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New  York State Assessment – ELA and Mathematics Tests 2024

As a parent, you must want your children to score high in the New York State Assessment – ELA and Mathematics tests. It is an excellent source to help them improve their academic growth. You can use a proper way to manage their learning and prepare for the English Language Arts and Math tests. These will help them clear the complex concepts and enhance their critical thinking before state accessment 2024. 

There are many challenges in the New York State Assessment 2024 – ELA and Mathematics tests,including complex mathematical concepts, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking. Your children need an effective way to improve these factors for the New York State Assessment – ELA and Mathematics tests. So, we have provided a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for the test, practice online, and access the sample questions. 


Part 1: What Is New York State Assessment – ELA And Mathematics Tests

New York State Assessment – ELA and Mathematics Tests are an important part of the educational journey for New York students in grades 3-8. These tests evaluate the critical thinking skills and concepts of language arts and Mathematics. The ELA state test includes the assessment of reading, writing, and listening skills. 

However, the Math state test includes critical thinking, mathematical concepts, problem-solving skills, etc. Both assessments provide valuable insights into children’s academic performance to parents and teachers. These things will decide the future academic growth and opportunities of the students. 

Part 2: NYS ELA And Math Test Dates

These state assessment tests for grades 3-8 students are held every spring all over New York. These tests are paper and computer-based that are held between April to June. NYS ELA and Math test dates 2023 and 2024 were mentioned to be held from May to June. 

However, students in grades 5 and 8 are required to take computer-based testing(CBT). At the same time, other grades can also take CBT but can also have paper-based assessment tests. The ELA state test and Math state test 2023 were also held with CBT and paper-based testing.

New York State Accessment Identification Test for English Language Learners (NYSITELL)

This test must be taken within the first 10 days of enrolling in school.

New York State Regents

January 23-26
June 4
June 14 – 25,2024
August 19 – 20,2024

New York State Alternate Assessment (NYSAA)

March 11 – June 7

New York State Grades 3–8 English Language Arts (ELA) – Main Administration

Paper – based Testing (PBT): April 11-12,2024

Computer – based Testing (CBT): April 11-19,2024

New York State Grades 3-8 English Language Arts (ELA) – Make Up Administration

Paper-Based Testing (PBT):April 15-17,2024

New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSELAT)

April 15 – May 24,2024 (Speaking)
May 13 – 24,2024 (Reading, Writing, Listening)

New York State Grades 3–8 Math – Main Administration

May 7 – 8,2024

Computer-based Testing CBT:

May 7 – 17,2024

New York State Grades 3–8 Math – Make Up Administration

Paper-Based Testing (PBT):May 9 – 14,2024

New York State Grades 5 & 8 Science

May 15 – 17, 2024

Part 3: How To Prepare For New York State Assessment – ELA And Mathematics Tests?

New York State Assessment – ELA and Mathematics tests are important to evaluate students’ academic performance and skills in grades 3-8. Preparing these tests includes:

  • An in-depth understanding of the test structure.
  • Practicing the past papers.
  • Giving online practice tests. 

Understand The Test Structure

The first thing to prepare for the test is understanding the structure of ELA and Mathematics tests. However, ELA State Test 2023 include the following questions;

  • 1-credit multiple choice 
  • 2-credit constructed response
  • 4-credit constructed response

This test is based on the students’ reading, writing and language skills. Moreover, the Math State test 2023 includes the following four questions;

  • 1-credit multiple choice
  • 1-credit constructed response
  • 2-credit constructed response
  • 3-credit constructed response

The Math State Test consists of two sessions managed over two consecutive days. However, the duration of these sessions will vary based on the student’s grade. 

Practice The Past Peppers

To prepare for the 2024 test, you need the New York State assessment ELA and mathematics tests questions to practice and improve your skills. You can access past questions for practice from the official site of NYS education. To make your kid rank high in the assessment test, you must start early for the preparation. 

It will help them reduce stress and build their skills effectively. Moreover, many preparation materials are available online, like the New York state assessment ELA and mathematics tests pdf at the official site. You can download and practice them to enhance your skills. 

Online Preparation

Giving online practice tests is the most effective way to prepare for these tests. Many online platforms like Lumos Learning allow you to give practice tests per your grade. Before having any resources, it is necessary to check whether they align with the New York State Assessment standards. 

Polish Your ELA And Mathematics Skills

With the help of the ELA state test practice test pdf and other online resources, you can polish your skills. These include reading, writing, language, mathematical concepts, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking. However, for effective learning, your children must take breaks in between learning. It will help them focus on their study and have better productivity. 

Part 4: Results And Scoring Of New York State Assessment – ELA And Mathematics Tests


New York State Assessment – ELA and Mathematics tests results play an important role in the academic growth of your children from one grade to another. However, these tests are scored by the licensed teachers of New York State as follows;

  • Raw scores: Initially, students are scored as per the questions they answered correctly. 
  • Scaled scores: Then the students are scored as per the difficulty of the questions. This step will convert the raw scores into the sealed scores. 
  • Performance level: Teachers use these sealed scores to evaluate the performance level of students, including Level 1(Below Standard), Level 2(Partially Proficient), Level 3(Proficient), and Level 4(Exceed proficiency). 

However, such scoring is used for the fair assessment in the New York State Assessment – ELA and Mathematics Tests. 


Q1: What Standardized Tests Are In NY?

The state education system in New York organizes standardized tests to assess the student’s academic proficiency. The primary standardized tests include the New York State Assessment – ELA and Mathematics tests. These tests are based on the state educational standards to assess comprehension, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. These assessments are organized annually for students in specific grade levels. These tests are to ensure that students meet predetermined learning objectives.

Q2: What is new for 2024‘s State Accessment Tests?

In 2024, New York State Schools will begin a three-year transition to administering all Grades 3 – 8 State assessment tests on computer. While schools have the option to administer computer-based tests for all grades, students in grades 5 and 8 will be required to take computer-based versions of the ELA, math, and science tests.

Q3:What Languages Are On The NYS Math Test?

The New York State (NYS) Math Test, including questions, prompts, and instructions, are presented in English. It is also the medium of instruction in schools; therefore, the assessments are designed according to the language of instruction. It ensures that students who are English language learners can perform the test effectively. However, students may take the test translated into different languages. 


New York State Assessment – ELA and Mathematics Tests is a crucial academic journey for students, teachers, and parents. Making the students grow academically is the most important thing for the parents. So, they can engage themselves in presenting the most effective preparation strategy. 

This effective strategy includes ways to enhance your children’s problem-solving skills and critical thinking. The first step is to understand the test structure and practice past papers. These resources will help them gain valuable insights into their weaknesses. Thus, they work to improve their skills by working on those weaknesses.

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