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6 Effective Strategies to Learn Chinese as Beginner

As a beginner, it is challenging to learn Chinese by yourself. You may face hardships among the locals, who use difficult words and pronunciations. You can also excel in your career by learning the second most demanding language in the world. Many beginners see this challenge as more complex and need some strategies to learn effectively. 

These strategies will help you learn vocabulary, basic grammar, pronunciation, and cultural aspects. You can also take courses with the apps we’ll discuss later in this chapter. This blog post focuses on helping you learn Chinese effectively by following the proven steps and taking courses online. 

Part 1: Effective Strategies To Learn Chinese For Beginners 

6 Effective Strategies to Learn Chinese as Beginner - WuKong Education Blog

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As you know the importance of learning Chinese, you must start your learning journey with proper strategies. The Pinyin System is the best way to start learning Chinese as a beginner. Thus, here are the steps to follow for learning a language in a better way. 

1. Start By Learning With Pinyin System

As the Chinese characters are symbols or logograms, you’ll face difficulty pronouncing them. For this, a pinyin system provides the sounds in the alphabet. Before you start to learn Chinese characters or vocabulary, you need to understand how to write it easily. It works as a bridge to learn Chinese effectively as a beginner. 

2. Practice The Four Tone

Chinese is a tonal language, which means a change in the tone can change the word’s meaning. So, to learn Chinese and practice the four tones is necessary before jumping into vocabulary or grammar. Thus, it has the following tones;

  • The first is the flat and high tone, which sounds like in level or balance. For example, imagine the scenario when you steadily sing in a high tone. Also, the tone when the doctor asks you to open by saying “ahhh” to check your throat. 
  • The second is a mid to high pitch tone, like when you ask a question by saying “Oh?” in English. 
  • The third is a dipping tone of a mid to low pitch like you say, “What?” when you don’t understand something. 
  • The fourth tone is the one that starts with a high pitch and falls sharply, like when you say “stop” to scold someone. 

3. Memorize Vocabulary

The next step is to learn Chinese words after learning sounds and tones. You can begin by memorizing common words like times of the day, names, colors, greeting words, etc. However, you can also learn with the help of a free online app, Duolingo. It is a well-designed app mainly used to learn vocabulary by playing games. 

4. Learn Basic Grammar

There is a unique grammar style in Chinese that you can learn after understanding some vocabulary. It has unique features used in grammatical rules like topic prominence, preferences, etc. Besides, it follows the same world order as English: subject, verb, object. 

5. Take Courses

After learning the basic grammar skills of the Chinese language, you can take courses to enhance your learning. There are various free and paid courses like those in Wukong to have a good grip on the language. Wukong is specially designed for kids aged 3-18 for their better future careers.

But if you are an adult and want to take Chinese language courses, there are various other options like YouTube, Courses, Udemy, ChineseClass101, etc. You can also install apps to learn or enhance your language skills like Pleco, Chinese skills, Duolingo, etc. 

6. Practice Your Learnings

To learn Chinese for beginners, practicing what you learn is necessary. You can read, write, listen to Chinese Podcasts, watch movies in the Chinese language, etc. All these things will help you improve your skills effectively. However, apps like Lingbe allow you to converse with a native speaker on a call. 

Part 2: Apps To Learn Chinese Online

6 Effective Strategies to Learn Chinese as Beginner - WuKong Education Blog

To assist you in learning, there are some apps that you must know. Whether it is vocabulary, reading Chinese, or knowing the meaning of specific words, these apps will greatly help you. 


6 Effective Strategies to Learn Chinese as Beginner - WuKong Education Blog

You can learn Wukong Chinese from anywhere for kids of 3-18 years old. Here, you’ll experience the live classes at which teachers use the 7 steps method to teach Chinese effectively. It includes the learning and practice environment with the native tutors as per the need of learners.

However, Wukong provides basic skills, advanced language skills, and in-depth proficiency. It has a free trial after which you have to purchase a course that can cost you from $349 to $2039. The benefits of choosing this platform includes the free trial, varying course prices, 7 steps teaching method, and practice environment.


6 Effective Strategies to Learn Chinese as Beginner - WuKong Education Blog

It is a Chinese-to-English dictionary that can help you learn Chinese. Whether you want to know the meaning of words or phrases, it is a helpful tool for your learning journey. 


6 Effective Strategies to Learn Chinese as Beginner - WuKong Education Blog

This app is designed to teach in-depth with recorded videos and lessons. You’ll also get exercises to practice your learning, making it a worthy option. However, it has a premium and premium plus option if you want to experience some more features.


6 Effective Strategies to Learn Chinese as Beginner - WuKong Education Blog

It is a linguistic app that can provide quality courses to learn Chinese online. The beginner-level course is free, but you can advance your skills by purchasing the premium course. However, it provides the best learning environment and practice on the same platform. 


6 Effective Strategies to Learn Chinese as Beginner - WuKong Education Blog

This app is the best option if you want to learn Chinese for free. You can learn vocabulary while playing mini-word games. However, it can also assist you in learning Chinese letters or words separately. 

Du Chinese

6 Effective Strategies to Learn Chinese as Beginner - WuKong Education Blog

It is the best app for those who want to read Chinese while learning. It will focus on teaching how to read specific Chinese characters by providing stories or articles. However, you can save the difficult words to memorize your learnings. 

Part 3: Why Learn Chinese

As Chinese is the second most demanding language in the world, people are eager to learn and find ways suitable for them. In terms of the job market, you can excel in your career as various industries are strongly connected with China. You can also find job opportunities in China as it is becoming more advanced daily. 

Thus, learning Chinese is not just a boost in your knowledge but also a good investment in your career. You can learn Chinese online by taking different paid and free courses. Also, it will help you indulge yourself in the cultural aspects of China. Proficiency in learning Chinese will help you communicate well with natives. 


Q1: How Long Does It Take To Learn Chinese?

The time required to learn Chinese depends on factors like dedication, strategies, devoted time, your first language, etc. It is considered a challenging language because of its unique style and way. According to the Foreign Service Institute, it can take you 2200 hours to learn Chinese proficiently. You may achieve the conversational level quickly, but proficiency is difficult. 

Q2: Is The Chinese Language Easy To Learn?

The difficulty you can face while learning Chinese depends on your experience, native language, and capability to understand. You may experience it as difficult because of the tonal system, writing styles, and unique grammar style. Besides these three things, you’ll not find anything difficult. If you put in sincere efforts, it will be a rewarding experience. 


Initially, learning Chinese as a beginner may seem difficult, but with time, you’ll enjoy learning. Learn and follow each step in depth to fully grasp this language. This strategic approach will help you master your skills effectively. Understanding the pinyin system, tones, and unique grammar style required special attention and learning.
Besides, you can get proper help from Wukong if you are searching for a strategic approach to learning Chinese for your kids. Wukong has a seven-step method that will help your kids learn Chinese effectively. There will be live seasons, tests, and practices to assess their overall improvement.

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