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5 Best Free Online Math Courses And Programs [2024]

No denying that mathematics is one of the most complex subjects. This is why, it is hated by most of the students in the world. However, it is an important subject that every student should be proficient in for higher-level education. It makes a math course online compulsory for your kids. Without enrolling them in an effective course, you can’t expect extraordinary results from this. While choosing a math course online, you must be struggling because of the availability of hundreds of choices. To make it simple for you, we are here with a list of free courses and platforms.

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Part 1. 2 Best Platforms For A Math Course Online

A math course online can surely help the students understand their lessons effectively. But the problem is the selection of the right course from the internet. To keep it simple for you, we have listed the 2 best platforms from where you can get advanced math courses for your children. 

WuKong Mathematics

To help your children love the subject and learn with interactive live classes, WuKong Mathematics is the best course. It helps students from the entire world to perform well in this subject. 

WuKong Mathematics

Wukong Mathematics Homepage

Course Details

Suitable for: Grade 1 to 12

Sessions Duration: Every session will be of 60 to 90 minutes depending on the requirements of the lesson. 

Course Structure: This math course online is based on the stage development concept and includes 10 major stages. Every stage includes a specific topic that helps students be proficient in that particular skill of this subject. 

Key Specifications of WuKong Mathematics

This mathematics course has multiple specifications which make it better than other math online courses. Here are a few highlighted key specifications that you should know about.

  • Interactive Classes

In this math course online, the students are engaged in interactive classes in a fun teaching way. It makes your children love this subject and eagerly join their classes. 

  • Grade-based Content

This course doesn’t include the same content for every student. It has versatile content selection according to the grade level of the students.

  • Focus on Problem Solving

The instructors don’t only focus on ordinary math problems. The main goal of the course is to help students learn the problem-solving techniques to perform well.

  • Flexible Timing

To keep students from all over the world at ease, this course is accessible in all time zones. You can schedule the classes for your children anytime in the day or night because of its flexible timing feature. 

Khan Academy

Another good choice for a math course online is Khan Academy. This platform has dedicated lessons for the students of pre-kindergarten to higher level. It is right to say that this platform offers a versatile solution to students all over the globe. You can enroll yourself easily in a math course online just by registering with this platform for free.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy Homepage

Overall, it is the best choice for students of all ages and grades. But the main problem is you may have to explore this platform to find the right math lesson as it has some specific categories for different lessons.


It is completely free to learn from this website for every student. You can donate some amount to the platform for their services, but it isn’t mandatory. 


  • Lessons for everyone
  • Free to use
  • Covers other subjects like science


  • Difficult to explore the collection
  • No preview of lessons without registration

Part 2. 3 Free Online Math Courses & Programs

Being a parent, you may have seen that your kid isn’t getting involved in a math course online and wasting their time. In such a situation, you need a course that they can start whenever they want. It is like having pre-recorded math lessons that they can watch at any time and resume their learning whenever they need. To help you with this, we are here with 3 best free online math platforms.


With over 190 courses, study.com can be an effective and reliable pick for learning math. From this website, you can learn this subject from basic to advanced. It allows students to explore its list based on their course code and grade level. Moreover, it has categorized its courses in different departments of math including Algebra, Statistics, etc. So, you can also filter your required course based on this factor. 

3 Free Online Math Courses & Programs

Study.com Math Homepage


  • Covers multiple branches of mathematics
  • Offers simplified solutions for smooth learning
  • Certification available
  • Smooth and instant performance tracking


  • Provide recorded lectures that make it hard to get instant answers from teachers


For learning from recorded videos, EDX can be another choice for you. This platform enables you or your children to learn at their pace and at their feasible time. One can join any math course online from this platform, learn from it, pause it, and join it whenever they are free. Unlike other platforms, it has more than 20 courses specialized for Master students.


EDX Homepage

Overall, you can explore its collection of 2399 math courses to find your required math course online. Moreover, it has also categorized the math courses according to the university/school to which they belong. 


  • Extensive collection of courses
  • Well-qualified and professional instructors for every course
  • Dedicated courses for Master’s students


  • Not suitable for basic learning of mathematics

Math Planet

Another effective choice for a math course online is Math Planet. This platform covers different branches of mathematics from basic to advanced. You can find its categories listed in the right vertical bar to directly explore which one you want to learn. The best part of this platform is it doesn’t require any login or registration.

Math Planet is owned by Mattecentrum that is serving in different countries from different platforms. The only drawback of this platform is the availability of a single course per mathematics department.


  • No login/registration required
  • Suitable for students of all ages
  • Free to use
  • Integrated with multiple mathematics tools


  • Limited collection of courses
  • Offer written content most of the time

Part 3. FAQs

Which Is The Best Online Class For Math?

Wukong Mathematics is the best online class for learning math because of its interactive learning method. You will enjoy multiple activities to learn this subject with focus and attention.

Are There Any Free Online Math Courses?

Math Planet is a free online math course-providing platform. You can check if your required course is available on this platform for free learning. Moreover, you can also check its official YouTube channel for quick filtration of the courses or lessons.

Part 4. Summary

By reading about a math course online from the above blog, you must have an idea about the best platforms and programs. We have listed the platforms after comprehensive research, comparing them with hundreds of other websites, and analyzing the benefits available. 

Among the above platforms, we have found the WuKong Mathematics course the best one. You should pick this platform if you or your little ones are interested in learning mathematics with deep understanding.

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