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3rd Grade Reading Comprehension | Best Ways To Perform Well

A 3rd grade student is neither proficient in reading and understanding complex passages nor at the basic level to get simple words to pronounce. It is the stage when the students have to tackle medium-level passages for reading practice and evaluation. This is where you will find this blog about 3rd grade reading comprehension beneficial for you. In this blog, we will share a detailed guide about reading comprehension for this grade’s students as well as share a few effective ways to make your kids proficient in reading. Let’s get started and read about 3rd grade reading comprehension.

Part 1. What Is Included In 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension?

While reading about 3rd grade reading comprehension, your first priority is to focus on the understanding content. It will help you make a time plan for your children or students to help them steadily move with their learning. So, we are here with a quick brief about the content that is included in a 3rd grade reading comprehension worksheet.

Basically, it includes two passages that belong to fiction and non-fiction types. One passage belongs to the first type of writing while the second one belongs to the second type of writing. Both passages are written by professionals in a fun way to engage the students and help them be active while reading them. Being a 3rd grade reading comprehension participant, your kids will enjoy reading those passages and most probably understand them.

The second part of the 3rd grade reading comprehension practice test includes comprehension questions. It means that your kids will see some questions written below the passages that are directly related to those passages. Therefore, the students have to understand the questions, find their answers from the passages, and then write them on the paper or orally respond to you or their teacher at the time of practice or revision.

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Part 2. Third Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

To get a better understanding of the course content of 3rd grade reading comprehension, check the worksheets. If your kids are going to a specific school, you can ask them to share the worksheets with you for practice. But if you are teaching them at home and helping them to be good at reading, you can download 3rd grade reading comprehension worksheets from the internet.

Third Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

3rd Grade Reading Worksheet

You can find a long list of websites like Superteacherworksheets.com, Education.com, and K5learning.com to find these worksheets. Some of these platforms also provide necessary details about the worksheet by sharing a short introduction paragraph highlighting what is inside the worksheet. So, you can easily have an idea of what is inside that worksheet for 3rd grade reading comprehension participants.

Be mindful that these worksheets may have a solution at the end. So, you should keep an eye on your kids when they are solving them for the testing phase. Undoubtedly, you can allow them to find the answers in the beginning to have an idea about them. However, you should be there when they are performing it as a test to show their reading skills.

Part 3. Best Ways To Help 3rd Graders Be Proficient In Reading

So far, you have learned about 3rd grade reading comprehension content and worksheets, it is time to know some ways or effective tips that can help you make your kids proficient in this. By following these ways, you will be able to make your kids capable of performing well on their tests and have good grades.

By Enrolling Them In English Language Arts Reading Courses

The very first step that you can take for better performance in a 3rd grade reading comprehension test is by enrolling your kids in a specified course. WuKong Advanced English Reading and Writing Program is the best choice available online. This course is specifically designed for students from kindergarten to grade 6.

Wukong Advanced English Reading and Writing Program

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Let us show you a few key specifications that will make your 3rd grade kid proactive while learning from it. 

Key Specifications of The Course

  • Captivating Classrooms

To help your third grade children, the classrooms are kept captivating by adding highly engaging presentations, fun animations, etc. Your kids will have fun while learning lessons from this course.

  • Intensive Reading Lessons

All reading lessons are of an intensive nature with real interest creation ability. It will help your kids be focused while joining their lessons and learning from them.

  • Flexible Class Timings

WuKong Advanced English Reading and Writing course can be joined at the scheduled time without any constraints. This course offers classes in all time zones that will make your kids comfortable while joining it.

Course Structure

This English learning course is designed with the stage-development concept. The students will join different lessons in reading, writing, and thinking at different stages.

By Downloading Worksheets & Practicing

Another effective way to help your kids perform better in a 3rd grade reading comprehension task is through practice. You can download the worksheets or 3rd grade reading comprehension test PDF from the above-mentioned websites.

Sometimes, you may have to register with those websites or buy these worksheets too. So, we recommend doing this only when you have enough time to spend with your kids to guide them, encourage them to practice, and evaluate them from testing.

Use Visual Learning Techniques

You must have heard that images or visual content leave a better impact on the mind of a child as compared to spoken or written words. Therefore, you can use the same technique to help your children become good at 3rd grade reading comprehension.

Use Visual Learning Techniques

Visual Reading Activity

For this, you can involve them in different fun activities, show them pictures ask them to make a story, and do many other such tasks. It all depends on your creative mind which method you adopt and which type of activity you choose to keep your kid engaged.

Ask Them To Read Aloud

Sometimes, the main problem is in the pronunciation of the words which makes it hard for your kid to read properly. The best approach in this regard is to give them a 3rd grade reading comprehension practice test and ask them to read aloud.

With this, you will know which words they are struggling to pronounce and how you can help them. Moreover, it will save you time too because you can do your work side-by-side while listening to them reading their passages.

Part 4. FAQs

Why Fiction And Non-Fiction Passages Are Added To 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension?

The addition of fiction and non-fiction passages at the same time is done to engage the students, keep them attentive, and respond with eagerness after reading.

Why Are There Comprehension Questions For 3rd Grade Students?

To check the student’s understanding of the given passages, a set of questions is included related to that text. It helps the teachers evaluate whether a student has understood the passage after reading it or not.

Part 5. Summary

By reading this blog about 3rd grade reading comprehension, you have learned the content and method to download its worksheets. It is highly recommended to download the 3rd grade reading comprehension worksheets for better learning and evaluation of your kids. Abide by this, we recommend enrolling your kids in a professional course like the Wukong Advanced English Reading and Writing Program.

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