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Get Free Math Lessons Online | 4 Best Platforms To Choose

Enrolling your kids in a course that encourages them to participate in free math lessons can help them develop this skill. Undoubtedly, math is the most hated subject in the world, but it is still important to learn this subject. It is considered the backbone of many other science subjects and the calculations in our daily lives. In this blog, we aim to discuss the platforms from where you can access free math lessons online or join their courses for effective learning.

Part 1. WuKong Math Advanced Course

One of the best online courses for learning mathematics is the WuKong Math Advanced Course. Unlike other traditional courses, your kids won’t be asked to be bookworms. From this course, the students will attend the sessions having different fun activities to discover their passion for mathematics in the students.

WuKong Math Advanced Course
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The course is designed on a level-based learning concept to make it suitable for every student and get fruitful results. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about the progress of your children. Additionally, this course is designed for students in grades 1 to grade 12. So, you can enroll your kid in this course regardless of the grade because it offers free math lessons for all grades in its free trial.

About The Course

Suitable For: Grade 1 to grade 12

Mode of Classes: Online live classes

Session Duration: 60 to 90 minutes according to the topic’s requirements

Sessions Included: 10 sessions in the basic plan, 50 sessions in the standard plan, and 150 sessions in a value pack

Course Structure:

WuKong Math Advanced Course is designed on a unique concept that they call 10 10-level development procedures. In this course, the students will learn in different stages step by step which will make sure that the students are learning seamlessly. In every stage, the students will participate in different math lessons online related to topics included in that level.

Why Choose WuKong Math Advanced Course?

Among many other platforms, this course is considered the best because of the following key specifications.

Include Necessary Lessons

Whether you are looking for free math lessons for 3rd grade or 5th grade, you will find all the necessary lessons in its list. As the course is designed for students from grades 1-12, it includes different math lessons for various grades and age groups.

Unique Teaching Method

Unlike traditional courses, this course helps students identify their weak points, be motivated, and start performing well. In its live classes, the students will not get bored because of engaging presentations.

Authentic Course

WuKong Math Advanced Course is verified by many well-known organizations ensuring that it includes premium quality content.

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Part 2. Khan Academy

To access hundreds of free math lessons for various grades, no other platform is better than Khan Academy. This website offers a wide collection of online lessons for students from kindergarten to college grades. Therefore, you won’t find it a platform with a limited collection of lessons.

Khan Academy

5th grade math lessons at Khan Academy

In addition to grade-level free math lessons, it also provides separate collections for high school and college students. You can explore the lessons based on your specific topic from Geometry to Statistics and others. So, it is right to say that Khan Academy is the perfect website for every student regardless of their grades and the topic they want to learn.


  • It provides free math lessons for every student without any discrimination of grade level.
  • You can also find free lessons related to other subjects like social sciences, English, and others from this platform.
  • Khan Academy is completely free for everyone whether they are students or teachers.
  • A login and registration option is available to keep track record of the performance of your learning.


  • It offers recorded lectures only instead of live classes.

Part 3. School Yourself

If your children are quick learners, they can also learn from finely designed free math lessons available at School Yourself. This platform offers multiple math lessons with self-learning concepts. Your children have to learn on their own from different short videos and assessments.

School Yourself

Lessons Included in School Yourself

This is not all that this platform offers in terms of free math lessons for kids. You can also apply for 1-to-1 classes with experienced teachers to have a better idea about the lessons. Moreover, it has an advanced algorithm using which it can personalize the lessons and quizzes according to your knowledge.


  • This platform offers free lessons in mathematics without any limits on lessons.
  • It recommends you the next math lessons to learn according to your recent activity on the platform making it easy for you to follow a roadmap.
  • Students can practice for multiple free math lessons without any hassle or hesitation.


  • It covers only a few major topics and concepts of Mathematics.
  • You will not find math lessons divided according to the grade level for which they are designed.

Part 4. Math Goodies

Sometimes, you may not find videos suitable for your kids and want a detailed guide for them to learn this subject. Math Goodies is the best platform to find free math lessons with deep discussion. This platform offers multiple lessons covering different major topics of the subject.

 Math Goodies

Descriptions of Lessons at Math Goodies

Along with this, you can see multiple examples related to every topic that your kids are learning. Therefore, a student will not only get information about the topic but also get involved in the practice examples or questions.


  • It helps the students learn the topic properly with the discussion of examples.
  • One can easily understand what is included in the lesson by reading the quick description shown below the topic name.
  • The math lessons available on this platform are suitable for every student regardless of their age.


  • It offers only written guides to let you understand the lessons.
  • No live classes option is available that may not be suitable for every student.

Part 5. What To Look For While Choosing Platforms For Free Math Lessons?

While looking for free math lessons, you can’t rely on every platform or website. It is because some of those platforms will just waste your time. Here, we have listed the factors that we have considered while choosing the above platforms from the entire list.

  • Type of Teaching: You should always check what modes of teaching are available on the website you are choosing. It will help you understand how you will learn from this website and extend your knowledge.
  • Pricing: Undoubtedly, you are looking for free math lessons. But if some platforms are paid with premium services, you must consider the pricing and make sure it is reasonable enough for you.
  • Variety of Lessons: To have a better idea of whether the platform is suitable for you or not, you must consider the variety of lessons available on the platform. Always make sure that the selected website includes multiple topics and lessons.

Part 6. FAQs

What Is Included In Free Math Lessons?

It depends on the grade level or age criteria for which those free math lessons have been made. For lower levels, you will find the basic concepts like addition, subtraction, etc. On the other side, you will see complex topics like Trigonometry, Geometry, and others for high-level students.

Do I Need To Follow Self-Learning For Learning From Free Math Sites?

Mostly, you need to effort alone to learn from free math sites because they offer recorded lectures or written text. You will not find any instructor to help you for clearing your doubts if you are struggling with them.

Part 7. Summary

From the above discussion, you might have found the right platform for accessing free math lessons. You can start learning from them and understand the concepts that you want. For quick learning and effective teaching, we recommend following the WuKong Math Advanced Course.

This course is made for the students to guide them in live classes and ignite their passion for learning this subject. We hope your kids will have a better understanding of the topics after joining this course or completing it.