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Winning Strategies for SASMO 2024

The Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) offers students a perplexing yet rewarding challenge. As the new year commences, over 30,000 students across Asia are preparing to test their math skills in this prestigious competition. For the uninitiated, SASMO aims to promote mathematical thinking by posing problems that intrigue and inspire young minds. With realistic standards that push gifted students, this contest stretches their creative reasoning abilities. If you want to be one of the top math achievers in 2024, read on to discover insider tips and winning tactics.

Part1. Registration Timeline and Process

Mark these dates if competing in SASMO 2024 excites you. Online registrations open on January 1st and close on January 31st, 2024. So, you have a brief window of 31 days to sign up. Procrastinating is not advisable if you want a confirmed slot in this popular event with limited seats.


Follow these three steps to register before spots fill up:

Step 1: Visit the SASMO website for SASMO math olympiad and locate the online registration form

Step 2: Provide required details like name, school, grade

Step 3: Make the registration fee payment

Once registered, you will receive an acknowledgement email with further competition guidelines.

Part2. Test Format and Question Types

SASMO welcomes students from Grades 1 to 12 divided across age-appropriate levels. On the big day, you will be solving a 90-minute test paper with two sections:

Section A: 15 multiple-choice questions

Section B: 10 non-routine problems needing written solutions

While Section A has predefined options, Section B will require you to think creatively and frame your answers. Some issues may include graphs, diagrams or passages.

Through a mix of routine and perplexing questions, SASMO stretches your thinking horizons. Success requires a balance of speed and accuracy.

Part3. Real Questions and Model Solutions

What is to expect in the real test? Here are two sample problems with solutions:

Grade 4 Question

Jan wrote these numbers in her math notebook:

16, 8, 4, 2, 1

If Jan continues writing numbers by dividing the previous number by two and writing the result, what will she write in her notebook for the following 3 numbers?


Jan is dividing the previous number by 2.

The last number she wrote was 1.

1 divided by 2 is 0.5.

0.5 divided by 2 is 0.25.

0.25 divided by 2 is 0.125.

So the next 3 numbers are:

0.5, 0.25, 0.125

Grade 8 Question

Square ABCD has sides of length 2 cm. P is the mid-point of BC and Q is the mid-point of CD. APRQ is a trapezium. Find the area of the trapezium.


Let the coordinates of A, B, C and D be:

A(0,2), B(2,2), C(2,0) and D(0,0)

Coordinates of P and Q:

P(2,1), Q(1,0)

Area of trapezium = (Sum of parallel sides) x (Distance between them) / 2

= (2 + 1) x 1 / 2

= 1.5 cm^2

Through many such puzzles, SASMO builds your computational skills and spatial reasoning capacity. Consistent practice with past papers is the key to cracking these brainteasers.

Part4. Awards and Score Requirements


SASMO incentivizes top performers through an exciting tier of awards:

  • Perfect Score]: Qualifies for gold medal and $100 cash prize
  • Gold Award [Top 8%]: Certificate + Medal
  • Silver Award [Next 12%]
  • Bronze Award [Next 20%]
  • Honorable Mention [Next 10%]
  • Participation Certificate [Next 50%]

With a highest possible score of 85, the grade thresholds are:

  • Perfect Score: 85
  • Gold Award: 68 points (80% approximately)
  • Silver Award: 60 points
  • Bronze Award: 51 points

Though SASMO seems competitive, consistent preparedness can help you cross the scoreline and shine among Asia’s brightest mathematical talents.

Part5. Smart Preparation Tips

Competing in a mathematical olympiad is like running a marathon. It demands rigorous training focused on speed and technique. To prepare smartly for SASMO 2024:

  • Solve previous year papers to understand the exam format and level of difficulty
  • Time yourself when attempting mock tests to improve speed
  • Identify weak areas and knowledge gaps for focused learning
  • Learn useful tips and shortcuts to solve problems faster
  • Review mistakes and find where you went wrong
  • Take guidance from math tutors or enroll in preparatory SASMO course

Stay confident as you prepare, and avoid last minute anxiety. Consistent practice with self-analysis is the formula for SASMO success.

Part6. FAQs about SASMO

Q1. Does SASMO provide any sample question papers or past year papers?

There is no information provided about sample papers on the website. Interested candidates can check with previous participants or email admin@simcc.org to request for practice papers if available.

Q2. Are there any scholarships awarded by SASMO?

The website has not provided any information on scholarships awarded. Participants can contact the organizing committee to find out if they provide any scholarships.

Q3. Are there any exam centers for SASMO outside of Singapore?

For overseas participants, their country specific SASMO partner would likely have designated exam centers. Relevant country partners need to be contacted for more information.


By registering early and preparing steadily, you can conquer SASMO 2024 and become an inspiring math achiever. Not only will you learn invaluable analytical skills, but also qualify for international math competitions like SIMOC, AIMO and IJMO. Let your passion for mathematics guide you towards global recognition.

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