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Access Comprehensive Math Lessons For 6th Graders [2024]

6th grade is the beginning of middle-level education for a student. At this grade level, the courses become a little complex and demand the students to be focused for better learning. It is considered more difficult when it comes to math lessons for 6th graders. It is compulsory for a student in this grade to learn the mathematics lessons carefully for further progress. Without learning effectively, one can’t perform well in the next grades. That’s why, we are here with a comprehensive guide about math lessons for 6th grade and the best resources to explore and learn this subject properly.

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Part 1. What’s Included In Math Lessons For 6th Graders?

Firstly, you must be aware of what is included in the math lessons for 6th graders. It will help you understand the major portion of your lessons and try to learn them. Even if you are a parent, you will find it beneficial as you will be aware of the content and guide your little ones. Let us show you what branches of mathematics can be in these lessons.

Ratio & Decimals

In the math lessons for 6th graders, a major proportion is specified for the questions related to ratios and decimals. Both of these terms are interconnected as we can transit from one form to the other. We can also say that ratios and decimals are the two sides of the coin. Every 6th-grade student will learn about these concepts and related questions.


This is one of the most important branches of mathematics. For 6th graders, the introduction to algebra is compulsory which is added to the math lessons for 6th graders.

Basic Geometry

Another major branch of math in the mathematics lessons for grade 6 students is basic geometry. In this section, the main goal is to tell the students about the basic geometry concepts and measurements.

Planes & Graphs

In higher mathematics, coordinate planes and graphs have great importance. The 6th grade is the beginning of that level. That’s why math lessons for 6th graders also have guides related to planes and graphs.

Part 2. 3 Best Online Resources For Math Lessons for 6th Grade

So far, you have learned about the major proportions of the math lessons for 6th graders. It is time to explore the list of online resources that you can pick for learning this subject effectively to have a successful turnaround in your middle school education and later.

WuKong Math Advanced Course

Most students are unable to understand math lessons for 6th graders because they hate this subject. Helping them love this subject again can assist them in learning it and outperforming in the end. WuKong Math Advanced Course is the best online course that you can pick for this. If you have a child from grade 1 to grade 12, this course is perfect to enroll them in loving mathematics.

WuKong Math Advanced Course

WuKong Math Advances Course

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To help students be engaged, the classes are conducted in an interactive and fun way. Due to its live classes, you will get instructions from experienced teachers and can clear your doubts quickly. Its stage-level learning concept will help you grow gradually but smoothly.

Course Details

Made For: Students from grade 1 to grade 12

Class Size: Small groups and 1-to-1 classes

Pricing: Starts from $289


  • Unlike other courses, it is taught by focusing on the critical and reasoning skills of the students.
  • Your child will have fun while learning math lessons for 6th graders.
  • It allows you to schedule the classes according to your preferred time because it is available 24/7.
  • You can ask for 1-to-1 live classes for focused learning of your little ones.


  • It might be a little expensive for some people.
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Khan Academy

If you are looking to learn math lessons for 6th graders from a free online resource, Khan Academy is for you. This website offers a wide collection of lessons for students of different grades from kindergarten to higher levels.

Khan Academy

6th grade math lessons at khan academy

It has a simple and interactive interface making it simple for every student to explore the website and choose their required lessons. Moreover, every course will have several quizzes to test your learning and help you grow seamlessly.


  • It provides math lessons by dividing them into different units.
  • You will have a quick evaluation of your kid’s learning because of the involvement of quizzes.
  • The website will give your kids mastery points according to their performance which will help you understand how well they are learning.
  • No need to register yourself or pay anything to the website to learn math lessons for 6th graders and other levels.


  • The students have to be proactive in learning as they will be doing self-learning.
  • No option for live classes is available on this platform and all lessons are available in recorded videos.

Time 4 Learning

Nothing wrong in saying that Time 4 Learning is the best platform for comprehensive math lessons for 6th graders. It includes multiple chapters in its list focusing on different topics from understanding the numbers to ratio and geometry.

Time 4 Learning

Chapters list for 6th graders at Time 4 Learning

A student will surely learn from this platform about all necessary topics that will be part of the 6th-grade math lessons. In addition to general details about the topic, your kids will also see the examples related to every problem which will make it more understandable for them.


  • The lessons have been divided into chapters for smooth and effective learning.
  • It includes basic details and guidelines about the lessons as well as examples for better and quick learning.
  • This list of math lessons for 6th graders covers all necessary topics that can be part of this level’s math course.


  • You will not be able to learn from this platform for free.
  • It offers a demo session with limited access to lessons.

Part 3. Download Math Worksheet For 6th Graders

Undoubtedly, enrolling your kids in a course for math lessons for 6th graders can be a turning point for their learning. However, you can help them by providing them with math worksheets for 6th graders. It will help them test their skills through practice questions and perform well in the real test.

Here, we have listed the 2 best websites from where you can download worksheets in PDF format and encourage your children to learn and practice from them.

  • Math Worksheets

This website enables you to download the math lessons depending on the learning week. It allows you to download the worksheets every week for smooth learning. You can download them one by one and ask your little ones to practice them regularly.

Math Worksheets

Available worksheets at Math Worksheets

  • K5 Learning

Another reliable pick for downloading worksheets for math lessons for 6th graders is K5 Learning. It offers multiple lessons based on the topics for this grade level students. You can guide your students or children about a specific topic like fractions and then download a worksheet to let them practice for these particular questions.

K5 Learning

6th grade math topics on K5 Learning

Part 4. FAQs

Is 6th-grade Math Easy?

The mathematics topics for 6th graders are neither easy nor difficult. As this class is the beginning of middle school education, the topics are added with basic knowledge. So, one can easily understand them by paying focus on their lessons.

Is Algebra Added To 6th-grade Mathematics?

Yes, Algebra is added to the math lessons for 6th graders. The concepts and topics from this branch are of basic level instead of advanced level.

Part 5. Summary

To get the math lessons for 6th graders, you should choose the above-mentioned platforms. The worksheets may help the students understand the questions and perform well by practicing for them. For better learning, it is highly recommended to enroll your child in the WuKong Math Advanced Course. The interactive classes and way of teaching will surely help them understand the topics and perform well in their exams.

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