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Math Kangaroo 2024 Ultimate Guide (Date, Test Rules, Registration, Samples)

As we know, Math Kangaroo 2024 Registration has been started since September 15th, 2023 for Math Kangaroo USA. The problem is that people can hardly find a full guide to get all the important information about Math Kangaroo 2024 in one place. With this article, we collect all the latest information of Math Kangaroo 2024 with enrollment time, test rules, registration methods,some math past papers and questions 2023,and some test preparation guides to help pass the 2024 test easily.

Math Kangaroo 2024

Part 1: Calendar of Math Kangaroo 2024


  1. Enrollment Period

For Math Kangaroo 2024 in the USA, regular registration is open from September 15th to December 15th and costs $21 per student. Late registration is available from December 16th to December 31st but comes at a higher price of $35 per student.

Enrollment Period

You can use this link (https://mathkangaroo.oasis-lms.com/Users/Catalog.aspx?Criteria=11&tab=2) to Math Kangaroo Login Website.

  1. Date of Math Kangaroo 2024 Test Time

The Math Kangaroo Competition in the USA will take place on Thursday, March 21, 2024.

Test Time
  1. Date of Math Kangaroo 2024 Results Time

Since it’s still early, the result time of the Math Kangaroo 2024 has not been announced yet. You can refer to the schedule from 2023 for now.

The Kangaroo Math Competition in the United States for 2023 took place on March 16th, which is not far from the exam date of the 2024 competition on March 21st. Therefore, you can make reference to the result time for Math Kangaroo 2023, which was May 1st.

4. Deadline for submitting posters:

April 21st, 2024.


For Math Kangaroo 2024 in France, the exam is scheduled for March 21, 2024, and has a duration of 50 minutes. Registration must be done through the student’s school teacher, so parents should initiate the registration process by contacting the teacher at the student’s school.

Math Kangaroo 2024 in France

Other Countries

Currently, it’s still early, and the official website has not yet updated the registration and exam dates for Math Kangaroo 2024 in other countries.

You can find the information you need from the official website: http://www.aksf.org/countries.xhtml#MY From this website, you can find official Kangaroo websites for all countries.

Important details for the poster about the competition:

Title: XXVIII Math Kangaroo Competition in USA
Audience: Students in grades 1 through 12
Date: Thursday, March 20, 2025
Registration Period: September 15, 2024 – December 15, 2024
Registration Website: www.mathkangaroo.org
Highlighted Facts:

  • All participants receive recognition and gifts
  • Over 6 million students worldwide take part in Math Kangaroo
  • Excitement: Eye-catching math-themed image to captivate students
  • For more information, visit: www.mathkangaroo.org
  • Contact email: info@mathkangaroo.org

Part 2: Registration Fee of Math Kangaroo 2024

Perhaps you’re concerned about the registration cost for Math Kangaroo 2024, but please note that Math Kangaroo registration comes at a fee. The cost may vary depending on when you register. Let’s use the USA as an example:


The registration fee for Math Kangaroo 2024 in the USA is as follows:

  1. Regular Registration: $21 per student from September 15th to December 15th.
  2. Late Registration: $35 per student from December 16th to December 31st.

Part 3: Competition Rules of Math Kangaroo 2024

Now, let’s take an in-depth look at the competition rules for Math Kangaroo 2024 in the USA. This section will cover various aspects, such as competition difficulty, format, scoring, and important notes. Understanding these rules is essential for both participants and organizers to ensure a smooth and fair competition experience.


  1. Competition Difficulty: The Math Kangaroo 2024 is suitable for participants of all skill levels, emphasizing fun, and aims to spark children’s interest and confidence in learning mathematics with real-life problems.
  2. Competition Format: Individual
  3. Competition Levels: It is divided into 12 levels corresponding to the student’s grade.
  4. Question Types: Multiple-choice questions to be completed within 75 minutes. Students in grades 1-4 have 24 questions, while those in grade 5 and above have 30 questions.
  5. Scoring: in math kangaroo 2024, students receive points for correct answers, and there are no penalties for incorrect answers. One-third of the questions are worth 3 points, one-third worth 4 points, and one-third worth 5 points. The total score is the student’s result. The top 20 students in each level will be listed as winners. The highest score for grades 1-4 is typically 96, while for grades 5-12, it is typically 120. If many students score 100 or 96, they will all receive gold awards. However, if their scores do not reach 96 or higher, they will not be the first place but will be ranked starting from the second place and so on.
  6. Important Notes: Each participant will receive a competition booklet, answer sheets, scratch paper, and a pencil. No additional tools or devices are allowed, and the use of calculators is prohibited. Communication devices must be turned off.
Math Kangaroo


  1. Competition Language: English and Chinese
  2. Competition Format: Individual
  3. Difficulty Levels:

Math Kangaroo 2024 is divided into six difficulty levels, spanning from elementary school to high school:

Level 1: Grades 1-2

Level 2: Grades 3-4

Level 3: Grades 5-6

Level 4: Grades 7-8

Level 5: Grades 9-10

Level 6: Grades 11-12

Level 0: Preschool children

*Note: Students can choose to challenge a level higher than their current grade but are not allowed to choose a level below their current grade.

  1. Scoring Criteria:
Grade Total number of questions Total points Points per question Scoring rules
Grade 1-2 24 multiple-choice question 120 points, starting with 24 3 points for question1-84 points for question 9-165 points for question 17-24 +1 for correct answer, -1 for wrong answer, no deduction for unanswered question
Grade 3-6 30 multiple-choice question 150 points 3 points for question1-104 points for question 11-205 points for question 21-3- +1 for correct answer, -1 for wrong answer, no deduction for unanswered question

Part 4: Math Kangaroo 2024 Prize

Now you might be wondering about the prizes you can earn through this competition, here are the prizes for Math Kangaroo 2024 for USA:


National Ranking First place at all national levels Awarded a Gold Medal
Second place at all national levels Awarded a Silver Medal
Third place at all national levels Awarded a Bronze Medal
State Ranking First place in the state Awarded a Blue Ribbon
Second place in the state Awarded a Red Ribbon
Third place in the state Awarded a White Ribbon

Part 5: Six Sample Questions of Math Kangaroo 2023

What do questions in Math Kangaroo 2024 entail? Is there a significant variation in question difficulty across different grades? This section provides the answer you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at sample questions from the USA as an illustration.

The USA Example

Grades 1 and 2

Sample Questions

You’ll notice that Math Kangaroo USA for grades 1 and 2 primarily focuses on evaluating students’ capacity to identify shapes and perform counting exercises. These questions are designed to gauge their foundational mathematical skills related to geometric shapes and numerical counting.

Grades 3 and 4

Sample Questions

Moving on to the 3rd and 4th-grade exams, the questions of Math Kangaroo begin to incorporate the recognition and utilization of measuring tools such as rulers. In this level, students are expected to not only identify these tools but also apply them to solve mathematical problems, involving measurements and calculations. This represents a progression in their mathematical journey as they move towards a deeper understanding of practical math concepts.

Grades 5 and 6

Sample Questions

For the 5th and 6th-grade exams, the questions of Math Kangaroo venture into more intricate aspects of geometry. At this level, students are introduced to more complex geometric concepts and problem-solving scenarios. These questions challenge their ability to apply advanced geometric principles and think critically to solve mathematical puzzles and challenges.

Grades 7 and 8

Sample Questions

In the 7th and 8th-grade exams, the questions of Math Kangaroo often involve pattern recognition and problem-solving. Students are tasked with identifying and understanding mathematical patterns and applying this knowledge to solve problems. This level encourages students to develop a more analytical and logical approach to math, honing their ability to recognize and utilize patterns in various mathematical contexts.

Grades 9 and 10

Sample Questions

As students progress to the 9th and 10th-grade exams, the questions of Math Kangaroo introduce them to the concept of basic functions. They are expected to comprehend and work with elementary mathematical functions, exploring how different variables relate to one another. This level marks a step toward more advanced mathematical thinking, requiring students to apply functional relationships to solve problems and analyze mathematical scenarios.

Grades 11 and 12

Sample Questions

In the 11th and 12th-grade exams, the questions of Math Kangaroo delve into intricate calculations involving complex fractions, square roots, and more. For instance, a problem like the one shown in the diagram necessitates a solid grasp of advanced mathematical concepts and the application of efficient computational techniques. This level demands a high degree of mathematical proficiency, encouraging students to employ advanced mathematical skills to solve complex problems.

Part 6: Why Do Kids Need to Participate in the Math Kangaroo 2024?

  1. Enhancing Math Skills: Math Kangaroo 2024 helps develop and improve their mathematical skills and abilities.
  2. Deeper Understanding: Math Kangaroo 2024 allows them to gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.
  3. Self-Assessment: Kids can assess their strengths and weaknesses in math, promoting self-awareness.
  4. Learning Communities: Math Kangaroo 2024 provides access to diverse learning and networking opportunities.
  5. Critical Thinking: Participation enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills, contributing to overall intellectual development.
  6. Academic Improvement: Math Kangaroo 2024 has the potential to improve their math grades and overall academic performance.

Part 7: Some Useful Preparation Guides to the Math Kangaroo 2024.

Here are some pieces of advice on how to prepare for the Math Kangaroo 2024:

1. Self-assessment: Start by assessing your current math skills and identifying areas where you need improvement. Take practice tests or solve sample problems to gauge your proficiency level and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Goal setting: Set specific and achievable goals for yourself according to your assessment results. Determine the score or ranking you aim to achieve in the Math Kangaroo competition. Having clear goals will help you stay motivated and focused during your preparation.

3. Recommended resources: Utilize books and learning websites that are specifically designed for Math Kangaroo preparation. Some popular books include “Math Kangaroo: Level 1 & 2 Practice Questions” by Ravi Boppana and “Math Kangaroo 2024 Preparation and Training Workbook” by Alexander Zvonkin. Online resources like Wukong Math Class and the official Math Kangaroo website can also provide valuable practice materials.

4. Study schedule: Create a study schedule that allows for regular and consistent practice. Allocate dedicated time each day or week to work on Math Kangaroo practice problems. Break down your preparation into smaller topics and allocate time accordingly. Remember to include time for review and revision.

5. Review methods: Regularly review the topics covered in the Math Kangaroo syllabus. Focus on understanding the underlying concepts and problem-solving strategies. Practice solving a variety of Math Kangaroo-style problems to familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions asked. Consider joining study groups or participating in online forums where you can discuss and solve problems with fellow Math Kangaroo participants.

6. Mock tests and simulations: Take mock tests or participate in simulated Math Kangaroo competitions to simulate the actual exam environment. This will help you become familiar with the time constraints and pressure of the competition and improve your speed and accuracy.

7. Learning attitude is important: Develop a positive and growth-oriented mindset. Embrace challenges and view mistakes as opportunities to learn. Cultivate perseverance and a willingness to put in the necessary effort to improve your math skills.

Remember, consistent practice and a systematic approach are key to performing well in the Math Kangaroo competition. Stay motivated, stay focused, and keep honing your math skills. Good luck with your preparation!


Q1: Is Kangaroo math competition hard?

Math Kangaroo 2024’s difficulty varies depending on the student’s grade and math proficiency. While some questions can be challenging, it’s not inherently difficult. Success largely depends on systematic, diligent, and efficient learning. Seeking assistance from professional organizations and teachers can be beneficial, as the right methods and crucial information can make the learning process more effective and efficient, ultimately leading to better results.

Q2: How many people participate in Math Kangaroo?

From 1998 to 2022, Math Kangaroo Competition gained popularity increasingly. The number of participants hits 35171 in 2020. We got 30550 participants in 2022, and the average number of participants in the last three years is 32241.

Q3: How do you pass Math Kangaroo?

To pass Math Kangaroo 2024, it’s essential to practice and prepare thoroughly. Seeking help from professional organizations and teachers can provide valuable guidance, resources, and personalized support, increasing your chances of success.

Q4: Is the winning rate high for the Math Kangaroo?

The winning rate for Math Kangaroo can vary depending on the year, grade level, and region. In general, The Math Kangaroo competition offers a variety of awards, including the Super Gold Award, Gold Award, Silver Award, and Bronze Award. Achieving a ranking within the top 35% in the competition qualifies participants for the Bronze Award. Overall, many children have the opportunity to receive an award.


This comprehensive guide provides essential information about Math Kangaroo 2024, including registration, test dates, rules, and prizes. It covers the enrollment periods, test dates, and results time for the USA, France, and other countries. Registration fees are outlined, emphasizing the importance of timing. The competition rules, scoring criteria, and important notes are explained, offering insight into what participants can expect. The guide also highlights the prizes available and presents sample questions from the 2023 competition. Finally, it outlines the benefits of participation for children and addresses frequently asked questions, providing a holistic view of Math Kangaroo.

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