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5 Recommended English Courses for Beginners


If you’re trying to learn English on your own but are feeling overwhelmed by all the options, here are 3 of the best sites for finding free English courses online. Embarking on a journey to learn a new language is both exciting and rewarding. For beginners eager to master English, accessing quality courses is paramount. This article delves into the realm of “Free English Courses for Beginners,” offering insights into online resources that empower language learners. From interactive lessons to expert guidance, discover the key to unlocking the English language without breaking the bank.

5 Recommended English Courses for Beginners - WuKong Blog

English Courses for Beginners Online

There are so many recommended English courses for beginners. Understanding the significance of English courses for beginners is crucial. As the global lingua franca, English opens doors to communication, education, and employment opportunities worldwide. Free courses act as a bridge, helping beginners build a strong linguistic foundation. Effective courses for beginners focus on foundational skills, including pronunciation, basic grammar, and vocabulary. They often incorporate real-life scenarios to enhance practical language application. 

  • WuKong English Online
5 Recommended English Courses for Beginners - WuKong Blog

WuKong is an education institution which focuses on providing online education for kids and youngsters aged around 3-18 years old. WuKong has been providing online classes to learn Chinese, and also English Language Arts online for more than six years. Wukong is also providing teachers from top universities worldwide. Nowadays, WuKong Education has reached more than 4,000 teachers worldwide. Embark on a transformative linguistic journey with WuKong Chinese Classes. Expert instructors bring Mandarin to life, offering dynamic lessons that blend language acquisition with cultural immersion. Whether you are a beginner or seeking to refine skills, WuKong provides a tailored and engaging curriculum to suit your learning style.

WuKong employs interactive lessons that go beyond traditional teaching methods. Through multimedia resources, virtual scenarios, and real-life conversations, students experience Mandarin in context. This approach not only enhances comprehension but also fosters a deep understanding of Chinese culture, enriching the learning experience. Whilst, life’s demands shouldn’t hinder your pursuit of mastering Mandarin. WuKong’s flexible scheduling allows you to learn at your own pace, fitting lessons into your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re a student, a working professional, or a stay-at-home parent, WuKong ensures that Mandarin fluency is achievable for everyone.

  • Coursera
5 Recommended English Courses for Beginners - WuKong Blog

Coursera is a world-famous online learning platform, where you can learn via video lectures, quizzes and self-paced projects. Coursera has a huge range of courses across different disciplines, such as business, data science and health and nutrition. However, they only have two courses that are specialized for English beginners. These courses cover simple conversational skills as well as business English. 

After taking a 7 day free trial, these courses cost between $39 – $49 per month, which can be quite expensive. However, the faster you complete the course, the more money you can save.

  • Udemy: Intensive Spoken English Course
5 Recommended English Courses for Beginners - WuKong Blog

In comparison to Coursera, Udemy offers a huge range of English courses for beginners. This includes their most popular course, ‘English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English’. No previous knowledge of English is necessary to begin the courses on Udemy. All you need is 4 hours a week to speak English when you won’t be disturbed, as well as a laptop, phone and earphones so that you can hear the pronunciation clearly. The good thing about these courses is that you can start practicing your speaking skills from the first lesson. However, keep in mind that you’ll be relying entirely on recordings for the entire course. That means you won’t get live feedback from an English tutor. Although there’s a cost, most Udemy courses are affordable and their website often runs special offers for new learners. 

  • Alison
5 Recommended English Courses for Beginners - WuKong Blog

As one of the world’s first free online learning platforms, Alison offers quite a large range of English courses. You can find many English courses focusing on different topics or industries, including tourism and journalism. They also offer general business courses for beginners, with free self-study exercises such as quizzes and recordings. 

Alison makes most of its money through advertising, which can make their online experience quite disruptive. But it’s worth keeping in mind that advertising is the reason why Alison can bring you all of this English study material for free. 

  • edX
5 Recommended English Courses for Beginners - WuKong Blog

edX is an online education platform supported by top US institutions like Harvard, Berkeley and MIT. These courses are free to take, but there’s a fee of up to $149 to get a certificate that proves you’ve completed one.

You can find two courses suitable for English beginners on their website, both by Tsinghua University — one of the top institutions in Asia. Students can learn at their own pace with video recordings and test their skills with practice exercises.

FAQs About English Courses for Beginners

Q1: Are free English courses as effective as paid ones?

A: Absolutely! Many free courses offer high-quality content and interactive features that rival paid alternatives. It’s all about finding the right fit for your learning style.

Q2: Can beginners become fluent through online courses alone?

A: While online courses provide a strong foundation, fluency requires consistent practice in real-life situations. Combine online learning with conversations, reading, and writing for optimal results.

Q3: How long does it take for a beginner to become proficient in English?

A: The time frame varies, but consistent practice and dedication can lead to noticeable improvement within a few months.


In conclusion, free English courses for beginners are invaluable resources for those embarking on the journey of mastering the language. These courses offer a flexible and accessible way to build essential language skills. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your communication abilities, pursue further education, or broaden your career prospects, the right free English course can make a significant difference. Explore the diverse options available online, choose the platform that suits your learning style, and dive into the world of language acquisition with confidence.

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