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[Waiting for Superman] Where to Freely Watch & Stream Online

Are you interested in watching the thought-provoking documentary “Waiting for Superman” but unsure where to find it? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with a detailed summary of the film and guide you on where to watch it for free online. Additionally, we will answer common questions about the movie, including its accuracy and the availability of its lyrics. Let’s dive in!

[Waiting for Superman] Where to Freely Watch & Stream Online - WuKong Education Blog
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Part1. Where to Freely Watch or Stream Waiting for Superman Online?

Are you wondering where you can watch the thought-provoking documentary “Waiting for Superman” for free online? Look no further! We have got you covered. Discover the answer to the question, “Where to Watch?” this compelling film, right here, on this page. Enjoy this gripping documentary without any cost through the provided video link. Immerse yourself in the story of “Waiting for Superman” and gain valuable insights into the challenges of the American education system. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to watch this impactful film online for free.

1. Free Online Movie Watching Channel:

WATCHUDOCUMENTARIES offers the option to watch the documentary film “Waiting for ‘Superman'” for free. You can watch “Waiting for Superman” online for free, but there is a possibility that it may be taken down or become unavailable in the future.

Online Documentary Resource: https://watchdocumentaries.com/waiting-for-superman/

You can also checking popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Max. Use the search function on each platform to see if “Waiting for Superman” is available for streaming.

2. Rent or Purchase Waiting for Superman Online:

#1. The film “Waiting for Superman” can be rented or purchased on the offical platform, such as Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay, VUDU. Let’s take the Amazon platform as an example to talk about how to obtain playback resources of Waiting for Superman. The film can be easily accessed through the Amazon platform.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Waiting-Superman-Geoffrey-Canada/dp/B004JPVDQ2

Waiting for Superman Rent HD: US$3.99

Waiting for Superman Buy HD: US$16.29

[Waiting for Superman] Where to Freely Watch & Stream Online - WuKong Education Blog

#3. DVD or Blu-ray Rental:

If you prefer physical media, you can check local video rental stores or online rental services like Redbox or Netflix DVD to see if “Waiting for Superman” is available for rental on DVD or Blu-ray.

#4. Library or Educational Institutions:

Public libraries or educational institutions might have copies of “Waiting for Superman” available for borrowing or viewing. Check with your local library or educational institutions to see if they have the film in their collection.

Part2. Summary of Waiting for Superman

The film “Waiting for Superman” is a documentary that delves into the challenges and flaws of the American education system. Why is it called Waiting for Superman? That‘s because that the film takes its title from the 1977 song “Waiting for a Superman” by The Flaming Lips, which symbolizes the longing and hope for a savior or hero. The documentary presents a specific viewpoint on the issues within the education system and explores potential solutions.

Genre: Documentary, Electrifying, Passionate, Sad

Director: Davis Guggenheim

Starring: Geoffrey Canada, Michelle Rhee, Bill Strickland

Release Year: 2010

Video Excerpt: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Video Duration: “Waiting for Superman” has a runtime of 1 hour and 51 minutes.

Part3. Recommended Reason for “Waiting for Superman”

“Waiting for Superman” is a highly recommended documentary that critically examines the flaws in the American education system. Through personal stories and expert insights, it highlights issues like unequal access to quality education. The film offers a specific viewpoint on education reform, focusing on the potential of charter schools. It raises questions about accountability and educational choices. By inspiring reflection and action, “Waiting for Superman” encourages viewers to play an active role in improving education opportunities. Overall, it is a powerful documentary that raises awareness and inspires change in the pursuit of a better education system.

Mainstream Medias’ Reviews for Waiting for Superman

“Waiting for Superman” received generally positive reviews from mainstream media outlets. Here are a few examples of the film’s reception:

  1. The New York Times: The New York Times praised the documentary, calling it “powerful and alarming.” The review highlighted the film’s ability to shed light on the challenges facing the American education system and its impact on students and communities.
  2. Variety: Variety described “Waiting for Superman” as “compelling and emotionally resonant.” The review commended the film for its in-depth exploration of the issues within the education system and its ability to engage and captivate viewers.
  3. The Washington Post: The Washington Post lauded the documentary for its “disturbing, eye-opening, and ultimately inspiring” portrayal of the struggles faced by students and families in the education system. The review commended the film’s balanced approach and its ability to generate discussion and awareness.
  4. Roger Ebert: Renowned film critic Roger Ebert gave “Waiting for Superman” a positive review, stating that it “powerfully makes the case that the American educational system, despite its enormous resources, is failing its students.”

FAQ About Waiting for Superman

Q1. Can Waiting for Superman be watched on Netflix?

A5. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, “Waiting for Superman” is not available for streaming on Netflix. However, streaming platforms often update their content libraries, so it’s recommended to check Netflix directly or use the search function within the platform to see if the film has become available since then.

Q2. How to Stream Waiting for Superman?

Waiting for Superman lyrics

A3. The lyrics for the song “Waiting for a Superman” by The Flaming Lips can be found on various lyric websites or by searching for the song title along with the band’s name.

Q3. How about the book named ‘Waiting for Superman’?

A4. There is no book titled “Waiting for Superman” directly related to the documentary film. However, there might be books that discuss similar themes or topics related to education reform or the challenges of the American education system.


In conclusion, “Waiting for Superman” is a powerful documentary that sheds light on the challenges faced by the American public education system, particularly in relation to impoverished communities. We have provided you with a summary of the film, information on where to watch it for free online or through special charge video channels, and answers to frequently asked questions. We highly recommend watching this film to gain a deeper understanding of the struggles within the public education system and the need for reform.

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