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Euclid Math Contest Scores Overview: 3 Tips to Win a Good Score

Euclid is one of the most effective contests that is acceptable by multiple universities in Canada to evaluate the mathematical skills of the applicants. Having good Euclid math contest scores will help you make your profile stronger and be prominent among other applicants. Every year, more than 20K higher-secondary level students participate in this test to secure their admission to their concerned institute. So, it might be hard to get good Euclid math contest scores if you know about them in detail. Here we have written this blog to assist you know more about Euclid math contest preparation and score calculation.

Part1. How Euclid Math Contest Scores Are Measured?

Euclid Math Content 2024

Mode Of Euclid Math Content 2024

Undoubtedly, the Euclid math contest is conducted in online and physical mode. However, the better way to appear for this test is in physical mode under the supervision of a professional instructor. The reason is you will have a quick solution to any problem that you encounter with your Euclid math contest 2024. Secondly, the supervisor will be responsible for collecting your contest material and sending it to CEMC for marking.

In the second mode of the Euclid math contest (online), you need to first collect your copy from the school a week before the contest date. Then, you need to appear for this test and it will be marked using your ID username and password that will be shared via email. It is right to say that everything will be in your hands when you are going for it via online mode.

If you have made any mistakes, it will have a major impact on your Euclid math contest scores. So, we recommend choosing the physical mode to be comfortable and get a certificate from the supervisor on the completeness of your contest with good grades.

Format of Euclid Math Contest

Before you know about Euclid math contest scores measurement, it is good to have a look at its format. Overall, this contest includes 10 questions that carry 100 marks in total. Every question includes sub-questions too among which 10 marks of that question are divided.

You need to answer the questions according to the label given to them to get a good Euclid math contest grade. Let us show you what those labels or tags are.

Light Bulb: You will see a few questions on the paper with the label “Light Bulb” written on the left side. It indicates that the question needs a short and precise answer within 3-4 points.

Paper/Pencil: Another category of sub-questions is “Paper/Pencil” which indicates that the question needs a comprehensive answer. You need to justify your answer in detail because it carries the maximum part of the Euclid math contest scores.

Measurement Of Euclid Math Contest Scores

Doesn’t matter whether you are thinking of the first sub-questions category or the second, the method to measure the scores is the same. The major factors that are considered to give full marks to a student are completeness, presentation style, and justification of the answer. If you have written a poorly presented accurate answer, you will not get full marks. Therefore, you need to be proactive while participating in this contest and looking to get good Euclid math contest scores.

Results and Recognition Of Euclid Math Contest Scores

The contest recognizes exceptional achievement through several categories of recognition. These include:

Certificates of Distinction: Students who achieve outstanding scores in the Euclid Math Contest are awarded Certificates of Distinction. These certificates acknowledge their exceptional performance and serve as a testament to their mathematical skills.

School Recognition: Schools whose students excel in the Euclid Math Contest are recognized for their commitment to mathematical education and their dedication to fostering excellence among their students. This recognition highlights the collective efforts of teachers and students in promoting mathematical achievement.

National Ranking: Based on their scores, students are ranked nationally, providing a benchmark to compare their performance against their peers across the country. This ranking system allows students to gauge their abilities and serves as a motivating factor for further improvement.

Scholarships and Prizes: The Euclid Math Contest offers various scholarships and prizes to top-performing students. These rewards recognize their exceptional mathematical aptitude and provide opportunities for further academic pursuits in mathematics or related fields.

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Part2. Major Mathematics Categories and Content for Euclid Contest

In addition to the measurement of Euclid math contest scores, it is also important to be aware of the mathematics categories included in this contest. Mostly, students think that they only need to be proficient in lower-secondary level mathematics branches. Undoubtedly, this contest includes a major proportion of these subjects.

Euclid Math Contest

But they also include some extended branches to check the knowledge and proficiency of the students. So, you can say that it will include multiple branches of math to evaluate whether a student is suitable for a reliable university like The University of Waterloo. Here are a few major categories that you should be good at for getting Euclid math contest scores.

  • Calculus
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Number Theory
  • Statistics

It is right to say that you need to be aware of the basic to advanced concepts of these subjects when doing Euclid math contest preparation. With this, you can be confident to perform well in this contest and have better Euclid math contest scores.

Part3.  WuKong Advanced Math Program

WuKong Advanced Math Program

WuKong Advanced Math Program incorporates the advanced Singapore CPA (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract) Approach, integrating it in a holistic and innovative manner. This approach allows us to accurately identify and nurture students’ mathematical potential. We recognize that students’ mathematical cognition and thinking abilities develop at different stages, which is why we implement finely graded teaching methods.

Not only does the Wukong Advanced Course assist students in passing school selection exams like GCSE, but it also enables them to excel in well-regarded international mathematics competitions such as Math Kangaroo, AMC 8, Math League, and others. Therefore, You can count on our courses to help you participate in the Euclide Math Competition as well.

Furthermore, the Wukong Advanced Course enhances students’ mathematical thinking and logical reasoning skills, empowering them to independently and swiftly devise solutions when confronted with diverse question types.

Euclid Math Contest Scores Overview: 3 Tips to Win a Good Score - WuKong Education Blog

WuKong Advanced Course is suitable for students aged 6-18. There are 10 levels in the WuKong Advanced Course, with each level being comprised of 5 terms (TermA, B, C, D, E). Each term consists of 10 lessons, amounting to a total of 50 lessons. Additionally, Term L3, L6, and L9 assignments will include a review session.

If you want to do well in the Euclid Math Competition, sign up for one of our courses. Generally speaking, our competition courses not only have real exercises here, but also professional teachers to guide you through the whole process to answer your questions. At the same time, we will provide you with pre-test simulation and pre-test prediction training.

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Part4. Tips To Get Higher Euclid Math Contest Scores

Every participant aims to get higher Euclid math contest scores but is unable to get the expected ones. The reason is they are unaware of the tips and tricks to complete this contest. Let us show you some effective tips to perform well in this contest.

Euclid Math Contest

Understand Mathematical Concepts

First of all, you must make sure that you are well aware of the basic to advanced concepts of mathematical subjects included in this contest. Keep in mind that less proficiency in these subjects will just waste your time as you may not be able to understand the question statements. It is right to say that you need to pick all these branches one by one and start understanding for clear concept creation.

Pick & Check Euclid’s Past Papers

Another effective approach to getting higher Euclid math contest scores is to find and explore past papers. You can find hundreds of Waterloo past contests available online that you can check to understand the problem types and their solutions. With the familiarity of past papers, you can get hands-on experience with multiple skills like:

  • Time management
  • Problem understanding & solving
  • Familiarity with the questions

Therefore, it is right to say that you should go with this tip to make sure that you are aware of what is about to come in your Euclid math contest 2024.

Consult With An Expert

If you are struggling with the Euclid math contest preparation, you should choose an expert to get guidance about this test and its content. Wukong Mathematics course can be a good pick for you if you want focused learning from professional instructors. You can appear for 1-1 class with the instructor to clear your doubts and have better results from your learning approach. It is recommended to try this course for a trial period to check how impactful it can be in helping you get high Euclid math contest scores.

FAQs about The Euclid Math Contest

1. What Are Good Euclid Math Contest Scores?

There is no fixed level that we can say is good or better in Euclid math contest scores. However, the students who get grades more than 50% are eligible to get a certificate of clearance from the supervisor.

2. Where Can I Get Admission After Clearing The Euclid Math Contest?

Euclid’s math contest is accepted by multiple universities in Canada. But the most prominent one is the University of Waterloo because most students appear in this test to get admission to this institute.

3. What Is The Eligibility To Appear For The Euclid Math Contest?

You can appear for the Euclid math contest if you are a student of grade 7 to grade 12. Keep in mind that the content of this test will remain the same regardless of your grade. Therefore, you should appear for this if you are aware of the categories included in it.


With the help of this comprehensive blog, you must be aware of Euclid math contest scores. We have discussed everything about it including measurement, contest content, and related ones. You can easily follow the above-mentioned tips to perform well and get a good Euclid math contest grade. In addition, you can also take the  WuKong Advanced Math Program to prepare for the test, which will help you feel more confident about winning high scores!

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