course is s suitable for the age range of students 6-18 years old, and a new grade A10 has been added.


A1&A2One lesson a week, 60 minutes each
A3-A10One lesson a week, 90 minutes each

There are 10 grades in WuKong Advanced Course, and each grade is divided into 5 terms (TermA, B, C, D, E). Each Term has 10 lessons, totaling 50 lessons. Among them, each Term L3, L6, L9 assignments will add a review session.


WuKong Math: Best Online Math Tutors Near Me! - WuKong Education Blog


Wukong Advanced Course not only helps students to pass the school selection examinations such as GCSE, but also helps students to achieve excellent results in well-known international mathematics competitions such as Math Kangaroo , AMC 8, Math League and other competitions.

At the same time, Wukong Advanced Course can also improve students’ mathematical thinking and logical reasoning ability, so that students can independently and quickly think out methodology when facing different types of questions.

GradeExpand KnowledgeKey KnowledgeThinking TrainingConsolidation
A165 in all15 in allOver 350350 in all
A260 in all20 in allOver 350350 in all
A364 in all36 in allOver 480500 in all
A464 in all42 in allOver 480500 in all
A555 in all50 in allOver 480500 in all
A645 in all62 in allOver 480500 in all
A747 in all65 in allOver 480500 in all
A838 in all70 in allOver 480500 in all
A932 in all74 in allOver 480500 in all
A1028 in all80 in allOver 480500 in all
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B-Advanced Course


WuKong Bilingual Advanced Course will start on March 24, 2024, and the official class will start on April 7, 2024.


BA3Free Trial Class4-845 minutes
BA4/5Free Trial Class4-890 minutes
BA3/4/5Long-term Class4-890 minutes

There are 3 grades in the WuKong BA course, and each grade is divided into 5 terms (TermA, B, C, D, E). Each grade has one free trial class and 50 formal classes.


The Wukong BA Course is the bilingual mathematics program. Like WuKong Advanced Course, it is designed to help students achieve excellence in a variety of key assessment scenarios, including in-school assessments, selective exams, and even math competitions. The content of the course is closely related to the high practical directions of mathematics scoring strategy, exam breakthrough skills, competition and the cultivation of mathematical thinking in school to improve students’ all-round mathematical literacy in a professional and unique way.

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AMC 8 Challenge Course



The AMC 8 Challenge Course created by WuKong Math closely focuses on the question type characteristics and proposition rules of the AMC 8 real questions in the past 10 years, and carries out the classification and summary of the mathematical knowledge points involved in the questions.

The first stage of teaching follows the principle of gradual progress from easy to difficult. The course is carefully divided into five thematic modules, one by one in-depth analysis, to ensure that students have a comprehensive and thorough understanding and mastery of the knowledge points of each module.

Entering the second stage, the course focuses on identifying gaps and consolidating improvement. It aims to comprehensively review what students have learned in the early stage, and ensure that relevant knowledge points are deeply understood and skillfully used through targeted intensive training.

In addition, WuKong AMC 8 Challenge Course is also supported by a series of rich learning resources, including homework, online problem bank and simulated practical tests. Comprehensively help students prepare for the AMC 8, in order to achieve ideal results in actual combat. At the same time, it lays a good practical foundation for AMC 10 and AMC 12.


WuKong AMC 8 Challenge Course doesn‘t offer free trial class now.

AMC 8 competition preparation materials are available for registration.

China Mainland, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Cyprus can directly register through WuKong Education, online examination.

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Math Kangaroo Competition Course

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Math League Competition Course


Math League Competition Course has three stages: Grade 4, Grade 5, and Grade 6. The difficulty of the course is higher than that of Math Kangaroo Competition Course and lower than that of AMC 8 Challenge Course. Math League Competition Course consists of 7 sections (Recall, Ask, Act, Break, Summary, Wrap up, Optional) to help students master 48 knowledge points of the American Math League (summer competition) Practice every day to improve students’ problem-solving speed and help students master efficient problem-solving skills. Improve students’ comprehensive mathematics level and stimulate students’ mathematical potential.


WuKong Math: Best Online Math Tutors Near Me! - WuKong Education Blog

Math League Competition Course are 9-18 students and BC Math League Competition Course are 4-8 students. There are 12 90-minute classes once a week.

Math League Competition Course is divided into two phases. Math League Competition Course I will begin on 29 April 2024 and Math League Competition Course II will begin on 8 July 2024.

BC Math League Competition Course I will begin on May 6, 2024, after the May Day holiday. And BC Math League Competition Course II will begin on July 8, 2024.


Students can register for the summer competition through WuKong Education by providing their student information and paying the entry fee.

The online competition is expected to take place in July. The specific time and arrangements are awaiting the official notice.

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Part2. Advantages of WuKong Advanced Math Program

Authoritative Teaching and Research Team

WuKong Math rely on a highly competent and widely respected educational research team, comprising numerous professionals with extensive educational experience and profound academic backgrounds. This team is dedicated to creating international and high-quality mathematics education resources, staying at the forefront of global trends in mathematics education. And they continuously developing teaching systems and methods that meet the demands of the new era.

International Teaching Methods and Technology

WuKong Math draws deeply from advanced mathematical education theories and practical experiences worldwide. It seamlessly integrates New Zealand’s pioneering Inquiry-based learning concept, recognized globally, with top-tier international mathematics teaching expertise. Our courses introduce the groundbreaking 6A teaching method (Ask, Analyse, Acquire, Act, Advance, Assess and share), meticulously tailored to resonate with the learning attributes of children abroad.

WuKong Math integrate digital teaching resources and leverage advanced technology and big data to tailor customized learning paths for each student. Through a real-time feedback learning system and interactive platform, teachers can precisely identify students’ learning difficulties and areas of interest, enabling them to adjust teaching strategies promptly and enhance instructional effectiveness.

WuKong Math Intimate After-School Service

WuKong Math relies on one-to-one professional tutoring mechanism, and the teachers are closely adapted to the individual needs of students. They will track academic progress throughout the process, and actively maintain two-way communication with parents to transparently show their children’s course learning and achievement.

The Worldwide Reputation of WuKong Math

In the landscape of global mathematics education, Wukong Math have emerged as a highly esteemed industry leader. With exceptional teaching quality and remarkable learning outcomes, our courses have earned immense praise an excellent reputation from over 300,000 families worldwide.


WuKong Math relies on the authoritative mathematics expert teaching and research team, combined with the requirements of international mathematics competition, and adopts the most advanced teaching concepts to build a global frontier intelligent online learning platform. The curriculum aims to solve the long-term education pain points faced by overseas families, so that students can enjoy high-quality math education experience no matter where they are. With WuKong Math, students can effortlessly cross geographical restrictions and achieve a dual leap in mathematics literacy and competitive proficiency!

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