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High School Math Classes | 3 Best Platforms To Learn Online

Undoubtedly, the advancement in technology has made it easy for everyone to learn from online sources. You can start learning the subject you are struggling with by picking an online app or platform. Many students struggle with high school math classes and look for the suggested apps. If you are also looking for the same thing, you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will show you a comprehensive overview of why you should join online high school math classes as well as enlist 3 best apps.

Part 1. Why Do You Participate In High School Math Classes Online?

Before checking the list of recommended apps, you should understand why it is better to join online math classes. To let you have a comprehensive idea, we have listed the benefits of joining high school math classes online.

Easy Time Management

The major benefit of learning through online apps is time management flexibility. When joining a physical class, you have to be available at the decided time. On the other side, you can join the class and watch the tutorial whenever you are available. It will help you easily manage your study time and keep doing your work in a side-by-side manner.

High School Math Classes

Time management 

Learn At Your Pace

Additionally, you will not be asked to complete a specific problem or exercise daily in the online high school math classes. You can learn at your own pace and keep growing seamlessly without pressure from anyone. Undoubtedly, it is good for you to complete the course and go ahead with the next subject. But you will not be pressured by anyone like you may have experienced in the physical classes.

Quick Analysis

Another important benefit of joining high school math classes online is quick analysis. Normally, these platforms allow you to get your results within a few minutes of the test completion. You don’t have to wait for months to see what you have done and how much improvement is required.

Smooth Tracking

While joining the physical classes, you may have missed a lesson in your high school math classes. It might be possible that you are on leave and missed an important lesson. But you can resolve this issue in online learning mode because you can keep track of your learning and start from where you have quit. It means that you can restart your learning from the same point instead of missing something. Moreover, you can also revise the lectures by watching the classes again and again from your system.

Part 2. 3 Best Online Platforms For High School Mathematics

Till now, you have learned the benefits of high school math classes with online learning. It is time to extract the list that we have collected and choose the best platform/app for your learning. We have picked these platforms after comprehensive research and comparison with multiple apps. Let us show you a comprehensive overview of every platform.

WuKong Math

WuKong Math is a sub-brand of the internationally renowned online education group, WuKong Education, specializes in live online mathematics tailored for students in grades 1-12 from across the globe.

With esteemed teachers hailing from the United States, Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, and more, they bring profound practical knowledge and innovative teaching methods designed to spark students’ passion for mathematics, enhance academic performance, and provide rigorous preparation for math competitions.

The WuKong Advanced Math Program is structured across 10 levels, catering to students with diverse academic standings and backgrounds. This ensures that every learner finds the perfect fit, enabling them to significantly boost their mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills. The WuKong Competition Program covers four major international math competitions, aiming to comprehensively assist students in striving for awards! If you are a high school student preparing for these mathematics competitions, you can also book a trial online math class for free to experience it.

High School Math Classes

WuKong math course homepage


WuKong Math is offering Math learning to everyone for which it has set various plans. Its courses start from $239 to $3,579 with various lessons. Every course has specific lessons for high school math classes. You can choose the one that suits your course outline and content. 


  • Offers a fun way of learning
  • Comprehensive lessons with an easy way of teaching
  • Qualified teacher with effective teaching techniques
  • Advanced curriculum 


  • No major drawback to consider

User Review: 

“Excellent teachers using a captivating and interactive app to teach Mandarin Chinese to youngsters. The teachers are patient, which is a big plus. They have also been great with scheduling classes.” 5/5 from Trust Pilot

Discovering the maths whiz in every child,
that’s what we do.

Suitable for students worldwide, from grades 1 to 12.

Get started free!


Another application for high school math classes is Mathway which is different from WuKong. It is not a learning platform like the above one but an application that helps you solve mathematical problems. You can find multiple courses related to high school including Algebra, Calculus, and Trigonometry. It allows you to insert your question and get its solution within seconds. But the main problem is you have to buy its monthly subscription to check the detailed solution.


It is more effective in terms of pricing than many other math applications. You can get started with its premium version at $19.99 per month. But the issue is you will not be able to get real-time assistance. It is like a bunch of online tools that can be used for solving Math problems. 


  • Includes multiple online math-solving tools
  • Provides short and comprehensive solutions
  • Instant processing to find the right solution


  • No real-time assistance from professors

User Review: 

“Mathway is an amazing source for finding solutions to questions that are difficult. It doesn’t just give you a decimal answer for everything but it also asks you, what form you want the answer in.” 5/5 Angelina – Trust Pilot

Wolfram Alpha

Another good pick for high school math classes is Wolfram Alpha. It is an advanced application that allows you to solve problems related to different branches of Math. You can easily solve your problem or ask for the solution with detailed instructions from well-trained professionals. The best thing about this application is it supports you to learn the courses for other subjects like chemistry, physics, health, and finance. It means that you can learn different science subjects from this application. You won’t need to look for different apps for all your subjects.


It offers the most economical packages to its users to keep learning easy for every student. You can get started with its paid subscription at $5 per month. It also has other plans that you can choose as per your requirements.


  • Offers learning of other subjects
  • Complete toolkit for Science students
  • Advanced tool for Mathematical input


  • Detailed solution is available for paid users only

User Review:

“Unless you know what you are looking for, the answers the site gives can be far beyond what you seek or can comprehend! Students might be a little overwhelmed with the generated responses and will need to practice using the site in order to feel comfortable using it in the future.” 4/5 Danis – Common Sense

Part 3. What To Look For While Choosing Online Math Classes?

Finding high school math classes online seems to be very simple as you can find multiple choices on the internet. But, it can be hard to choose the right one. Here we have discussed a few factors that you should consider while analyzing.

First of all, you should make sure that the platform isn’t offering pre-recorded classes only. You should try picking the platform that allows you to participate in live classes. It will help you understand questions and concepts related to this concept properly.

Moreover, you will also be able to ask your questions from your professors for better clarification. Secondly, you must take care of flexibility regarding time, course content, and others. It is good to choose a platform for high school math classes with flexible timing. You should make sure that the platform allows you to join/rejoin the class if you have missed it.

Thirdly, you have to consider the pricing of the platform and make sure it is compatible with your budget. Some online platforms don’t offer quality content but charge you a prominent amount. You should make sure that the platform allows you a free trial to check the quality first. Then, you have to make sure that the pricing is reasonable as compared to other platforms. It will help you picking the right platform for online high school math classes instead of choosing the inappropriate one. 


Can I Learn Math Online?

Yes, you can learn math for all levels online. It is pretty simple to participate in high school math classes as well as basic math classes.

What Is The Best Website For Learning Math?

WuKong is the best website for learning math online with real-time assistance from professionals.

Which App Is The Best For Finding Math Problem Solutions?

Mathway is the best application for finding the solution to your math problems. The only drawback is you will not get a detailed solution without its subscription.


By reading this blog, we hope you have learned the benefits of joining high school math classes online. It will be beneficial for you to learn online instead of joining physical classes. The above list of apps and platforms will surely help you become proficient in this subject. We hope you will get better learning and become sharp in this subject after taking high school math classes from the above platforms.




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