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5 Top Online Mandarin Teachers Platforms

Chinese Mandarin is one of the most spoken languages in the world, with a great history and culture. Thus, learning and understanding Mandarin Chinese is essential beyond just linguistic barriers in today’s fast-paced world. 

As a widely known language globally, learning Chinese is a skill that fosters various professional aspects- paving the way for accessible international communication. Nevertheless, it is difficult for a busy person to navigate to the place to learn it physically, and they prefer online tuition. The same is why the content below discusses the five best platforms for online Mandarin teachers to establish their careers. 

1. Wukongsch

5 Top Online Mandarin Teachers Platforms - WuKong Blog

The Wukongsch is another famous platform with innovative tools, elevating the Mandarin teaching experience in multiple places. The platform takes pride in offering educators a bunch of helpful online resources. This includes video sharing Survive, quizzes, and games. 

All the activities enrich the learning process and help teachers better analyze their students’ strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the service’s user-friendly interface offers vibrant and immersive learning for students. 

Pros of Wukonsch

  1. As a teacher, you can entertain the variety and enhance the number of students. In addition, the Wukongsch also offers seamless integration to multimedia elements for designing and distributing lessons efficiently and more effectively. 
  2. Wukongsch uses interactive tools, a user-friendly interface, and a flexible timing schedule that helps the Mandarin teacher resonate with students better globally. 
  3. Offers interactive tools and strategies for teachers to teach efficiently. 


The only catch here is that the site has a specific number of seats. Thus, one needs to be extra fast while registering.

2: Italki 

5 Top Online Mandarin Teachers Platforms - WuKong Blog

Italki is a well-known Hong Kong-based platform facilitating online Chinese learning globally. Founded in 2007, it is today the largest platform for language learning, with over 5 million enrolled. 

The site is known as an efficient platform for letting teachers enjoy unparalleled flexibility and quickly access the students. At the same time, it opens doors to a diverse spectrum of eager learners. Thus offering educators the freedom to set their schedules and rates. Its expansive user base serves as a global melting pot. As a result, the students can educate themselves according to their proficiency level. This diversity enables teachers to personalize lessons and cater to the unique needs of individual students.


  1. The interactive interface of Italki fosters seamless communication, eliminating all geographical barriers. Thus allowing educators to forge genuine connections with students across multiple time zones. 
  1. It helps to establish and maintain a conducive environment and enables educators to teach,  understand, and engage with students. They are learning about their cultural backgrounds and learning preferences.
  2.  Italki becomes more than just a teaching platform; it transforms into a bridge for educators to connect and foster a global community passionate about learning Mandarin.


  1. The customer support of the website is slower than the competitors.

Hourly pay: Based on your preference 

Commission: The company takes a 15% commission for every lesson

3: AmazingTalker 

5 Top Online Mandarin Teachers Platforms - WuKong Blog

AmazingTalker has emerged as one of the most versatile language training platforms online. It empowers teachers to use their distinctive teaching styles while instructing the mandarins. In addition, it also accommodates a wide variety of teaching strategies and approaches. As a result, the teachers can cater to the student’s personalized needs belonging to different cultural backgrounds and proficiency levels. 

Pros of AmazingTalker 

  1. This flexibility enables teachers from different time zones to align their teaching expertise with students’ strengths to create a diverse yet engaging teaching environment. 
  2. The educators on Amazing Talker have the freedom to resonate their teaching philosophies, leveraging their teaching expertise. Thus, no matter if it is working on conversational fluency or focusing on grammar intricacies, you, as a teacher, can craft lessons reflecting your preaching styles without any restrictions. 


  1. It pays less than the other platforms 
  2. The commission rate might fluctuate depending on the situation. 

Hourly pay: You can set your hourly rate 

commission The company cuts 15% commission from every lesson

4: LanguaTalk 

LanguaTalk is a USA-based language learning organization that was founded back in 2021. Although the service might be new in the market, it has managed to conquer the hearts of students from all across the globe. All the credit for success goes to the efficient training tools provided to tutors by the service. 

Pros of LanguaTalk 

  1. The main thing distinguishing it from other online Chinese teaching platforms is that it provides more personalized support for tutors. That means unlike other web services that allow the students to cancel any of their day lessons, LanguaTalk protects the interests of its tutors with its 24-hour cancellation policy. 
  2. The site has a 55-minute session time instead of one house. Hence, the teachers can have 5 minutes of quick breaks in case of back-to-back classes. 


  1. Slow customer support staff 

Hourly pay: between 5 to 85 dollars 

Commission: Cuts around 15% of every lesson 

5: Class gap 

Last but not least, we have the Class Gap up on the list. It is the second-highest rating platform on the internet after Italki. Tutors and students from all over the globe love Class Gap for their fantastic service. The whole system works upon the freedom of schedule and pricing. That means you can withdraw your overall earnings at the end of each month through PayPal or bank transfer. The only requirement here is the age group. That means you can only register as a tutor if you are 18 or older. 

Pros of Class Gap 

  1. Although there might be a better-paying platform, it is an excellent opportunity for all those Mandarin teachers who are just starting. 
  2. Interactive user interface 


1.The only con Class gap is that it pays less than other platforms. 

Hourly pay: Typically starts from 10 dollars. However, you can decide any rate of your choice, 

Commissions: the website cuts 20 per cent at the start, which decreases to 10 per cent once you have gained enough hours. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Platform 

Now that you have learned about all the significant platforms, here are some tips to attain the best choice

  1. Analyze your teaching style and choose a platform that aligns with it
  2. Opt for a platform that has a diverse range of students that matches your target audience. 
  3. Prefer platforms with maximum flexibility 
  4. Make sure to check the reputation of the forum before you make a choice 
  5. Test the staff support of all the media before going with 1. 


Finding a place to start a career as a Mandarin teacher can be a difficult task. To solve the problem, we have assembled this guide containing details about some of the best platforms for online Mandarin teachers. 

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