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5 Best Essay Writing Tutors & 3 Factors To Consider [2024 Updated]

Choosing an essay writing tutor can be challenging if you are unaware of the factors to consider. It is because you will find hundreds of choices available on the internet with a claim to be the best. So, it will be hard for you to check all of them and compare their benefits with each other to find the most suitable one. That’s why, we are here with a blog about essay writing tutor selection with a hand-picked platform discussion. Let us show you a detailed guide on the factors to consider while choosing an online essay writing tutor and then show the most suitable platform that we have found.

Essay Writing Tutors

Part 1. Factors To Consider While Choosing An Essay Writing Tutor

As mentioned earlier, every platform claims to be the best for hiring a qualified essay writing tutor. It is not right to rely on blindly because you may waste your time, effort, and money. To keep you safe, we have listed a few factors that you should consider for hiring the best essay writing tutor.

Read Reviews

The most suitable way to check the authenticity of a platform is by reading its customer reviews. Be mindful that you shouldn’t rely on their website-published reviews. You can explore many other platforms based on this purpose where customers give their honest suggestions without any pressure.

By reading reviews about an essay writing tutor, you can easily estimate whether the teacher and their method of teaching are suitable for you. It is right to say that you will save a lot of time and effort by checking reviews about an essay writing tutor before hiring them for your learning.

Check Writing Style

Another factor that should be considered in this regard is the writing style of the tutors. Many people think that they can’t do so because essay comes in only one type of writing. It is completely wrong because there are multiple types related to essay writing.

If you are exploring a website for an essay writing tutor, you may be allowed to check their portfolio. In that section, you will see their written essays on different topics with different intentions/types. By reading them with focus, you can have an idea about the quality and engagement that will lead you to the right selection of an essay writing tutor.

Find & Compare Fees

Before hiring an essay writing tutor, you should also consider their pricing. You may not be able to estimate whether they are offering fair pricing or not. So, you should find essay writing tutor fees from different platforms and keep them side by side for comparison.

With this, you will have a better idea of whether they are offering you a fair price or not. So, it will help you choose the most affordable essay writing tutor who can teach you with quality assurance.

Part 2. 5 Best Online Essay Writing Tutors

You can find a long list of tutors claiming to be the best for teaching you essay writing. We have simplified the list by finding the most reliable from them and listed them here. You will surely find the most appropriate essay writing tutor from this list.

5 Best Essay Writing Tutors & 3 Factors To Consider [2024 Updated] - WuKong Blog
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Michael S

Education: Bachelor’s in English Literature

Experience: 2+ years

About the Instructor

With a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature, Michael S is a good essay writing tutor. He has completed his bachelor’s from Rogers State University and teaching students this skill for more than 2 years. The main quality that makes him the best among other tutors is his way of teaching. He always tries to simplify complex concepts to let students of all ages learn essay writing properly.


Education: Master’s in English Language and Literature

Experience: 4+

About the Instructor

Another reliable instructor with ample knowledge of the skill is Davayne. He has exceptional skills in teaching students how to be creative while writing essays. In addition to essay writing, he also helps his students to be proficient in other sectors of writing including proofreading, editing, academic writing, and creative writing. Over time, he has helped more than 100 students of different ages to learn essay writing and perform well in their careers.


Education: Master’s in English Education

Experience: 3+

About the Instructor

With exceptional essay writing skills and multiple well-ranked designations, Natalie has secured the position among top-rated essay writing tutors. Instead of online teaching, she has worked in different educational institutes to guide students about different English-related skills including essay writing. Due to her unique and proficient skills, she has also worked in the American literature department to improve the learning of the students.

Elaina Zetts

Education: Master’s in K-12 Literacy

Experience: 15+ 

About the Instructor

Elaina has been working as the best essay writing tutor at WuKong English ELA Education to help kids be proficient in writing and reading. With over 15 years of experience in ELA, she has got skills to train the kids about these basic skills. She is based in Texas and has been working as a teacher in a public school in this state. The main reason for getting a position in the best online essay writing tutors is her focus on developing basic skills in children with a fun way of teaching. 

Heather Timberlake

Education: Graduation in Elementary Education

Experience: 7+

About the Instructor

Another good essay writing tutor at WuKong Education is Heather. She has done her graduation in elementary education with a major focus on child studies. This is the reason why she is the best instructor for students of ages between 7 and 12 years. Because of her understanding of child studies, she knows the behavior of minors and helps them accordingly to learn basic English language and essay writing.

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Part 3. FAQs

How Much Does An Essay Writing Tutor Cost?

It depends on the essay writing tutor you are choosing. Every tutor or platform has a different fee structure that you can explore by having a look at their pricing chart.

Can I Learn Essay Writing From Basic To Advanced Online?

Yes, you can learn essay writing from home by choosing a reliable essay writing tutor online. It can help you become a proficient writer by understanding the topics from basic to advanced level.

Part 4. Summary

In this blog, we have discussed the major factors to consider while hiring an essay writing tutor. These factors can help you analyze different platforms and find the best one according to your requirements. For qualified essay writing tutors, we recommend the Wukong English course. It will help you join live classes with qualified and professional essay writing tutors.

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