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2024 Full Guide to HMMT: Assessment, Registration date, Tips

In a world of different tests, lies a special assessment that aims to determine, analyze, and evaluate the intelligence of young minds in the field of mathematics known as the HMMT test. Started by the University of Harvard, the assessment is taken by hundreds and thousands of students worldwide. 

However, before you enter the assessment, updating yourself with all the latest information is critical. The same is why we have assembled this guide, which talks about all the crucial details of HMMT, such as What it is. Its date, time, etc., so stay tuned till the end to achieve great results. 

Lets begin

What is HMMT?
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What is HMMT? 

The HMMT is a short form of the High School Math/Mathematics Competition, which was started in 1988. The exact location of the test today alternates between Harvard University Mit and Cambridge, Massachusetts, depending upon various factors.

 Founded in 1998, The contest caters to talented minds and young students all across the globe. Thus providing them a platform to show their mathematical skills within an appreciating yet challenging and collaborative environmental setting. 

HMMT is based on different rounds, such as individual and team rounds. Each of them features a diverse variety of problems related to mathematics. The duration engages participants in intense problem-solving sessions. Hence demonstrating their analytical skills and creativity. 

In addition, the HMMT assessment focuses on both individual excellence and teamwork, fostering a spirit of being connected among aspiring mathematicians.

The reputation is related to promoting mathematical curiosity and helping young minds navigate the problem-solving criteria of any mathematical problem. In this way, HMMT has become a platform for enriching participants’ overall experience and contributing to the vibrant landscape worldwide. 

Pattern of the HMMT Assessment 

Mastering HMMT

The teams of 8 students are selected and made to compete with each other in the tournament. These teams can represent a single school. Or they can assemble students from different schools and educational institutions from a specific state. In recent years, such as 2021, 2022, and 2023, teams have also represented about 20 states in the tournament, such as Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Following are the rounds conducted in HMMT. 

Individual round 

The individual round focuses on a specific set, including algebra, combinatorics, and geometry. The upcoming examination in February will also incorporate the general phenomena in the examination. Each examination obtains 50 50-50-minute windows for the participant to solve the secession that contains about ten questions. There are no long details or in-depth reasoning required of the questions. Instead, the HMMT assessment aims to seek the on-point reasoning and short answer of the question, which are enough to elaborate on the actual concept. 

Before 2012, competition also had the option to attempt general exams or two exams with calculus, geometry, algebra, etc.; however, today, no such options are granted to the individual. 

Team round 

The second round is the team round, in which teams collaboratively compete with the other team in a 60-minute test. They need to work together to solve multiple mathematical problems and justify their decisions at some point. The total points of the team round is 400. However, the problem-solving criteria are weighted based on their difficulty level. 

Guts round 

The duration of the gut round is 80 minutes. It requires the participants to answer 36 short questions of multiple aspects. The questions are allocated in a set of 4 to each. The members at the starting signal pick up the copy and try to solve the problem before the other team does. When done with the first set, a team can pick up the next set and keep repeating until they finish all 36 questions. A team that can do it in the first place is considered the winner of this round. 

Scoring and awards 

The assessment uses algorithms to rank each competitor. The marking of each of the questions varies based on the difficulty level of each question. Thus, each player is granted a fair marking according to the level of effort they have put in. 

At the end, prizes are distributed to the high scorers.    The top 10 scorers of the tournaments are named as the sweepstakes winners. The calculation of the sweepstakes or the high scorers is based upon the half-individual round performance and half-collaborative performance. 

Test time 

The HMMT assessment is conducted in February and November. The most recent examination was held in 2023, and the upcoming evaluation is scheduled for February 2024. 

How to register for HMMT 

You can register yourself in HMMT using the simple steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: visit the website 

First, open your browser and head over to the official HMMT website. Here, you will find all the relevant information and the process of registering for HMMT. On the website, create your account. Look for the register or sign up option and follow the instructions to complete the account. 

Step 2: Check eligibility 

Review all the participation criteria and check if they match your capabilities. Ensure that all the requirements are met to proceed with the process further. 

Step 3: Complete the registration process 

Once you have selected your division, an admission form will appear on your screen. It asks for some general information such as the name of the participant, age, contact information, residential address, etc. Make sure to provide all the details accurately. Once filled, review each detail to ensure there are no mistakes and everything is correct. If found any, correct those right away.

Step 4: Submit and wait 

Finally, submit the form and wait until the authorities update you about all the upcoming details. It might take a few days, so be patient. 

Tips to prepare for HMMT 2024

Make sure to prep effortlessly while considering all the points mentioned below. 

1. Solve past problems 

Solving past problems helps to predict what kind of problems might come in the future. While preparing, try to get your hands on the past papers. You can find these online. Download it and use these as the practice questions to study. If you cannot solve these, enroll in an efficient course. WukongSch is one of those few online resources that help you prepare for HMMT with its multiple and personalized courses. Whether you are busy, these courses can be accessed anywhere and anytime. 

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2: Time management 

HMMT problems are best known for being time-sensitive. When starting the preparation, time yourself. Get a time stopper and set a target for yourself. Start the stopwatch and try to finish the problem you are solving within a definite duration.

3: Work in a team

Engage in a collaborative environment. Seek cooperative friends who are equally interested in preparing for HMMT as you are. This will help you practice for the team round as well. However, make sure to find peers capable of participating in HMMT. 

4: Read mathematical literature 

The mathematical literature- term might seem new and alien to some people. However, it is an efficient tool to learn the fundamentals of the quantitative section. It refers to all those books that tell you about a specific formula to solve a problem and explain how the former is generated. In addition, they also explain why a person should use this particular formula for solving the equation. As a result, you gain an in-depth understanding of the process and can solve it better and faster. 


HMMT is one of the fantastic tests that aims to sort the best minds in a crowded space. Thus providing them with enhanced opportunities and exposure. However, before proceeding, knowing all the essential information is mandatory. 

The same is why we have assembled this guide. It takes a deep dive into all the relevant information about HMMT. At the same time, the content talks about the entire registration process along with some efficient tips to prepare well. So, make sure to read very carefully.