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Double Ninth Festival: 6 Activities To Highlight Celebration

Double Ninth festival is celebrated on the 9th day of the 9th lunar month. It is also known as seniors day, celebrated since the Han Dynasty. Because the number 9 belongs to the yang character in Chinese, this festival is named Chongyang or Double Ninth Festival. This festival is celebrated because of a legendary story, just like other celebrations. 

It was hugely celebrated in ancient times, and people climbed the mountains on this day. This article will discuss the story behind this festival and the activities performed during the festival celebration. So keep reading to know about this unique, ancient festival of China. 

Double Ninth Festival: 6 Activities To Highlight Celebration - WuKong Blog

Part 1: Remarkable Double Ninth Festival Story Of Huan Jing

The story dates back to the Han dynasty when a devil caused a plague in the Ruhe River. Many people became sick and died or suffered from diseases caused by the demon. A boy who lived near the river experienced the same disease and suffered a lot. His parents died, but he recovered and decided to kill the demon. 

His name was Huan Jing, and he approached an immortal to learn how to kill the demon. The immortal told him the demon would appear in the river on the 9th day of the 9th lunar month. He returned to the river and asked his family to climb the mountain with a Zhuyu leaf and a glass of chrysanthemum wine.

The demon felt dizzy because of the smell of the leaves and wine, and Huan Jing killed the devil with a sword. From that day on, people started to practice climbing mountains and having wine for dinner. 

Part 2: Thrilling Double Ninth Festival Activities That Are Fun To Do

During the Double Ninth Festival, people enjoy eating festival cake, wearing dogwood leaves, climbing, etc. However, the Double Ninth Festival 2023 was celebrated on October 23 with these traditional practices. 


In ancient times, people of China climbed the high mountains, which called this festival the height ascending festival. The 9th day of the 9th lunar month is the best time to climb the mountain because of the pleasant environment. 

People climb the mountain, drink the chrysanthemum wine, and eat festival cakes. However, older people usually participate in this activity to improve their health. 

Wearing Dogwood Leaves

Dogwood leaves are simple structured leaves from which you can make a cover for the wounds. It can also treat fever and pain, making it a special festival plant. Thus, it serves as a natural bandage for you during climbing. 

It can also be helpful for fever and pain, and it has extra benefits to help you with discomfort. So, it turns out not only a pretty leaf but also a special plant for the festival. 

Double Ninth Festival Cake

As per history, this cake was also called a flower, five-color, or chrysanthemum cake. There was also a special cake with nine layers named Chongyang Cake. These cakes are made from pecans, jujubes, Chrysanthemums, and fruits. 

Thus, the cake is delicious with such ingredients and a symbol of this festival. However, it is the main double ninth festival food eaten to fulfill the wish of living with higher standards. 

Admiring The Beauty Of Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a vibrant and popular flowering plant commonly known as mums. It blooms in the summer-fall season when the Chinese celebrate the Double Ninth festival. The ancient people considered these flowers a symbol of longevity. 

However, its wine is a popular festival drink, first drunk by the poet Tao Yuanming. Many people followed him and started to drink this wine at the festival. After a while, people started drinking Chrysanthemum wine during the festival and throughout the year. 

Inserting Zhuyu And Stick Chrysanthemum

During the Tang Dynasty, inserting Zhuyu plants was started at the festival time. People adopt it as a festival celebration activity because they believe it can eliminate disasters. 

Along with the insertion of these plants, women also used the Chrysanthemum flowers to beautify their hair. They also hang the branches of these flowers in the windows and doors. 

Family Get-Together

This festival is especially the celebration of elders, so having a family get-together has become a tradition. Spending time with the elders is a sign of respect and love. They spend a beautiful time together, whether climbing, enjoying scenic views, or having dinner together.

However, double ninth festival traditions became popular over the years as it caused a family to get together and spend quality time with each other. Moreover, it signifies the importance of changing seasons and relationship values. 

Part 3: Double Ninth Festival Dates To Mark Your Calendar

Double Ninth Festival: 6 Activities To Highlight Celebration - WuKong Blog

The recent double ninth festival in China was on October 23, 2023. It is believed that the nine in the name of the festival symbolizes longevity because it is a large value. As autumn is the harvesting season, it gives some extra importance to the festival. 

Since 1989, the Chinese government has announced it as a public day to show respect, love, and care to the elders. However, the following are the festival dates for the coming years.

2024: October 11

2025: October 29

2026: October 18

2027: October 8

2028: October 26

2029: October 16

2030: October 5

2031: October 24

2032: October 12


Q1: What Is The Double Ninth Festival In China?

Double Ninth festival, also known as Chongyang festival, is celebrated on the 9th day of the 9th month in the lunar calendar. Most of the time, the month in the Gregorian calendar on which the festival falls is October. People do various activities at this festival, such as climbing mountains, wearing dogwood, and having Chrysanthemum wine. 

Q2: What Is The Meaning Of The Chung Yeung Festival?

It is the double ninth festival, which has many symbolic and cultural meanings. One of the Chung Yeung festival’s primary importance is climbing the mountain to the highest level. It is a time of family gathering and showing respect to the elders. This is also considered a day to keep evil spirits away and bring good fortune. 


The Double Ninth Festival is an annual Chinese celebration with a legendary story. It also involves various activities and family gatherings. So, this festival is a source of good fortune and happiness for Chinese people. The stories linked with the festival have a significant role in the culture. 

However, modern people mostly celebrate this day by doing outdoor activities like hiking, visiting elders, or picnicking. Moreover, people have traditional food and wine on the festival day. These are the traditional and modern ways people have enjoyed and celebrated the festival for ages. 

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