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The Ultimate Guide About OC Test: Its Past Papers And Tips

No denying that some students have gifted skills by God that make them more prominent than other students. To find those students and push them to perform well in the educational field, the OC test is conducted in Australia. Being a parent, it is good to know about this test and encourage your kids to participate in it. If you don’t know about it, keep reading this blog till the end. Here, you will learn about the OC test in detail and the tips to help your kids perform better in it.

The Ultimate Guide About OC Test: Its Past Papers And Tips

Part 1. OC Test Overview

It is a specific test taken by the year 4 students to reserve a place in the year 5 class. OC test (Opportunity Class) is conducted by the NSW government to find academically gifted students and encourage them to perform well by having a deep understanding.

This test paves the way for the students to get placed in more than 70 primary schools located in NSW. Unlike other students, these students will learn about different topics of their subject in detail. Simply, you can say that the students will be considered better as compared to their fellows if they clear the OC test and get placed in the primary schools in NSW.

OC Test Dates

The OC test isn’t conducted every month in the state and you have to be aware of the application and test date. Here are some dates that you should keep in mind as a parent to let your kids appear in the OC test:

  • Application open: 04 April 2024
  • Application close: 20 May 2024
  • Test date: 01 August 2024

Being a parent, you should apply for this test before the closing date and encourage your kids to be prepared before the test date and perform well.

Application Criteria For OC Test

Be mindful that not all students are allowed to participate in an OC test. You must fulfill some criteria to appear in this test. Here are the requirements that need to be fulfilled for appearing in this test:

  • The participant’s family must be residing in NSW from the beginning of the academic year.
  • The student must be a permanent citizen of Australia or New Zealand.

Where To Apply For OC Test?

If you are good to go after reading the above requirements, you can apply for the OC test via the official education website of NSW. It is good to keep an eye on the website to know about the dates related to the test or any particular information for the better preparation of your kids.

Part 2. Major Sections Of OC Test

As mentioned earlier, the OC test is conducted to evaluate the god-gifted skills of the students of year 4. That is why the test is kept a little different from the standard tests taken for intelligence testing. In this test, three major sections have been made by NSW officials.


The students will be involved in a reading test that will have 25 questions in total. Every student will get 30 minutes to complete this portion which proves them to be a good choice for opportunity class. Be mindful that the question’s complexity will be a little higher as compared to the questions included in general tests for 4-year students.

Mathematical Reasoning

Another major section of the OC test is mathematical reasoning. The main goal of this section is to evaluate the mathematical skills of the students. The students will get 35 questions that must be completed in 40 minutes. For better analysis, only a few specific mathematical problems are added to the test. Here are the categories from which the questions will be added:

  • Number pattern making and finding
  • Measurement problems
  • Numerical problems
  • Worded problems

Thinking Skills

The last section which includes 30 questions with a time limit of 30 minutes belongs to thinking skills evaluation. In this section, you will see questions related to logical and spatial reasoning. The main purpose of adding this section is to check how students respond to the questions that need reasoning thinking.

Part 3. Download & Practice From OC Test Papers

To help your students perform better in an OC test, you must help them understand the problems of the test. You can do this by downloading OC test papers and encouraging them to practice on them. with this, they will get better results in terms of time management, question understanding, and related ones.

If you are unable to find these papers, you can explore the following platforms.

Matrix Education

It enables you to download OC test sample papers according to the categories added to the test. In simple words, you can download the reading sample test separately and the mathematical test portion separately. With this, you can help your kids to cover the first section first and then move to the next one.

Matrix Education

OC Test Collection at Matrix Education

OZ Tests

This platform enables you to download OC practice tests for free as well as explore the collection of sample tests. With this, you can guide your kids about the test as well as help them practice. Simply, you can say that it enables the students to learn and practice simultaneously.

OZ Tests

OC Tests at OZ Tests

Part 4. Join A Course – WuKong Math Advanced Course

If you are unable to focus on your kids and want them to perform well in the OC test, we recommend getting them admitted to the WuKong Math Advanced Course. This course is made with the critical thinking as the main focus.

Join A Course – WuKong Math Advanced Course

From this course, your kids will surely be able to think critically and cover different sections of this test. To help the little birds learn exceptionally from the course, it is made for grade 1 to grade 12 students. So, you can say that it will cover the major topics related to the OC test that will help your kids to perform better in it.

Basic Course Details

Type of Classes: Online Live Math Classes

Course Curriculum: It varies with the grade level of students.

Learning Pattern: The students will be taught through 10 levels in which they will learn different topics.

Features Of Course

Higher Success Ratio: The course has a higher success ratio because of its unique learning approach and engaging classes.

Modern Teaching Techniques: All instructors follow modern teaching techniques to help the students learn more from this course and perform well in an OC test.

Focus on Problem Solving: The course is designed particularly by focusing on critical thinking and problem solving to help students be comfortable while conducting tests.

Part 5. FAQs

Is It Compulsory For Every Student To Participate In The OC Test?

No, every student doesn’t need to participate in this test. However, you can encourage your kids to do so if you want them to be good in their classes and perform better than other students.

How Many Questions Are Included In The OC Test?

There is a total of 90 questions in the OC test that are categorized into different sections. The students will get a specific time to cover every section and move to the next one.

Part 6. Summary

We hope you have found this blog about an OC test informative. You must have an idea about the test and how you can help your kids to perform well. For beyond-expectation results, we recommend you enroll your kids in the WuKong Math Advanced Course. It will help your kids to know about mathematical problems as well as be good at critical thinking which will help them get good marks in the test.

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