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Best Guide On Chinese Elements: Importance and Origin

If you have ever read about Chinese culture, you must have noticed the discussion about Chinese elements. Have you ever thought about what these elements mean? You might be curious to know about them as these elements have great importance for this culture. It is right to say that many major decisions are made based on the Chinese element Calendar. For those who are looking to learn about this concept in detail, this blog has been written with a comprehensive discussion. In this blog, we will discuss what these 5 Chinese elements are and how they impact the lives of the native people.

Part 1. What Do The Chinese Five Elements Mean?

It is not wrong that Chinese is the most superstitious nation in the world right now. The native people follow multiple concepts in their lives to get goodness in the end from God. One of those concepts is the use of Chinese elements in this culture. For many people, this concept is strong enough to change their upcoming lives and make their decisions strong as well as fruitful. These five elements are interconnected due to which they have much importance as well as look logical. The list of Chinese 5 elements is given below:

  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Fire

As you can see these elements look connected internally because they can either destroy something or regenerate something too. That’s why these Chinese elements have great importance for making their beliefs in God and their fortunate. For most Chinese people, it is common to think that these elements leave a certain impact on their life’s success and failure. In the next sections, you will also learn the importance of Chinese five elements for the native people and those who follow this culture.

Chinese Elements

Part 2. Origin Of Chinese Elements

To learn deeply about Chinese elements, it is important to know their origin too. You will be able to have a better idea of this concept and its evaluation after reading its origin. The very first presence of the 5 Chinese elements was found in 770-476 BC. This theory was based on different Chinese concepts from the believers of this culture. It was first presented in the Spring-Autumn festival/season. In the beginning, the theory got the attention of a few proportions of people but kept on getting attention with time. Now, most native people follow this theory and have a firm belief in its impact on their lives. It is not a concept that impacts the individual life but also the social life of the Chinese people. For example, Chinese elements have deep roots in the Philosophy of this culture making it common for professionals like doctors, astronauts, and others to follow this concept for their research, studies, and experiments. This is the main reason why the theory of Chinese five elements is getting popular among non-native speakers.

Part 3. Importance Of Chinese Astrology Signs And Elements

From the above discussion, you must have an idea about the impact of Chinese elements on the lives of the native people. It is time to know its importance to understand why you should learn about this concept while reading about Chinese culture. As per native people, they believe that these elements may either decide the destructive or generative impacts on their lives. They also have a strong concept that these elements have specific characteristics depending on the different aspects of nature/life. For example, they connect the Chinese Earth element with a damp climate while the Wood element with a Windy climate. In simple words, they believe that the Earth’s elements will come with the Damp climate while the wood element signifies the windy climate. Moreover, they have strong concepts regarding these elements and their impacts on other aspects of life like color, season, directions, and many others. In short, you can say that these Chinese elements can decide your whole life and indicate what you are going to get in your life. That is the main reason why these elements are also considered the Chinese astrology elements.

Best Guide On Chinese Elements: Importance and Origin - WuKong Education Blog

Part 4. How Do You Know What Is Your Chinese Element Astrology?

For people who are going to connect with the Chinese culture, it is important to know how they can find the Chinese element of astrology and signs. It is because they must know from which elements, they belong for being in this community. Undoubtedly, you may not be asked which Chinese element you have. But you still need to be aware of the element year you belong and follow the Chinese element, Calander. It is pretty simple, by the way, to know which is your sign from the Chinese elements listed above. Here we have listed a quick way to identify your element from the Chinese Calander.

  • Metal: If your birth year ends in 0 & 1.
  • Water: If your birth year ends in 2 & 3.
  • Wood: If your birth year ends in 4 & 5
  • Fire: If your birth year ends in 6 & 7.
  • Earth: If your birth year ends in 8 & 9.

The above list explains that you can find your Chinese element by checking your birth year and finding its last digit. If the last digit of your birth year is 0 or 1, you will belong to a metal element. Similarly, you can explore the above list depending on your birth year to find the element from the list of Chinese elements mentioned above. Be mindful that this is the easiest approach to finding your element and go ahead for astronomy analysis of your life.

Part 5. Major Field That Is Impacted By Chinese Element Calendar

Undoubtedly, Chinese elements have great importance in different aspects of life from astronomy to business and others. But the most affected field by these elements is medicine. It is still believed that some Chinese traditional medications can help humans get cures instead of advanced medicines. These elements have great importance in the lives of the native speakers and they believe that these medicines can help them get rid of illness. As per their concepts, it doesn’t matter whether they have a life-threatening disease or an inherited problem, they can find the solution from traditional medicines that are produced by following the Chinese elements theory. It is right to say that this concept isn’t famous only among the illiterate people but many professionals also follow this concept and practice their careers depending on it.


What Is My Birth Element?

You can find your birth element by finding the last digit of your birth year. For example, the 0 or 1 at the end of the birth year shows the Metal element while the 2 or 3 represents the water. You can also explore the entire list of elements selected from the above section of this blog.

What Are The Main 5 Chinese Elements?

The Chinese 5 elements are Earth, Metal, Wood, Water, and Fire. All these elements have great importance in the lives of the native people of this culture. It is customary to follow these elements when making major decisions for their lives.

What Is The Significance Of The Chinese Elements?

The Chinese elements have great importance in the lives of the native people. This theory impacts their lives in different aspects from business to health and many others.


By reading this comprehensive blog about Chinese elements, you must have got an idea of how deep this concept is in this culture. Now, you can easily estimate why you should learn about your Chinese element before you start following this culture. Even if you have Chinese friends, you will see that they are following this theory in different aspects of their lives for making decisions and moving ahead.

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