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Top 5 Mandarin Online Classes-A Full Comparison

Mandarin is the world’s most spoken language, making it crucial to understand at least the basics of it. Yet, in today’s fast-paced life, only some have enough time to visit language learning centres and spend significant time on the task. 

This is precisely where online learning services stepped in. These are not only cost-efficient but also time-flexible. So, keep reading to learn about the best Mandarin online classes and six tips for enhanced learning. 

Let’s begin.

1. WukongSch

Top 5 Mandarin Online Classes-A Full Comparison - WuKong Education Blog

The WukongSch focus on an interactive learning experience sets it apart. Their curriculum focuses on speaking, writing, listening, and reading exercises. Thus, ensuring a well-rounded experience. The mentors offer tailored feedback to nurture each learner’s language proficiency.

In addition, WukongSch integrates cultural insights into their lessons. The prime purpose is to understand Mandarin within its cultural context. The platform stands out for its innovative teaching methods, leveraging technology to enhance the learning journey—a learning experience for learners at all levels.


  1. Obtains professional teachers from different cultures with at least ten years of experience. 
  2. Integrate cultural insights into lessons for better learning
  3. Tailored feedback to nurture language proficiency 
  4. Make use of advanced tools to teach effectively. 


  1. Pricing might be higher than other platforms. 

Website: https://www.wukongsch.com/

2. Touch Chinese

Top 5 Mandarin Online Classes-A Full Comparison - WuKong Education Blog

Touch Chinese is a prime platform for people searching for a unique \and traditionally boosted Mandarin learning trip. Its different sign lies in the smooth absorption of language proficiency with a depth of Chinese tradition and culture. Hence, it is setting a new standard in online education.

The key to Chinese thinking is its dedication to catering to learners across high levels. The plan delivers attractive and knowledgeable lessons. It covers all aspects, like vocabulary, basics, grammar, and dialogue skills. Touch Chinese is a fantastic unification of live classes and personalized learning programs. These customized programs ensure the course meets every individual’s distinctive requirements and learning pace.

However, what raises Touch Chinese to an unmatched level is its profound emphasis on merging cultural insight into the language session. Far more languages are acquired. Touch Chinese aims to immerse learners in the different varieties of Chinese culture. 

This platform provides an excellent opportunity to understand Mandarin. This ideal thought equips learners with diverse prowess and raises a deeper appreciation for enriching traditions, customs, and history and inserting them within Chinese culture.

By this fantastic blend of language culture and instruction research. Touch Chinese goes far in cultural language learning. It grows when learners get the linguistic flow and begin a deep culture trip. Touch Chinese is a distinctive pioneer in giving the complete, culturally best Mandarin learning experience.


  1. Facilitates learners across all levels. 
  2. Covers fundamental aspects such as vocabulary, grammar and dialogue delivery. 
  3. Emphasize collaborating Chinese insight into the lessons. 
  4. It helps to polish skills practically
  5. Offers free trial lessons


  1. They have limited slots. So, make sure to enrol before the time runs out. 

Website: https://www.touchchinese.com/

3. Go East Mandarin

Go East Mandarin is a course that assists learners from primary to advanced levels. Their designed systems lead to a good and strong foundation in essential language aspects and gradually advance into more topics.

The platform’s focus on real-world programs ensures a well-rounded understanding of Mandarin’s theoretical concepts. Go East Mandarin assists learners with practical language skills, making them confidently engage in different scenarios and increasing their proficiency in Mandarin.


  1. Focus on practical language skill 
  2. Entertain learners of all levels 
  3. Emphasis on programming through role-play dialogue.
  4. Helps to boost confidence 


Have a prolonged customer support programme. It took more than 24 hours to respond to a single query 

Website: https://goeastmandarin.com/

4. Yoyo Chinese: Structured Learning Path

Yoyo is a well-known survival site that offers an advanced and structured learning path. Their video sessions expertly break down complicated Mandarin concepts into manageable segments from primary to advanced levels.

At the same time, the service focuses on pronunciation, grammar, and cultural insights. Thus, it is empowering to assist Mandarin with ease.

The participants must understand that Mandarin learning is developed in a user-friendly format to make the language more accessible. Yoyo Chinese ensures learners make a good and strong foundation in Mandarin. It results in the smooth empowerment of progress through the language levels.

Every one of these platforms gives an ideal approach to mastering Mandarin.


  1. Advanced and structured knowledge
  2. It is best suited for those who are already aware of the basics 
  3. Focuses on speaking skills 
  4. Makes sure to enhance pronunciation grammar with the help of cultural insights 


  1. Have a limited number of seats
  2. The teaching style might differ for each teacher.

Website: https://yoyochinese.com/

5. Chinese Zero To Hero: Live Tutoring and Comprehensive Resources

Chinese Zero To Hero revolutionizes Mandarin learning through live tutoring conducted by native speakers. That means the service would prefer granting you a teacher from your country to foster an immersive language practice environment. 

At the same time,  resources empower learners to delve deeper into the language. Regular assessments and progress-tracking tools enable learners to monitor their language development. 

The platform’s unique strength lies in its flexibility. Hence, you can also watch the lessons conveniently within an hour. Or you can go for the  self-paced study or structured courses, 

Overall, the platform fosters community engagement through interactive forums and discussion boards. Hence, active participation and collaboration among learners are encouraged. By emphasizing practical application scenarios


  1. Obtains native speakers for teaching 
  2. It makes multiple resources to help learners monitor their progress as well. 
  3. Foster community engagement 
  4. Focusses on building bonds for a friendly environment 


  1. Limited free resources. 

Website: https://www.chinesezerotohero.com/

Six Tips for Enhanced Learning 

Instead of just learning it during class hours, try to accommodate a learning environment. That means speaking in Mandarin in online communities or practising it with any available app. 

Read books in Mandarin. This way, you can explore your reading skills and Chinese literature. 

Be consistent. Remember, language can only be learned after a few days. Instead, you must consistently practice for at least a month to obtain fluency. 

Be confident. Don’t be shy in front of your friends. Instead, be proud to showcase your skills.  

Expose yourself to relevant media. Watch Mandarin TV shows and movies, listen to music, or follow podcasts and audiobooks in Mandarin.

Last but not least, give yourself time. Don’t hesitate, don’t get tired. Instead, take baby steps to steadily reach the highest level of proficiency. 

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Online or physical- which type of classes are better for learning Mandarin?

For various reasons, online courses are a way better way to learn Mandarin Chinese. First, it can be done without visiting a place to learn physically. Secondly, you can schedule it for an hour convenient for you. 

Q2. How do you determine the right Mandarin proficiency level for these online classes?

You can rely upon the online tests for this purpose. An extensive range of such tests covers speaking, writing, and reading skills. In the end, you get a result for self-assessment. Through this way, you can quickly determine the right proficiency level for such online classes. 


On the bottom line, Mandarin is one of the most fun languages. However, you need to determine the right platform for it. The guide above discusses some of the best Mandarin online classes, six tips to enhance learning and other crucial information.