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4 Free Chinese Classes-Full Guide

The demand for learning Chinese has increased in today’s modern world, but different barriers are here to overcome. Suppose you are a language enthusiast who desires to master Chinese but is encountering hurdles because of cost and accessibility. For this, free Chinese classes are a bridge to a quality linguistic education. 

This is a promising solution for those facing a challenge in having quality education because of financial issues or limited resources. It provides a solution and a gateway to fulfill your learning needs. In this blog post, you’ll learn about some free classes and the criteria to choose them. 

Part 1: What is Mandarin Chinese?

It is the official Chinese language of China, Taiwan, and Singapore. It is the most widely spoken language in the world, having a billion native speakers. However, it is a tonal language, which means the tone of pronouncing the word can change its meaning. Mandarin has two types of Chinese characters: simplified and traditional. 

Chinese use simplified characters, while Taiwan, Hong Kong, and many other Chinese communities use traditional characters. Moreover, by understanding this language from your best paid or free Chinese classes, you can enhance your professional communication skills. It not only helps in your professional lifestyle but also in communicating as a cultural exchange.

Part 2: Best Free Online Mandarin Courses

4 Free Chinese Classes-Full Guide - WuKong Blog

There are many resources online to help you with quality linguistic education from the comfort of your home. But you can choose the best free Chinese courses online to have a quality environment for learning. So, learning the Chinese language online is cost-effective without compromising quality.

1. Wukong

4 Free Chinese Classes-Full Guide - WuKong Blog

You can learn Wukong Chinese from anywhere for kids of 3-18 years old. Here, you’ll experience the live classes at which teachers use the 7 steps method to teach Chinese effectively. It includes the learning and practice environment with the native tutors as per the need of learners.

However, Wukong provides basic skills, advanced language skills, and in-depth proficiency. It has a free trial after which you have to purchase a course that can cost you from $349 to $2039. The benefits of choosing this platform includes the free trial, varying course prices, 7 steps teaching method, and practice environment.

2. ChineseClass101

4 Free Chinese Classes-Full Guide - WuKong Blog

It is a free podcast with quality content in the Chinese language for beginners or those who want an advanced level. It is a good source of free Chinese lessons for beginners, as you’ll also have the opportunity to practice with native speakers. They have a team to give lessons for three months with a one-week trial fluently. 

In this trial, you’ll learn beginner-level free Chinese classes, but if you want to learn more, you must pay for them. Many people join this podcast for the free trial because it provides quality education. But some people don’t like the subscription cost and choose another free platform. 

3. Duolingo

4 Free Chinese Classes-Full Guide - WuKong Blog

It is a more reliable and affordable option for those who want to learn a free or effective language or an app with a structure of games to teach Chinese, like quizzes, memorizing vocabulary, etc. You can pass the games by simply answering the questions correctly and memorizing vocabulary.

It is a simple way to have free Chinese lessons for beginners. It is also the best way to learn vocabulary and Chinese characters. Initially, you can get help with it by learning some vocabulary. However, you can pair it with other comprehensive apps to learn the language fully. 

4. Lingbe

4 Free Chinese Classes-Full Guide - WuKong Blog

You can have free Chinese classes on iOS or Android using Lingbe as a source of education. It is the best way to learn Chinese cheaply with various facilities. You will have the option to call other Chinese learners or native speakers to practice your learning. However, it can cost you $5 to speak for one hour. 

This app also provides an environment to practice your learning freely and openly. You don’t need to pay for every conversation with other learners. You just need to pay $5 for 1 hour of conversation if you practice with the native speakers. 

These are the free resources for you to learn Chinese for free. Besides these apps, you can also try Wukong classes for your 3-28-year-old kids. It provides a free trial class to test the skills they are providing. 

If you can spend some pennies, you can choose a suitable course from them. However, if you don’t want to spend money, you can take their trial class for free. 

Part 3: Criteria For Choosing Free Chinese Classes

When choosing a free Chinese course, the quality of content plays an important role in any linguistic education. An effective course has relevant vocabulary, proper grammar, and cultural experience to teach Chinese effectively. Also, having a perfect environment to practice is crucial if you are serious about your learning. 

You can also see what other people say about the specific course or app from which you will learn. Thus, a well-designed Chinese course, varying time zones, and a suitable environment for learning are the things you should consider before choosing any platform or free Chinese classes. 

Part 4: Pros And Cons Of Learning Chinese For Free

4 Free Chinese Classes-Full Guide - WuKong Blog

Having free Chinese classes has benefits and drawbacks, too, that you must know before choosing them. The main benefit you can get from the free Chinese course is that it is cost-friendly. The following are some pros and cons of these courses;


  • Beginner-friendly: Free Chinese classes not only give you a cost-friendly opportunity but also help you have a beginner-level linguistic education. 
  • Flexible Schedule: Free resources often let you choose your schedule to take classes. Most are recorded lectures, so you can watch them in your free time. 
  • Free Resources: Many free websites or apps like Duolingo or Lingbe provide free games or quizzes to practice your learning. 


  • Potential Distraction: Most free or trial classes are recorded lectures that may cause you to get distracted easily. A structured curriculum environment enables the learner to be more focused in classes.
  • Limited Learning Opportunity: The free Chinese classes only provide limited or beginner-level knowledge but can’t provide enough knowledge to excel in your career or speak fluently. 


Q1: Is there a free app to learn Chinese?

Yes, there are many apps for free Chinese classes to help you have basic skills in Chinese. These include Duolingo, Lingbe, etc. These apps provide you with the resources to enhance your vocabulary and learn the basics of Chinese. There are also lessons, quizzes or games to practice your learnings. But remember that these are only sources for learning the basics. You need to have premium access to advance in this linguistic education. 

Q2: Is Duolingo Chinese free?

Duolingo is the best and priority source for learning the Chinese language for free. It is almost a free site and app where you’ll see basic grammar learning options and games to learn vocabulary. However, you can choose a premium option if you don’t want to see ads. 


The rising demand for learning different languages leads to the ultimate solutions for those who want cost-effective opportunities. We have discussed the best platforms to help you have better free Chinese classes for learning. However, Duolingo is the preferred free app or site because of its well-designed structure and free resources. 

You can join the ChineseClass 101 podcast for a free trial to learn more. You can also download the Lingbe app to practice learning by conversing with other learners for free. However, the key to learning a language for free is to access more than one resource for a full grip on a basic understanding of the language.

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