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Grant Writing Classes With the Best Online Courses 

Grant writing is a crucial skill for any nonprofit organization seeking to secure funding for their initiatives. Grant writing classes provide aspiring and seasoned grant writers alike with the knowledge and techniques needed to craft compelling proposals that capture the attention of potential funders. Whether you’re new to the nonprofit sector or a seasoned professional, investing in grant writing courses can significantly enhance your organization’s ability to secure the resources it needs to drive meaningful change.

Part1. Top Online Grant Writing Courses for Beginners

Top Online Grant Writing Courses for Beginners

These online grant writing classes offer a solid foundation for beginners, covering the essential steps of the grant writing process. Some of these courses are free and some are paid.

#1. Free Grant Writing Classes for Nonprofits

Learn Grant Writing’s Free Introductory Class

These comprehensive free grant writing classes offer a solid foundation for beginners, covering the essential steps of the grant writing process. From researching funding opportunities to crafting a compelling narrative, this course equips participants with the knowledge and confidence to tackle their first grant proposal.

Coursera’s Fundraising & Development Foundations

Offered by the University of California Davis, this free grant writing course provides an in-depth exploration of the nonprofit fundraising landscape. While not exclusively focused on grant writing, the modules on developing a case for support and understanding the broader fundraising context are invaluable for aspiring grant writers.

Peak Proposals’ The Basics of Finding & Applying for Grants

This free online grant writing course from Peak Proposals takes a hands-on approach, guiding learners through the process of identifying potential funders, writing grant proposals, and submitting applications. With a combination of lessons and practical assignments, participants can immediately apply what they’ve learned.

#2. Affordable Grant Writing Courses

Grant Writing Master Class on Udemy

Designed for nonprofit organizations, this Udemy course covers the entire grant writing classes process, from research to proposal development. With over 9 hours of on-demand video content, downloadable resources, and a certification of completion, this class offers a comprehensive and budget-friendly learning experience.

Basic Grant Proposal Writing for Nonprofits on Udemy

Taught by an experienced grant writer, this Udemy course provides a solid foundation in grant proposal writing for nonprofit professionals. Covering everything from needs assessments to budget creation, this class is an affordable option for those looking to build their grant writing skills.

Advanced Grant Writing: Understanding What a Funder Wants on Udemy

This Udemy course offers a unique perspective, taught by an instructor who has served on grant funding panels. By exploring the decision-making process from the funder’s point of view, participants gain valuable insights to create more compelling and successful grant proposals.

Part2. Grant Writing Certifications and Career-Focused Programs

#3. Nonprofit Grant Writing Certification Programs

Nonprofit Ready Certificate

The Nonprofit Ready platform offers a free certificate program in grant writing, complete with CFRE Continuing Education Credits. Covering the entire grant life cycle, this comprehensive program is an excellent choice for nonprofit professionals seeking to bolster their skills and credentials.

Learn Grant Writing’s Certification Programs

Learn Grant Writing’s certification programs are designed to help aspiring and experienced grant writers establish their careers. With a focus on practical, hands-on learning, these programs offer a combination of self-study courses, coaching, and access to a vibrant community of fellow grant writing professionals.

#4. University-Based Grant Writing Certificates

University of Wisconsin’s Introduction to Grant Writing

The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee offers an online Introduction to Grant Writing course for $150. This class delves into the fundamentals of grant research, proposal development, and project management, providing a solid foundation for nonprofit professionals.

Arizona State University’s Grant Development Certificates

Arizona State University’s grant writing certificates cover both state/foundation and federal grant proposals. These intensive, seven-week programs are suitable for those ready to make a significant investment in their grant-writing expertise.

Advanced English Reading and Writing Program

WuKong Courses is a highly-rated online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses for students of all ages. While some of their courses are free, they also provide premium paid options for those seeking more comprehensive and personalized learning experiences

One of their flagship offerings is the Advanced English Reading and Writing Program. This program is designed for both beginners and experienced writers who want to improve their language skills, critical thinking abilities, and strategic writing techniques. It combines expert instruction from qualified teachers, personalized one-on-one coaching, and a supportive community of learners.

A key advantage of this program is its tailored approach. Students receive personalized feedback and guidance from their instructors, ensuring that their individual needs and goals are addressed. 

Another notable advantage of WuKong Courses is the flexibility they offer. Many of their courses, including the Advanced English Reading and Writing Program, are available online, allowing students to learn at their own pace and from anywhere in the world.

留资卡片:英文(en): Book Now-Online Language Arts classes for students in grades 3-6

Part3. Choosing the Right Grant Writing Classes for Your Goals

Choosing the Right Grant Writing Classes for Your Goals

When selecting grant writing classes, it’s crucial to consider factors such as alignment with your nonprofit’s needs, cost, and the reputation of the course provider.

#1. Aligning with Your Nonprofit’s Needs

When selecting grant writing classes, it’s essential to ensure that the curriculum aligns with your nonprofit’s specific needs and goals. Consider the types of grants your organization typically applies for, the size and scope of your projects, and the level of expertise within your team.

#2. Balancing Cost and Comprehensiveness

While free and affordable grant writing classes can be incredibly valuable, it’s also important to consider the depth and breadth of the content. Carefully weigh the cost of the course against the comprehensiveness of the curriculum to ensure you’re getting the best return on your investment.

#3. Accreditation and Reputation of the Course Provider

The credibility and reputation of the course provider can significantly impact the quality of the learning experience. Look for grant writing classes offered by reputable institutions, respected industry organizations, or experienced grant writing professionals to ensure you’re receiving top-notch instruction.

FAQs About Grant Writing Classes

Q1. How much do grant writing courses typically cost?

The cost of grant writing classes can vary widely, ranging from free online grant writing classes to university-based certificate programs costing upwards of $1,000. Many affordable options, such as Udemy courses, can be found for $50 to $150, making high-quality instruction accessible to a wide range of learners.

Q2. Are grant writing certifications worth the investment?

Earning a grant writing certification can be a valuable investment, as it demonstrates your expertise and commitment to the craft. These credentials are often recognized by funders and can give you a competitive edge when applying for grant opportunities. The return on investment depends on your career goals and the specific certification program.

Q3. What topics are usually covered in grant writing classes?

Typical grant writing classes cover a range of topics, including grant research and identification, needs assessment, proposal development, budget creation, and project management. Many also delve into best practices for persuasive writing, data visualization, and relationship-building with funders.


Mastering the art of grant writing is a transformative journey that can propel your nonprofit’s impact to new heights. By investing in the right grant writing classes, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to craft compelling proposals that capture the attention of potential funders. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, there is a wealth of online grant writing classes and resources available to suit your needs and goals. Embrace the power of grant writing education, and unlock the funding your organization needs to drive meaningful change in your community and beyond.