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Top 5 Platforms for Affordable Chinese Classes for Kids Online

In today’s globalized world, parents are increasingly seeking affordable Chinese classes for kids, understanding the importance of bilingualism for their child’s future. Imagine a scenario where your child struggles to grasp a new language due to high costs and inconvenient class schedules. This common hurdle can hinder a child’s potential in mastering Mandarin, a language spoken by over a billion people worldwide. 

Our article dives into the best platforms offering affordable Chinese classes online, addressing these challenges. We explore solutions that not only fit your budget but also cater to your child’s unique learning style, making the journey of learning Chinese enjoyable and accessible.

Affordable chinese classes for kids

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Part 1: Top Online Platform for Affordable Chinese Classes for Kids

The top online Chinese learning platforms cater to your child’s unique learning style, offering a smooth introduction to a second language. Our selected list presents diverse options, enabling you to find the perfect fit for your child’s specific needs and pace.


It’s one of the best online learning sources for kids of 3-18 years old. Wukong offers a 1-on-1 session where teachers use the 7 steps method to teach Chinese effectively. Classes last 50 minutes, aligning with the Chinese time zone, and can be easily scheduled and canceled without penalty, promoting a consistent learning routine.The platform uses the Classin app for classes. 

WuKong Chinese

Course Setting:

Wukong’s curriculum is divided into various programs, each targeting different learning needs and proficiency levels. These include courses for beginners, non-native learners, and advanced students. The platform employs an immersive teaching approach, focusing on listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It also incorporates original Chinese cultural elements, enhancing the learning experience.


The classes are affordable, costing about USD 10 to 15 for each 50-minute session, with greater savings on larger packages. 


  • Personalized Learning: Wukong customizes its classes based on the student’s proficiency level, ensuring effective and relevant learning.
  • Flexibility: Wukong’s courses are flexible, allowing students to schedule and cancel classes easily, aligning with their routines.


  • Pricing Structure: While affordable, the pricing might be higher than some other online language platforms.

User Review:

“WuKong is the best online learning platform for kids! My kid has been learning Chinese and Math with WuKong and we are very satisfied! All the teachers are really nice and patient. Mostly, they are very professional!”. 5/5* Wei Liu – Trustpilot

Overall, WuKong Education seems to be a well-regarded option for families looking for an online learning solution in Chinese, especially for those seeking a blend of traditional teaching methods and modern online convenience.

Learn authentic Chinese from those who live and breathe the culture.

Specially tailored for kids aged 3-18 around the world!

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Preply offers a variety of Chinese language courses for kids, with options for both Cantonese and Mandarin. The platform provides flexibility in scheduling and a wide range of tutors to suit different needs and preferences. 

Course Setting:

Age-Appropriate Teaching: Courses are tailored for different age groups – toddlers, preschoolers, early school-age children, and tweens. Activities are age-appropriate, including songs, games, interactive stories, and crafts.

Online Tutors: Preply offers access to online tutors who can make learning engaging and fun for kids. These tutors are skilled in teaching Mandarin and can adjust their teaching methods to suit your child’s needs and interests.


Prices for Chinese classes on Preply vary. Beginner’s classes can range from $10 to $40, while advanced classes can range from $7 to $25.


Flexibility: You can choose a tutor based on your child’s schedule and learning preferences.

Diverse Teaching Methods: Tutors employ various teaching methods, including songs, games, storytelling, and interactive activities.


Variability in Quality: As tutors are independent, the quality and teaching style can vary.

User Review:

“They not only give me as much freedom as I want to develop my career my own way but also they are very helpful before every single issue that may occur”. 5/5* 

Johnny MDQ- Trustpilot

Preply has tutors all over the world, so you can find someone who’s available at a time that’s good for you. Parents and kids both like Preply because the lessons are more fun than other ways of learning.


GoEast, an online learning platform, has been offering interactive Mandarin classes for kids since 2014. 

Course Setting: 

GoEast provides classes tailored to different age groups, with 25-minute sessions for kindergarten and primary students, and 50-minute classes for high school students. The frequency of classes is flexible.

GoEast’s approach to teaching Mandarin is through engaging stories and activities, with a focus on one-on-one teaching and beautifully illustrated learning materials. Their interactive classes involve quizzes, games, and speaking activities to keep kids engaged. There are eleven different Chinese language classes available, which can be further customized. The curriculum aligns with YCT and HSK standards.


The price ranges from approximately $17 to $33, depending on the chosen package. 


  • Interactive Learning: GoEast emphasizes interactive learning with quizzes, games, and speaking activities, keeping the classes engaging for children.
  • Experienced Instructors: All instructors at GoEast are university-educated native Chinese speakers and fluent in English, ensuring high-quality teaching.


  • Limited Resources: Unlike some other platforms, GoEast recommends but does not include textbooks in their course fees, which might require additional investment in learning materials.

User Review:

“Studying with GoEast is an excellent way to improve your Chinese skills”. 5/5* 

Emily Bruce- Trustpilot

Lingo Bus

Lingo Bus is a Mandarin-focused online platform that provides specialized courses in Reading and Writing, and Listening and Speaking for kids. 

Course Setting:

Designed for children aged 5-12, each class lasts 25 minutes, with the frequency of classes per week being flexible.The platform offers both 1-1 and group classes. In their 1-1 sessions, kids can choose from main courses like Reading and Writing or Listening and Speaking, and there’s also a short 8-class course on Pinyin. 

Lingo Bus has a structured curriculum divided into six levels, catering from absolute beginners to those who already know about 750 words and 400 characters. Each level consists of 50 to 60 classes, incorporating live lessons, games, songs, character practice, and quizzes. Additionally, Lingo Bus provides an e-library for extra learning resources.


The cost of classes ranges from $16.40 to $20, and they’re sold in packages of 10, 25, 50, or 100 lessons. 


  • Specialized Mandarin Instruction: Focus on Mandarin ensures a concentrated and effective learning experience.
  • Experienced Teachers: The platform boasts teachers with an average of four or more years of teaching experience.


  • Limited Class Length: At 25 minutes, classes might be short for some learners who prefer longer session times.

User Review: 

“My child has learned Chinese with the Lingo Bus for three years. Their teachers are highly professional at teaching foreign languages”. 5/5* Claudia Sun- Trustpilot


Italki stands out for offering a variety of Chinese dialects, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Hokkien, Shanghainese, and Taiwanese, making it ideal for those interested in less common dialects. 

Course Setting:

With over 1,000 tutors, the platform caters primarily to adults and provides 60-minute one-on-one lessons via video chat. Tutors can tailor lessons to individual goals and interests, and with a global tutor base, it’s easy to find a convenient time.


Pricing is flexible, ranging from $4 to $80 per hour, with most Chinese tutors charging between $10 and $25. Italki allows payment per session without the need for packages or subscriptions.Additionally, the platform offers a discounted trial lesson and a $10 referral credit.


  • Convenience: The global range of tutors allows for flexible scheduling.
  • Ease of Selection: Users can refine their search for tutors using keywords and select based on language proficiency.
  • Instant Lesson Feature: Enables users to start a class immediately.


  • Lack of Standard Curriculum: Italki does not provide an in-house curriculum.

User Review:

“I have found a high quality language teacher on Italki. The service is stable and reliable, and the extra content outside of lessons is helpful overall”. 5/5* BPR– Trustpilot

Part 2: Why Choose Online Affordable Chinese Classes for Kids

Choosing online affordable Chinese classes for kids offers several key advantages:

Cost-Effective Learning

Online Chinese classes are more affordable compared to traditional language schools, making quality education accessible without a heavy financial burden.

Flexibility and Convenience

With online learning, children can study from home at times that fit their and their family’s schedule, providing a flexible approach to language acquisition.

Access to Native Speakers and Cultural Exposure

Online platforms often offer instruction by native Chinese speakers, ensuring authentic language learning, and provide insights into Chinese culture, enhancing the overall educational experience.

Part 3: Advantages and Disadvantages of Affordable Online Chinese Classes for Toddlers


  • 未勾选Cost-Effective: More affordable than traditional classes, making Chinese language education accessible to more families.
  • 未勾选Flexible Scheduling: Online classes allow learning from home at convenient times, fitting into various lifestyles.
  • 未勾选Diverse Learning Tools: Engaging materials like interactive games and videos enhance the learning experience.
  • 未勾选Native Speaker Exposure: Authentic language learning with native Chinese speakers, aiding proper pronunciation and language skills.


  • 未勾选Limited Physical Interaction: Lack of face-to-face engagement can impact communication skill development, especially for younger children.
  • 未勾选Technical Dependencies: Reliance on technology can lead to disruptions due to connectivity or software issues.
  • 未勾选Reduced Personalization: Larger classes may offer less individual attention and tailored feedback.


Q1: What is the best age to learn chinese?

Answer: The best age to start learning Chinese is typically between 5 to 7 years old, as children at this age can absorb new languages more easily and develop pronunciation skills effectively.

Q2: How long does it take a child to learn Chinese?

Answer: The time it takes for a child to learn Chinese varies, typically ranging from a few months to several years, depending on factors like the child’s age, exposure, and the frequency of lessons.


Putting in a nutshell, affordable Chinese classes for kids offer a practical and effective way to introduce this important language to young learners. These classes stand out for their cost-effectiveness, flexibility in scheduling, and the rich variety of engaging learning tools they provide. Additionally, the exposure to native speakers is invaluable for authentic language acquisition. 

For parents seeking an optimal platform, Wukong emerges as a top recommendation. It combines quality, affordability, and an interactive curriculum, making it an excellent choice for your child’s Chinese learning journey.




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