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The Fall Guy 2024: Release Date, Trailer,Plot and Everything We Know about Cast – Ryan Gosling & Emily Blunt

The Fall Guy 2024 film is an upcoming action comedy film directed by David Leitch and starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt. The movie is inspired by and loosely based on the 1980s TV series of the same name, which followed the adventures of a Hollywood stuntman moonlighting as a bounty hunter. The original TV show was created by Glen A. Larson aired on ABC from 1981 to 1986, starring Lee Majors as the stuntman-turned-bounty hunter Colt Seavers. Decades later, the premise is being revived for the big screen. 

Part1. Plot Summary of The Fall Guy 2024 Film

The Fall Guy 2024 film focuses on a washed-up stuntman named Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling), who gets roped into finding a missing movie star to help his ex-girlfriend and stuntwoman Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt) save her directorial debut film. In the process, Colt gets embroiled in Hollywood’s seedy underbelly and undertakes dangerous real-world missions to prove he’s still the best in the business.

The Fall Guy 2024

After suffering an injury, Colt has stepped back from stunt work to focus on his health. But when his former love, Jody, runs into trouble on her first blockbuster project, Colt finds himself drawn back for one last ride. Charismatic mega-star Tom Ryder has vanished mid-shoot, putting the entire film – and Jody’s dreams – in jeopardy. As threats from shady underworld figures mount, Colt assembles his crack team, drawing on connections in the stunt community to locate Ryder by any means necessary.

From charming Southern California beaches to glittering Las Vegas casinos to the gritty back alleys of Los Angeles, The Fall Guy 2024 film traces Colt’s white-knuckle quest to save the film, confront his past with Jody, and cement his legacy as the best stuntman who ever lived. All while putting rib-cracking hurt on any thugs who stand in his way. The above is a summary of the entire plot of The Fall Guy 2024, I hope it will be helpful to you. 

Part2. The Fall Guy 2024 Film Trailer

Universal Pictures released an explosive official The Fall Guy 2024 film trailer on November 2nd, 2023, set perfectly to Bon Jovi’s rousing “You Give Love a Bad Name” to showcase the film’s thrilling stunts and action paired with a rocking good time.

The Fall Guy 2024 Film Trailer

The preview of The Fall Guy 2024 film draws viewers in from its opening moments: a battered Ryan Gosling sits amidst burning wreckage, cooly snacking on a rocket pop as a car careens out of control behind him. This sets the cheeky, devil-may-care tone that permeates the trailer as it reveals more insane practical stunt sequences.

We get Slow-mo shots of Gosling leaping between rooftops in The Fall Guy 2024 film, engaging in a brutal fistfight, and buzzing a motorcycle through oncoming traffic – all real feats performed by the lead actor and pro stunt performers with no CG trickery. There are also flashes of parodic comedy, as when Gosling jokingly grabs a random guy off a casino floor and uses him as an impromptu weapon.

Sprinkled throughout are quippy one-liners delivered with Gosling’s signature deadpan charm. “I’m a stuntman…I literally get beat up for a living.” Upon seeing alcohol served at breakfast: “Is that…allowed?” These promise plenty of laughs amidst the bone-crunching, metal-twisting action in The Fall Guy 2024 film.

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Part3. The Fall Guy 2024 Film Release Date

#1. Initial Release Date

The Fall Guy 2024 film release date was originally scheduled on March 1st, 2024. This would have positioned it as an early tentpole release to usher in the 2024 summer blockbuster season.

#2. Current Release Date

The Fall Guy 2024 film’s release was pushed back by two months and is now set to premiere on May 3rd, 2024. The date switch came on the heels of industry strikes by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA after Deadpool 3 vacated its plum March slot.

This revised launch now means The Fall Guy will be one of the first major studio films to open in summer 2024, while also allowing more time to build buzz following the well-received trailer debuts.

#3. Reason for Delay

Ultimately, the choice to push The Fall Guy’s release back stemmed directly from external events impacting the filming timeline. Complex practical stunt sequences require intricate planning and coordination. When strikes impacted the availability of essential personnel both on and behind the camera, schedules had to shift.

As director David Leitch explained, “The intricacies of large stunt set pieces take preparation, and schedules changed…We needed the time for prep, training with Ryan, rigging, practicing, shooting, and editing one extremely fun and gnarly car crash scene!”

Now with additional months to polish the finished product before premiering it to the masses,The Fall Guy 2024 film promises to deliver maximum big-screen wow factor.

#4. World Premiere

The Fall Guy 2024 film will have its world premiere at South by Southwest in March 2024, weeks ahead of its nationwide theatrical run. Over the years, the SXSW film festival has become a popular launching pad for major Hollywood movies ranging from comedies like Blockers to sci-fi spectacles like Ready Player One. The setting offers an ideal buzz-building opportunity in front of crowds eager for excitement and entertainment.

Part4. Cast and Characters of The Fall Guy 2024 film

#1. Ryan Gosling as Colt Seavers

In The Fall Guy 2024 film, the lead role of Colt Seavers, Ryan Gosling brings his trademark blend of comedic flair, simmering intensity, and physical dexterity displayed in films from Drive to Crazy Stupid Love. This represents Gosling’s first full-on action vehicle carrying the weight of a major summer tentpole release in The Fall Guy 2024 film.

Early behind-the-scenes clips show Gosling fully committed to executing jaw-dropping stunts alongside world-class specialists. In channeling the spirit of legendary performers like Buster Keaton and Jackie Chan, Gosling cements his place as a next-gen action icon with flair and legitimacy to spare in The Fall Guy 2024 film.

#2. Emily Blunt as Jody Moreno

Blunt taps into her own real-world experiences as an aspiring artist trying to get that career-making break in show business. Her character Jody Moreno represents a talented stuntwoman and aspiring creative crossover still struggling to crack into directing while facing skepticism about her qualifications.

#3. Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Tom Ryder

Fresh off his scene-stealing turn battling Brad Pitt in 2022’s runaway hit Bullet Train, Aaron Taylor-Johnson joins director David Leitch latest as narcissistic movie star Tom Ryder. Vain, entitled and aloof, Ryder refuses to perform his own stunts while locking horns with production staff and acting only in his own self-interest.

#4. Other Supporting Characters

The stacked ensemble includes Stephanie Hsu, Winston Duke, Hannah Waddingham and Teresa Palmer in pivotal supporting roles.

Hsu plays Ryder’s beleaguered yet fiercely loyal personal assistant. Duke digs into buddy comedy antics as Colt’s hype man cheering his dangerous escapades from the sidelines. Waddingham steals scenes as a ruthless, bottom line-driven studio executive ready to leverage innocent careers to recoup her losses. And Palmer brings noir-flavored mystique as a slinky lounge singer crooning in the shadows with mysterious connections to the film’s central mystery.

These and other colorful characters populate the world of The Fall Guy 2024 film forming obstacles, potential allies and red herrings along the rollicking, two-fisted adventure.

Part5. Expectations and Hype of The Fall Guy 2024 film

#1. Highly Anticipated Summer Blockbuster

With its A-list talent and creative pedigree in front of and behind the camera, The Fall Guy 2024 film is positioned as one of 2024’s most hotly anticipated summer tentpole releases. Early trailers proudly showcase the film’s credentials: star power, wit, insane practical stunts and against-the-odds romance to inspire ticket sales. The combination of Gosling’s charm, Blunt’s talent, and Leitch’s action chops has already generated significant buzz and enthusiasm among both fans of the original series and general audiences craving a fun summer ride. The Fall Guy 2024 film is clearly aiming to be the must-see event film of the season.

 Highly Anticipated Summer Blockbuster

#2. Positive Early Reactions

Test screenings of The Fall Guy 2024 film have yielded incredibly positive reactions, with the film being described by sources as an immensely fun crowd-pleaser. The action leaves audiences consistently thrilled and impressed while the characters bring heart and laughs. These early verdicts bode well for commercial playability, converting the premise’s full popcorn potential. The strong word-of-mouth coming out of these advance peeks suggests The Fall Guy 2024 film is firing on all cylinders in delivering the goods. With the film still months out from release, this glowing early reception provides a fantastic foundation to build momentum and anticipation heading into the summer movie season.

FAQs about The Fall Guy 2024 film 

Q1. How will The Fall Guy balance its action and comedy?

Director David Leitch has proven adept at blending stylistic action thrills with laughs, as seen in prior hits like Bullet Train and Deadpool 2. Test screening reactions indicate he strikes that balance well here between The Fall Guy 2024 film’s spectacle and buddy comedy dynamics.

Q2. What kind of practical stunts can viewers expect to see?

Leitch and his team push boundaries with jaw-dropping practical stunts from high falls to intense fight choreography to precision vehicle maneuvers and more performed by the leads and pro stunt artists. Gosling himself partakes in demanding physical feats like a 15-story descender drop among other hard-hitting sequences.All this has made the audience more eager for The Fall Guy 2024 film’s release.

Q3. How does The Fall Guy pay homage to original series star Lee Majors?

While plot details are under wraps, Leitch hints the film includes subtle references to Majors’ iconic 80s stuntman character Colt Seavers. As an executive producer before his passing, Majors gave the remake his blessing to carry the torch to new generations.


This comprehensive guide provides readers with a wealth of information about the highly anticipated action comedy, The Fall Guy 2024 film. It offers a detailed plot summary, giving audiences a taste of the thrilling adventure that awaits them as they follow stuntman-turned-bounty hunter Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling) on his quest to save a missing movie star and his ex-girlfriend’s directorial debut. It also delves into the explosive official trailer for The Fall Guy 2024 film, showcasing the movie’s perfect blend of jaw-dropping practical stunts, humor, and heart.