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Top 5 Free Mandarin Lessons Online | Learn to Speak and Write

Mandarin Chinese is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with over 1 billion native speakers. As China’s economic and political influence grows, there has been increasing interest among learners to pick up this important language.

However, free Mandarin lessons Online can often be expensive and time-consuming. This is why free online resources have become invaluable for those looking to learn Mandarin on their own schedule and budget. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 5 free online Mandarin lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners.

Top 5 Free Mandarin Lessons Online | Learn to Speak and Write - WuKong Blog

Top 5 Free Mandarin Lessons Online

Let’s explore the top 5 highest rated Mandarin language learning courses available online. Whether you’re a beginner starting from scratch or looking to reinforce your existing proficiency, these comprehensive courses by experienced instructors will boost your overall Mandarin fluency on key fronts.

1. WuKong Chinese Classes

Top 5 Free Mandarin Lessons Online | Learn to Speak and Write - WuKong Blog

WuKong Chinese Classes offer a comprehensive approach to learning Mandarin for students aged 3-18. The program features 1-on-1 and small group classes led by top teachers from China. An expert research team developed WuKong’s 7-step learning method and inquiry-based 6A teaching model. Classes aim to actively engage students through interactive activities, physical responses, and an exploratory environment. Students receive graded materials to support their studies.


●  1-on-1 and small group classes allow for personalized attention and interaction.

●  Graded materials gift set provides tangible resources to support learning.

●  Top teachers from China bring authentic language and cultural knowledge.

●  An expert teaching research team with 10+ years of experience ensures quality instruction.

●  The use of the 6A teaching model and TPR approach is research-backed and engaging.


Free Trial and paid plans start from $349 for 12 course credit.


“The lessons are rather interactive with lots of animations. My son of 4 years old manages to stay through the half hour, which is rather rare for his age!” – Vic Vic via Trustpilot

Learn authentic Chinese from those who live and breathe the culture.

Specially tailored for kids aged 3-18 around the world!

Get started free!

2. Coursera

Top 5 Free Mandarin Lessons Online | Learn to Speak and Write - WuKong Blog

For structured, academic-style language lessons, Coursera shines. As an online learning platform, it offers over 100 Mandarin courses designed by professors across top Chinese universities. The catalog covers reading, writing, speaking, and listening through video lectures, quizzes, assignments, and graded assessments.

Courses typically start with the basics like pronunciation and work up to advanced conversational skills, introducing grammar patterns and vocabulary themes over weeks of lessons. Some courses also cover interesting cultural tidbits.


●  Structured courses designed by university professors

●  Covers reading, writing, and grammar in detail

●  Certification available for paid options

●  Traditional and Simplified Chinese options


Free to enroll via Coursera


“To be able to take courses at my own pace and rhythm has been an amazing experience. I can learn whenever it fits my schedule and mood.” – Felipe M.

3. MandarinX

Top 5 Free Mandarin Lessons Online | Learn to Speak and Write - WuKong Blog

MandarinX is an offshoot of edX focused specifically on offering university-level Mandarin Chinese courses online for free. Whether you are a beginner starting from scratch or an intermediate learner needing to brush up, MandarinX gives you access to quality lessons designed by actual Chinese program professors and TAs.

While MandarinX shares Coursera’s academic course style, its professors inject humor and demonstrations to engage learners. Audit any mandarin Chinese online lessons free or upgrade to access graded assignments if you desire official recognition. Either way, these college-level courses offer valuable language and cultural skills.


●  Self-paced courses fit any schedule

●  Elementary to advanced level offerings

●  Certification available for paid track

●  Designed by university’s Chinese program faculty

●  Covers reading, writing, speaking, listening

●  “Mandarin for Business” teaches practical vocabulary


Free to enroll via edX


“I’ve used Rosetta and paid for private training, however only after taking Estella’s courses was I able to really take off and start reading and speaking Mandarin. The courses are simple, yet contain much depth. I wouldn’t recommend any other place to start learning Mandarin. 谢谢你Estella and the Edx Team!” – Sean Marrone

4. MeetUp

Top 5 Free Mandarin Lessons Online | Learn to Speak and Write - WuKong Blog

MeetUp offers a unique opportunity to practice Mandarin Chinese face-to-face with native speakers in your local area. By using MeetUp to connect with language exchange partners and fellow Mandarin learners, you can immerse yourself in real conversations to build fluency. While MeetUp requires proactivity in networking, the chance to repeatedly practice Mandarin dialogues can greatly boost speaking skills for free.


●  Practice conversational Mandarin in person

●  Affordable and flexible study groups

●  Matches your proficiency level

●  Learn about Chinese culture

●  Share learning strategies and tips


Free to use


“I love my local MEETUP group, they have lots of fun events and are incredibly welcoming to new members. I admit the people who run these groups can make all the difference. But thankfully ours are wonderful.” – Veronica O’Dwyer via Trustpilot

5. ArchChinese

Top 5 Free Mandarin Lessons Online | Learn to Speak and Write - WuKong Blog

ArchChinese offers free online tools specifically designed to help Mandarin learners master tones, characters, and grammar patterns efficiently through targeted games and exercises. While ArchChinese should be combined with conversational practice, its free reinforced exercises provide an excellent structural framework to cement proper Mandarin usage. The targeted activities also help diagnose weaker areas.


●  Specialized activities for tonal practice

●  Hanzi grid for character memorization

●  Grammar explanations for each drill

●  Tracks areas needing improvement

●  Engaging interface with a points system


Free to use


“Hi, I’m a first year university student in Ottawa, Canada taking a mandarin course. This website is the only one of its kind and has helped me TONS with learning Chinese. It literally serves as a 24 hour-a-day tutor and because of it I’ve surpassed the skills of most of my classmates. You have built an exceptionally large and accurate database and your app is smooth and easy to use. Thank you for doing us such a great service.“ – Adam Wilkinson, Canada


How can I learn Mandarin Chinese online for free?

There are many great free resources to start learning Mandarin Chinese online. Popular platforms like Duolingo and ChinesePod offer interactive beginner courses. MandarinX provides academic-style lessons designed by university faculty. Using language exchange sites, you can also find Chinese tutors or partners to practice conversations.

Is it possible to self teach Mandarin?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to self-teach Mandarin Chinese with discipline and the right set of resources. Following a structured curriculum, using spaced repetition flashcards, finding a language buddy, and immersing yourself in media content can help you progress without formal lessons. Reaching advanced fluency may require eventual expert guidance.

Is Duolingo good for Mandarin?

Duolingo provides a fun, engaging beginner-level introduction to Mandarin for building basic conversational skills. Its game-like lessons focus on vocabulary and practical sentences through activities. However, it does not cover Chinese characters, stroke order, or advanced grammar in detail. Duolingo offers a nice supplement but other resources are necessary to fully master reading and writing.


Learning a new language like Mandarin Chinese on your own can seem daunting at first. However, the abundance of quality free Mandarin lessons online has made the self-guided journey much more feasible. As we have covered, interactive platforms like WuKong Chinese Classes allow you to gain beginner fluency in a fun way. Academic portals such as Coursera and MandarinX offer structured curriculums crafted by university instructors to cement grammar and vocabulary in an academic setting.




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