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Top 3 Free ELA Classes- Paid vs Free

ELA is one of the most incredible things you can develop in your child. Being a globally recognized language, English learning skills not only help for accessible communication but also pave the way for enhanced understanding.

However, in today’s fast-paced world, paying heavy fees takes a lot of work. However, don’t worry, as we have got you covered. Keep reading to find some of the best free ELA classes that will not cost you to break the bank to develop a new skill. 

Let’s start. 

1: English Freelancers: Getting started 

Top 3 Free ELA Classes- Paid vs Free - WuKong Blog

The first and foremost class to learn ELA comes from a well-known platform: the EDP app. As the name suggests, This course is designed to help beginners and non-native English speakers develop or polish their skills for later usage. It is a specialized program crafted for individual training. What sets this course apart from the other classes is that it is finely tuned to cater to every student’s personalized needs. 

In addition, the course targets honing language skills that are integral in the business world. Thus, it will help you communicate and interact with your business delegates and other commercial people worldwide. The specially designed curriculum dives deep into multiple facets critical for a freelancer’s successful career. 

From mastering the art of clear and concise business proposals to effective business communication, this course will enable you to pursue everything efficiently. 

An emphasis on practical application is one of the prime focuses of this course. That means It offers scenarios and exercises mirroring real-world freelance scenarios. Thus enabling the learners to immerse themselves in contexts. 

Nevertheless, it also focuses on language mechanics. Instead, the course also addresses cultural aspects and professional etiquette. Hence, recognizing the significance of cultural sensitivity and effective communication in a globalized setting, 

“English for Freelancers: Getting Started” isn’t just a language course. Instead, it is a platform for those seeking best free ELA classes online to integrate into the most significant community. It’s a gateway to fluency within the professional sphere.

2: WukongSch 

Top 3 Free ELA Classes- Paid vs Free - WuKong Blog

WukongSch is a comprehensive platform that offers multiple language learning resources. It uses various learning resources such as videos, audio and personalized training sessions to ensure a seamless development of ELA skills. In addition, the website has expert teachers who hail from over 100 countries with at least ten years of experience. 

Thus, as a student, you can leverage the utmost training for your child because it facilitates the age group of 3 to 18 years old. 

The course material continued to evolve as per the student’s proficiency level and age group. Thus, you get tailored learning that meets your needs and wants. 

Although the platform works on a subscription-based model, this is still a way you can avail the benefit of free ela classes as sample.

The sample class is a trial class that allows users to judge the platform’s ability and capabilities before investing their money. This class is excellent for all those who want to rest assured that they are investing their money and efforts in the right direction. 

So, no matter if you want guidance about the ELA. This platform is perfect if you want to learn speaking and listening skills. In addition, its versatility of use established it as an ideal choice for people learning English language arts. 

3: Speaking with Confidence by EDP app

Last but not least, the “Speaking with Confidence ” feature comes again from the EDP app.

It is a free course dedicated to learners of oral communication skills. The main focus remains on developing speaking abilities.

 At the same time, the resource empowers learners to express themselves confidently. Through practical exercises and interactive sessions, individuals gain the confidence to effortlessly give words and sentences to their thoughts. 

The learners can enhance their language proficiency and broader skill set essential or personal growth by taking this class. The resources of speaking with confidence cater to diverse learning needs. Thus offering a unique blend of practical application and comprehensive language development.

So, take advantage of these top-tier free ELA classes and embark on a fulfilling journey towards language proficiency. Explore the course, delve into its rich offerings, and unlock your potential in English Language Arts.

Paid vs Free ELA classes- Which One Is Better 

Both paid and non-paid courses offer perks and cons, as mentioned below. 

Perk of a paid online class 

The paid online class focuses on a more specific and tailored approach. That means it caters to the needs of the students individually. In addition, the paid courses offer level-wise learning. Plus, you can take it at any time and any place. No limitations. 

Cons of paid classes 

The only con of a paid course is that it might get heavy on the pocket. 

The perk of free online class

The free online classes allow you to avail yourself of all the essential information about ELA free of cost. In addition, you can take it at any time and any place. 

Cons of a free class

A free ELA online class might impose significant limitations on the learner. This includes group learning and pre-recorded video. In addition, only some free ELA classes cater to individual needs. 

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Online vs Free- which class is better? 

It depends upon the needs and affordability of you. If you only need guidance and essential knowledge, try a free class. However, you must go for a paid course if you want to develop the skill for a long time.

Q2:Why should I take an online ELA class? 

Learning about ELA helps you eliminate language restrictions, communicate better and convince others to listen to your points. The same is why you must take an ELA class. 


The bottom line is that learning about ELA helps you in many ways. However, finding an efficient platform for this might take much work. The same is why we have assembled this guide, which talks about some of the best free ELA classes online.

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