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A Comprehensive Guide for Gearing Up for the 2024 DMMC

For high school students seeking to test their math skills against top talent, the 2024 edition of the acclaimed Detroit Mercy Mathematics Competition (DMMC) will prove the ultimate challenge. Hosted each February by the University of Detroit Mercy’s Mathematics Department, DMMC brings together ambitious problem-solvers to showcase their abilities.

Part1. DMMC 2024: Registration Made Simple

Let’s begin by covering the essential registration details to secure your spot at the 2024 Detroit Mercy Mathematics Competition:

Registration Period: January 2nd-31st, 2024

How to Register: Complete the application form on the official website

Entry Fee: Free for all participants

Eligibility: Open to current high school students only

On test day, registered students should report to the University of Detroit Mercy Engineering Building by 9:30 am, with the competition running from 10 am to 2:30 pm. Be sure to arrive focused and well-rested to put your best foot forward!

Part2. Test Format and Content Primer


So, what exactly can you expect on the exam itself at the 2024 DMMC competition? The competition test features:

Total Time: 4 hours 30 minutes

Question Types: Multiple choice and complex written response problems

Subject Areas: Broad coverage from algebra, geometry, trigonometry, combinatorics, number theory and calculus

Rules to Note: No calculators or other aids permitted

The exam includes 30 questions split evenly between multiple-choice and problem-solving sections. Expect various twists on classic “mathlete” contest problems that call upon creative thinking under time constraints.

Part3. Sample DMMC Competition Questions

To convey the intellectual rigor of DMMC, here are two representative questions:

Question #1

Given the quadratic equation x2 + bx + 12 = 0 where b is an integer, what is the product of the two possible values for b?

Question #2

Triangle ABC has area 15. Point P lies inside the triangle, so triangles ABP, ACP and BCP have areas 5, 3 and 4, respectively. Find the area of triangle PBC.

These are just a tiny sample of the stimulating problems to unpack at the 2024 DMMC. How would you begin solving questions like them?

Part4. Awards and Scoring Details

Of course, most competitors focus on claiming victory and the attached awards. Here’s how scoring and prizes shape up for the 2024 contest:

Top Scores: The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place students receive cash prizes of $500, $300 and $200 respectively.

Honorable Mentions: High-performing students beyond the top three also gain recognition.

Scoring Methodology: Exams are hand-graded by the University of Detroit Mercy math faculty based on rigor and creativity of solutions. Ties are broken via completion time.

Notification: Award recipients will be notified in March 2024 following grading.

While only a select few can claim the winner’s purse, all attending the Detroit Mercy Mathematics Competition gain the enriching experience of testing skills among top math peers!

Part5. Tailor Your Training Program


In math competitions, proper practice paves the path to victory. With intelligent preparation, every student can amplify their chances of success at the 2024 DMMC competition. Here are impactful training tips:

Drill Core Concepts: Review notes, textbooks and online lectures to ensure you have algebra, geometry, trig, etc. theories down cold. If you are shaky on number systems or other basics, start there.

Practice, Practice! Work problem sets from prior math contests to systematically hone techniques for unpacking questions. Vet solutions to ensure you understand theorists’ thought processes.

Attempt Past DMMC Items: Study previous Detroit Mercy exam questions when available. Familiarity with the style of problems posed is invaluable.

Simulate Testing Conditions: Put yourself through practice tests in 4+ hour blocks timed precisely. Mimicking real test constraints prepares you mentally and physically.

Follow this cycle steadily from February 2024, and you’ll be assured your best DMMC performance potential!

Part6. DMMC As a Springboard to Future Success

In closing, while excelling at the 2024 Detroit Mercy Mathematics Competition delivers short-term gratification from problem-solving triumphs, the longer-view benefits stand far greater. By testing your mettle among exceptional peers, the event serves as a springboard to unlocking your fullest potential as you look ahead to college and career.

The competition introduces you to the community of passionate math scholars at the university. For those seeking an institution where high-level mathematics exploration flourishes day-to-day, UDM offers a premier destination to invest in the next stage of your journey.

Under the mentorship of distinguished faculty like the Wukong Course, undergraduate students here gain endless opportunities to launch themselves towards grad programs at elite institutions or coveted roles in data science, cryptography and more. As a Detroit Mercy mathematics graduate yourself, one day, you may even inspire future generations of problem-solvers by guiding them just as current professors did for you!

Part7. FAQs about DMMC

Q1. What should I bring to the competition?

You just need to bring pencils, erasers, and a good calculator-free mindset. Scratch paper is provided. Calculators and other aids are not permitted. Some students also bring snacks/drinks to fuel their mental exertion!

Q2. How are scores determined?

Your exam is hand graded by University of Detroit Mercy mathematics faculty. Points are awarded based on the creativity, accuracy, and rigor of solutions. Completion time is used as a tiebreaker for students with equal raw scores.

Q3. Is there an appeal process for scoring disputes?

Yes – if you believe there has been a grading error that significantly impacted your score, you can submit a formal appeal within a week after awards are announced. Appeals are reviewed by a committee of math faculty.

Q4. When will I receive notification about awards/recognition?

Final competition placements are announced in March once grading is fully completed. All participants receive email notification with recognized phone numbers.

Q5. Do I have to be a math genius to compete?

While strong conceptual knowledge is important, past participants have had varying baseline skill levels. Passion for problem-solving matters most. Using the months ahead to prepare through contest practice and content review enables all students to grow abilities and confidence for the exam.


For motivated high school students, few events present a more thrilling intellectual challenge than the DMMC. Students who prepare diligently will find themselves richly rewarded by testing their skills against some of Michigan’s top mathematical talent. While only a few may claim the winner’s purse, all participants will walk away enriched by a weekend immersed in the art of creative problem-solving. If you think you’ve got the right mathematical mindset, register today and unlock your fullest potential at the 2024 DMMC!

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