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Write Merry Christmas in Chinese: What is Christmas in Chinese

Welcome to our guide on how to write “Merry Christmas” in Chinese! Christmas is a widely celebrated holiday around the world, and knowing how to convey holiday greetings in different languages can be a delightful way to connect with people from diverse cultures. In this guide, we will teach you how to write “Merry Christmas” in Chinese and provide you with culturally appropriate Christmas phrases and vocabulary to impress native Chinese speakers. Whether you’re planning to send holiday greetings to Chinese friends or simply want to expand your language skills, this guide will help you spread the joy of Christmas in Chinese. Let’s dive in and discover the beauty of Christmas in Chinese culture!

6 Ways to Write Merry Christmas in Chinese for this Holiday Season

Write Merry Christmas in Chinese: What is Christmas in Chinese - WuKong Blog

How do you say Merry Christmas in the Chinese language?

  • Merry Christmas! = Shèngdàn Jié kuàilè!

African or West African natives commonly use a different phrase to wish for Christmas celebrations.

  • Happy Kwanzaa! = Kuān zhā jié kuàilè!

Use this phrase to impress your African-American friends. Kwanza is a seven-day festival that starts on December 26. It has origins in African American modern history with nonreligious celebrations. Many people mix celebrations of Kwanza and Christmas.

Celebrations don’t end with Christmas on December 25. Many people’s holidays aren’t over until celebrations of the start of the Georgian calendar.

  • Have a happy New Year! = Xīnnián kuàilè!

Some other ways are:

  • xiàn shàng zuì chéng zhì de jié rì zhù fú 献上最诚挚的祝福。= Best wishes on this holiday season
  • zài shèng dàn hé xīn nián lái lín zhī jì, zhù fú nǐ píng ān, kuài lè, xìng fú 在圣诞和信念来临之际,祝福你平安,快乐,幸福。= Wishing you peace, joy, and happiness through Christmas and the coming year.
  • měi lì de shèng dàn jié zhī jì, jǐn zhì wǒ de sī niàn yǔ zhù fú美丽的圣诞节之际,谨致我的思念和祝福。 = Thinking of you and wishing you a beautiful Christmas season

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Write Merry Christmas in Chinese for Xmas

Write Merry Christmas in Chinese: What is Christmas in Chinese - WuKong Blog

The most common Christmas greetings you should know are:

  • Wishing You A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year
  • Shèngdàn Kuàilè, Gōnghè Xīn Xǐ
  • 圣诞快乐, 恭贺新喜!
  • Merry Christmas! 
  • Shèngdàn Jié Kuàilè!
  • 圣诞节快乐!
  • Merry Christmas Eve!
  • Píng’ānyè Kuàilè!
  • 平安夜快乐!
  • Warm Christmas Blessings!
  • Wēnxīn De Shèngdàn Zhùfú!
  • 温馨的圣诞祝福!
  • Happy holidays!
  • jiā jié kuài lè!
  • 佳节快乐! 
  • Season’s greetings and warm wishes!
  • zhì yǐ jiérì de wènhòu yǔ wēnxīn de zhùfú!
  • 致以节日的问候与温馨的祝福!
  • Happy winter vacation!
  • hánjià kuàilè!
  • 寒假快乐!
  • Enjoy The Holidays!
  • Hǎohao Xiǎngshòu Jiàqī!
  • 好好享受假期!
  • I Wish All Your New Year’s Dreams To Come True!
  • Yuàn Nǐ Suǒyǒu De Xīnnián Xiǎng Dōu Chéng Zhēn!
  • 愿你所有的新年梦想都成真!

Must-Know Vocabulary to Write Merry Christmas in Chinese

Write Merry Christmas in Chinese: What is Christmas in Chinese - WuKong Blog

Christmas has many celebrations associated with many traditions and religious symbols, depending on the location. It started centuries ago in the West, and celebrations are embedded with rich traditions in different cultures. By now, you know how to wish a merry Christmas. Next, learn ‘pertinent vocabulary about Christmas.

The first word is for Christmas, which you’re going to use more often to wish for Christmas celebrations.

 Christmas = Shèngdàn Jié = 圣诞节

Christmas is synonymous with snow in most northern hemisphere countries. Santa Claus is often dressed as a snowman on Christmas.

 Snow = xuěhuā = 积雪

Snowflakes collectively go up to make snow. So how do you say snowflake in Mandarin? The word is the same as for snow. The snowflake reveals beautiful symmetric patterns when put under a microscope.

Snowflake= xuěhuā = 雪花

Other vocabulary for Christmas day is:

  • 平安夜 = (píng ān yè) = Christmas Eve
  • 降临节 = (jiàng lín jié) = Advent
  • 新年前夕 = (xīn nián qián xī) = New Year’s Eve
  • 决心 = (jué xīn) = Resolution
  • 焰火 = (yàn huǒ) = Fireworks
  • 敬酒 = jìng jiǔ =toast
  • 光明节 = (guāng míng jié) = Hanukkah
  •  节日 = jié rì = holiday; festival; holidays
  • 礼物 = lǐ wù = gift; present
  • 祝 = zhù = to wish; to express good wishes
  • 快乐 = kuài lè = happy; merry
  • 新年 = xīn nián = New Year
  • 圣诞 = Shèng dàn = Christmas
  • 圣诞节 = Shèng dàn jié = Christmas; Christmas season; Christmas time;
  • 圣诞老人 = Shèngdàn Lǎorén = Santa Claus; Father Christmas;
  • 节日快乐 = Jié rì kuài lè = Happy Holidays;
  • 圣诞快乐 = Shèng dàn kuài lè = Merry Christmas;
  • 新年快乐 = Xīn nián kuài lè = Happy New Year. 

How to Celebrate Christmas in China

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 and has religious origins in Western culture. In recent years, the popularity of Christmas has also been rising in China. The Chinese people have incorporated their own cultures into Christmas, such as “Christmas Fruit.” The “Christmas Fruit” or 圣诞果 (Shèngdàn guǒ) is an apple; this is the most common gift in China on Christmas. “Christmas Eve” has a homophobe for a word for apple, which led to the appointment of this tradition. Apples are converted into expensive gifts with special packaging.

  • Christmas Eve = Shèngdànyè
  • Apple = Shèngdàn guǒ

Although there is no official holiday in Mainland China on Christmas, people warmly celebrate this day since the economic reform and opening-up policy. However, there is a holiday in Macau that took influence from the Portuguese, and a three-day holiday in Hong Kong from December 24-26.

Christmas celebrations in China are dominated by Chinese characteristics. You say Merry Christmas in China through fascinating and sometimes confusing customs. Family reunions happen in the West on Christmas, while people go in groups to watch movies, play karaoke, and go shopping to celebrate Christmas in China. The Chinese economy gets a boost each Christmas. Christmas Eve is one of the biggest days for sales and shopping in China. Shops and restaurants follow a Christmas theme. 


Why should I learn different types of Chinese Christmas greetings?

Cultural and linguistic differences can have a major impact on the way we wish for holidays. Some areas have similar celebrations for Chinese and Americans. However, there are always some key differences depending on the place that you need to understand when writing Merry Christmas in Chinese or face-to-face. There are multiple Christmas greetings to know in Mandarin, but knowing the right word is the most important thing.

What are the Chinese Christmas traditions?

Presenting gifts with both hands is a Chinese Christmas tradition. This is considered your polite approach. This is known as 面子 (miàn zi), or “saving face” in China. Singing carols in Mandarin, decorating the house with red paper lanterns, putting up a “Tree of Light,” and having a saxophone-playing Santa in your living room are some other traditions.


Chinese closest affiliations to their local traditions and their mixing with foreign festivals call for wishes in Chinese Mandarin style. Write Merry Christmas in Chinese or say it verbally to your friends and workers, and impress them with natural local taste. These cool ways can bring a deeper connection to celebrating the holidays in China.

From hosting parties and singing carols to decorating, you should make sure to learn ways to have a great time during this time of year. Now, learn and get out to impress Chinese friends with Chinese Christmas traditions and greetings.




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