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Top 6 ELA Classes for Kids: Best English Class Online


Are you looking for the best ELA classes for kids online? Choosing the right English language course can be puzzling. Parents want the perfect fit for their child’s English learning journey. In this article, we’ll make it simple. We’ll explore various English learning classes in an easy, friendly way. Let’s dive into online English classes, finding the best options for young learners. Join us on this adventure of learning English with the top-rated courses.

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Embark on a fun, interactive, and educational English learning journey for kids.

  1. WuKong Online English Classes: Engaging ELA Classes for Kids
Top 6 ELA Classes for Kids: Best English Class Online - WuKong Blog

Unlock the world of English with WuKong’s interactive and fun-filled ELA classes for kids.

Step into a world where learning English feels like an exciting adventure! WuKong Online English Classes are specially crafted for kids, making mastering English enjoyable. These classes are like treasure chests filled with fun and knowledge, designed specifically for children in grades 3-6. Let’s explore these magical classes that turn learning into a thrilling experience for kids diving into the realm of English words and stories!

Features of WuKong Online English Classes:

  • Tailored for Specific Age Group: These classes are custom-made for kids in grades 3-6, focusing on what they love and how they learn best.
  • Engaging Teaching Style: The teachers at WuKong make learning fun! They bring tons of energy to the class, making it lively and interactive.
  • Small Group Sessions: Learning in small groups means more attention for your child. It’s like having a personal guide along the learning journey.
  • Post-Class Support: Even after class, there’s help available. Got questions or need a bit more guidance? WuKong’s got your back!
  • Highly Qualified Teachers: WuKong only picks the best teachers globally, ensuring top-notch learning experiences for kids.

Pros of WuKong Online English Classes:

  • Customized Learning: Learning materials that suit kids’ age groups, keeping them interested and involved.
  • Interactive Classroom Setting: Fun and energetic classes make learning a blast for kids.
  • Accessible Support: Extra help is always there, even after classes.
  • Free Trial for Exploration: Try before committing – a free trial to discover if it’s the perfect fit.
  • Experienced Native ELA Teachers: Skilled teachers who know how to make learning English awesome!

Cons of WuKong Online English Classes:

  • Users haven’t reported any major issues, showing that most kids love their experience!


  • 10 Course Credits – USD 389: Appreciate literary works and inspire creative writing in engaging 90-minute classes.
  • 50 Course Credits – USD 1,749: Enhance reading skills and master writing techniques with comprehensive 90-minute sessions.
  • Most Popular – 100 Course Credits – USD 3,389: Develop independent writing skills effortlessly and enhance comprehensive abilities through 90-minute classes.
  1. Fredisalearns: Interactive English Learning Adventures for Kids
Top 6 ELA Classes for Kids: Best English Class Online - WuKong Blog

Discover interactive English learning adventures with Fredisalearns for kids.

Fredisalearns presents a structured and resourceful platform to guide kids through their English language learning journey. Though it lacks direct tutoring, its well-structured materials cater to children at different levels, making it a valuable asset for parents seeking online ELA classes for their kids.

Features of Fredisalearns:

  • Structured Learning Path: Fredisalearns provides a clear roadmap for kids to follow while learning English step by step.
  • Courses for Different Ages: Tailored courses for various age groups ensure age-appropriate learning experiences.
  • Abundance of Resources: Kids can access a treasure trove of exercises and materials to practice and improve their English.
  • Membership Access: Long-term users can access many resources through a membership plan.

Pros of Fredisalearns:

  • Guided Learning Path: Structured resources make learning English easier for kids.
  • Age-Appropriate Courses: Different courses cater to different age groups, ensuring suitable learning materials.
  • Resource-Rich Platform: An abundance of exercises and materials to aid in learning English.
  • Budget-Friendly Membership: Access a wealth of resources through an affordable membership plan.

Cons of Fredisalearns:

  • Lack of Tutoring: The platform doesn’t offer personalized tutoring or live sessions for kids seeking direct guidance.


Fredisalearns operates on a membership model:

  • Membership Price: $40.00 for 6 Months
  • Description: Provides access to a structured English learning path for kids within an affordable 6-month membership.
  1. NovaKid: Tailored English Learning Classes with Personalized Tutoring

Unlock personalized English learning with NovaKid – Tailored classes for kids guided by dedicated tutors.

Welcome to NovaKid, a specialized platform offering personalized English learning classes for kids aged 4 to 12. NovaKid is a beacon of innovative learning, providing young learners with structured online sessions led by personal tutors dedicated to nurturing their English language skills.

Features of NovaKid:

  • Structured Learning Programs: NovaKid provides a well-organized curriculum for different age groups to suit their learning needs.
  • Personal Tutoring: Each child receives personalized attention and guidance from dedicated tutors.
  • Teacher Selection: Parents can choose from a pool of native and near-native English-speaking tutors.
  • Flexible Teacher Switch: Switching tutors enables finding the best fit for the child’s learning style.

Pros of NovaKid:

  • Tailored Learning Experience: Customized sessions cater to the child’s pace and proficiency.
  • Diverse Teacher Options: Access to various skilled tutors to match individual preferences.
  • Parental Involvement: Parents can actively participate in selecting tutors for their child.
  • Flexibility in Tutor Selection: The freedom to change tutors ensures finding the perfect match for the child’s learning journey.

Cons of NovaKid:

  • Fixed Pricing Packages: Limited flexibility in pricing options might not suit all budget ranges.


  • Pricing Plans: Starting at $71.20 for 8 lessons, $177.60 for 24 lessons, and $336.00 for 48 lessons.
  1. Preply: Engaging 1-on-1 Online English Classes for Kids
Images of Preply web search page and app to find language tutors.

Discover interactive 1-on-1 English learning for kids on Preply!

Embark on a fascinating journey through Preply, a platform that opens doors to interactive online English classes for kids. Preply is a vibrant space where children can connect with experienced tutors and explore the English language in an engaging, one-on-one setting.

Features of Preply:

  • Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring: Preply offers personalized English learning sessions tailored to the child’s pace and preferences.
  • Qualified Native English Tutors: Access to a diverse pool of experienced and qualified tutors specializing in teaching English.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Parents can schedule classes at their convenience, aligning with their child’s learning routine.
  • Customizable Learning Materials: Tutors can adapt lessons and materials to focus on specific areas like vocabulary or phonics.

Pros of Preply:

  • Tailored Learning Experience: Individualized attention ensures a personalized learning path for each child.
  • Live Interaction: Direct engagement with tutors fosters a dynamic learning environment.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Sessions can be arranged to fit into a child’s busy schedule.
  • Trial Lessons Available: Before committing, parents and kids can explore with trial sessions.

Cons of Preply:

  • Varied Pricing: Some tutors may have higher hourly rates, affecting accessibility for certain families.


Preply offers flexible pricing based on tutor rates:

  • Price Range: From $5.00 per hour to $20.00 per hour
  • Description: Hourly rates for tutors vary, with an average range between $10.00 and $20.00 per hour.
  1. Lingokids: A Colorful World of Engaging English Language Classes for Young Learners

Engage in fun-filled English learning adventures with Lingokids’ vibrant and interactive platform for young learners.

Lingokids is a vibrant and award-winning platform tailored for children aged 2 to 8, creating an immersive and playful environment for English language learning. With captivating characters and interactive sessions, Lingokids offers an enjoyable space for kids venturing into the world of language exploration.

Features of Lingokids:

  • Interactive Learning App: Lingokids provides a user-friendly app with colourful visuals and engaging content for young learners.
  • Age-Appropriate Lessons: Courses cater to specific age groups, ensuring content alignment with children’s developmental stages.
  • Parental Involvement: Encouraging parents to participate in guiding their child’s learning journey through the app’s interactive features.
  • Engaging Characters: Lingokids features beloved characters, making each learning session fun and anticipated.

Pros of Lingokids:

  • Kid-Friendly Interface: The app’s design fosters an intuitive and enjoyable experience for young children learning English.
  • Educational Content: Engaging activities and games integrated into lessons to promote effective language learning.
  • Parental Participation: Involvement options for parents to track progress and engage with their child’s learning journey.
  • Interactive Characters: Colorful and friendly characters that captivate and stimulate kids’ interest in learning.

Cons of Lingokids:

  • Lack of Tutor-Led Sessions: The platform primarily focuses on interactive resources, lacking direct tutor interaction.


Lingokids offers two subscription options:

  • Basic Version: Free
  • Description: Provides access to basic resources and limited content.
  • Premium Version: $60.00 Annually
  • Description: Unlocks full access to premium content, offering an enhanced learning experience for kids.
  1. British Council: Engaging English Exploration for Kids
Top 6 ELA Classes for Kids: Best English Class Online - WuKong Blog

Explore vibrant English learning for kids with the British Council.

The British Council’s Learn English Kids emerges as a hub of free, engaging resources for kids exploring the English language. While it excels in offering diverse and age-specific materials, the absence of live tutoring might limit direct interaction and personalized guidance sought by families seeking comprehensive ELA classes for their kids online.

Features of British Council’s Learn English Kids:

  • Abundance of Learning Resources: A vast collection of free resources, including games, videos, and interactive activities.
  • Age-Adapted Content: Tailored content suitable for different age groups, catering to varied learning needs.
  • Educational Games and Exercises: Engaging and fun-filled exercises designed to supplement language learning.
  • Supplemental Materials for Parents and Teachers: Resources available for parents and educators to facilitate learning at home or in classrooms.

Pros of British Council’s Learn English Kids:

  • Extensive Free Resources: An array of free materials available for children to explore and practice English.
  • Age-Specific Content: Content curated for various age groups, ensuring age-appropriate learning experiences.
  • Interactive Learning: Engaging activities and games promoting effective language learning for kids.
  • Supplemental Resources: Additional materials aiding parents and educators in facilitating children’s language learning journeys.

Cons of British Council’s Learn English Kids:

  • Absence of Live Tutoring: Lacks direct interaction or live sessions with tutors for more personalized guidance.


  • British Council’s Learn English Kids is a free resource platform.

FAQs about ELA Classes for Kids:

Q1. What age group is suitable for ELA classes for kids?

ELA classes cater to various age groups, typically starting from preschoolers aged 3-4 up to early teens around 12-14 years old, aligning with different developmental stages.

Q2. How do ELA classes benefit children’s education?

ELA classes foster language proficiency, reading comprehension, and writing skills. They enhance critical thinking, creativity, and communication abilities crucial for academic success.

Q3. Are online ELA classes as effective as in-person sessions for kids?

Yes, online ELA classes for kids offer comparable effectiveness through interactive tools, engaging content, and personalized attention from qualified instructors, creating a conducive learning environment.

Q4. Do ELA classes focus solely on language or incorporate other subjects?

ELA classes primarily concentrate on English language skills encompassing reading, writing, grammar, and literature, often intertwining with social studies and history.

Q5. How could parents support their child’s learning in ELA classes at home?

Parents can reinforce ELA skills by encouraging reading, engaging in discussions, practising writing, and exploring language-rich activities to complement the lessons taught in ELA classes.


So, this guide covers many online options when it comes to helping kids learn English. From fun apps like Lingokids to special tutoring on NovaKid, each has its own teaching method. But if you’re looking for a super engaging and effective choice for kids in grades 3-6, WuKong is the go-to. They’ve got classes made just for them, awesome teachers, and even extra help after class. WuKong makes learning English fun and prepares kids for ELA classes. It’s a great choice to help them become good at English!

Empower your child’s critical thinking with resh, modern English reading and writing courses!

Suitable for global learners in grades 3-6.

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