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Finding Online Mandarin Teachers – Best 4 Platforms + 10 Tips(2023 Updated)

Trying to learn mandarin but don’t know how to find a good online mandarin teacher? Today we are going to introduce 4 websites & platforms where you can find the best online mandarin teachers, and show you to 10 detailed key points for choosing online mandarin teacher to learn chinese effectively. Let’s refer to the following methods to find the best online Mandarin teacher for you!

Finding Online Mandarin Teachers – Best 4 Platforms + 10 Tips(2023 Updated) - WuKong Education Blog

Best 4 Platforms + 10 Tips for Finding Online Mandarin Teachers (2023 Updated)

Part1 : Top 4 Websites for Finding the Perfect Online Mandarin Teacher

In the quest for Mandarin proficiency, the guidance of an online Mandarin teacher is pivotal. Explore the top five websites connecting learners with expert tutors, shaping a personalized path to Chinese language mastery.

#1 Preply – Personalized Learning with Experienced Online Mandarin Teacher

Preply excels in providing personalized learning experiences, offering an advanced search system and verified online mandarin teachers with detailed profiles. The platform accommodates various budgets and learning needs, though potential limitations in tutor availability and variations in teaching approaches should be considered. Overall, Preply is a versatile platform for learners seeking online mandarin tutors & teachers.


Number of Mandarin teachers3,009+
Tutor nationalities180+
Teacher Hourly RateYou can set your own hourly rate. Typically $10-$25 per hour.
Free Trial LessonSome tutors offer a free trial lesson
Teacher Native LanguageDiverse range of native languages
One-on-One LessonsYes
Student FeedbackThis Preply platform and its team are wonderful. They guide you professionally and allow you to grow as a tutor. It’s truly a place where tutors and students gather in one space.


  • Advanced search filters for tailored mandarin learning needs.
  • Verified mandarin teachers with detailed profiles.
  • Various pricing options catering to different budgets.
  • Specialized exam preparation options.


  • Some online mandarin teachers may have limited availability.
  • Quality and teaching styles can differ.

#2 Verbling – Seamless Learning with Professional Mandarin Teaching Online

Verbling stands out for its user-friendly interface and high-quality online mandarin teachers selected through rigorous criteria. The platform provides a seamless learning experience with an integrated classroom, transparent pricing, and straightforward scheduling. While it may be relatively pricier for some, Verbling offers a reliable option for learners seeking a structured and interactive online Mandarin Chinese tutoring experience.


Number of Mandarin teachers2,000+
Tutor nationalities180+
Teacher Hourly RateTypically $15-$25 per hour.
Free Trial LessonYes
Teacher Native LanguagePrimarily English, with diverse language options
One-on-One LessonsYes
Student FeedbackThe lessons are a lot of fun. Yuqing is very nice, very patient, teaches very well and the lessons are very well structured. She responds well to my wishes.


  • User-friendly platform with a seamless mandarin learning experience.
  • High-quality online mandarin teachers with stringent selection criteria.
  • Integrated classroom for interactive mandarin lessons.
  • Transparent pricing and straightforward scheduling.


  • Pricing may be on the higher side for some mandarin learners.
  • Limited free resources compared to other platforms.

#3 Italki – Connecting Learners with Online Mandarin Teachers Worldwide

Italki is also a very helpful website that has a lot of information about online Mandarin teachers. Italki stands out with its extensive pool of diverse language teachers, offering flexibility and choice for chinese mandarin learners. The platform’s strength lies in its user-friendly interface and a comprehensive feedback system that assists students in finding high-quality online mandarin teachers. However, potential variations in the teaching quality and individual pricing can be a consideration. Overall, Italki provides a dynamic environment for learners seeking a personalized online Mandarin Chinese tutoring experience.


Number of Mandarin teachers2,800+
Tutor nationalities70+
Teacher Hourly RateYou can set your own rate between $5 and $80 per hour; professional teachers typically charge $15-$25, while community tutors charge $10-$15.
Free Trial LessonSome teachers offer free trial lessons
Teacher Native LanguageDiverse range of native languages
One-on-One LessonsYes
Student FeedbackThe lessons are a lot of fun. Yuqing is very nice, very patient, teaches very well and the lessons are very well structured. She responds well to my wishes.


  • Broad selection of online mandarin teachers with diverse backgrounds.
  • Flexible scheduling for different time zones.
  • Varied pricing options to suit different budgets.
  • Comprehensive feedback system aids in tutor selection.


  • Quality of teachers may vary; careful selection recommended.
  • Pricing set by individual teachers may be on the higher side.

#4 Wukong Education A platform with 4,000+ Mandarin teaching teachers

When you are looking for an online mandarin teacher, Wukong Education is your ideal choice.Boasting a robust faculty, Wukong Education features experienced instructors, including native Mandarin Chinese speakers, and offers personalized private mandarin tutoring. All teachers graduated from top universities in China and have rich mandarin teaching experience. Our diverse teaching methods ensure an enriched learning experience, aligning with top-notch exam standards. Teachers will also customize personalized Mandarin learning courses according to different needs. With a commitment to achieving exceptional results, Wukong Education stands out as your go-to platform for effective and comprehensive Mandarin instruction. And Wukong Education provides free trial courses, let’s elevate your language skills with us right now!

wukong education

Number of teachers4000+
Tutor nationalities180+
Teacher Hourly RateTypically $20-$25 per hour.
Free Trial LessonYes
Teacher Native LanguageDiverse range of native languages
One-on-One LessonsYes
Student FeedbackThe teachers are great and the content is interesting. My daughter enjoyed every single lesson and looking forward to it.

留资卡片:中文(en): Book Now-Wukong Education has a large number of experienced Chinese teachers who graduated from top universities. You can definitely find the best online Mandarin teacher that suits you here.

Part2 : 10 Tips for Finding the Best Online Mandarin Teacher & Tutor

In the digital age, the quest for the perfect online Mandarin teacher and tutor is a crucial step towards mastering this intricate language. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the vast landscape of online language learning and discover the ideal mentor for your Mandarin journey.

online mandarin teacher
  1. #1 Define Your Learning Goals:

Begin by clearly defining your Mandarin learning goals. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, having well-defined objectives will guide your search for the right online mandarin teacher .

  1. #2 Choose Reputable Platforms:

Opt for established platforms renowned for connecting learners with top-notch online mandarin teachers. Platforms like Italki, Preply, and Verbling have earned acclaim for their diverse pool of experienced tutors.

  1. #3 Read Teacher Profiles:

When you choose online mandarin teacher information, it is recommended to carefully understand the teacher information. For example, Dive into teacher profiles on these platforms. Assess their qualifications, teaching styles, and specialties, etc.

  1. #4 Check Student Reviews:

Explore student reviews and feedback for prospective online mandarin teachers. Positive reviews from students with similar learning goals can be particularly reassuring.

  1. #5 Evaluate Teaching Experience:

Prioritize online Mandarin teachers with substantial mandarin chinese tutoring experience. Experienced educators are likely to have honed effective teaching strategies and accumulated a wealth of resources to enhance your learning journey.

  1. #6 Assess Language Proficiency:

Confirm the language proficiency of potential online mandarin teachers. A native Mandarin speaker or someone fluent in the language brings an authentic touch to the learning experience, offering insights into cultural nuances and proper pronunciation.

  1. #7 Utilize Trial Lessons:

Many platforms offer trial lessons. Take advantage of these opportunities to experience an online mandarin teacher’s style firsthand. It’s a chance to assess compatibility and determine if the teaching approach resonates with your learning preferences.

  1. #8 Consider Scheduling Flexibility:

Evaluate the scheduling flexibility offered by different online mandarin teachers. Opt for a teacher whose availability aligns with your schedule, ensuring consistent and convenient Mandarin lessons.

  1. #9 Explore Additional Resources:

Look for online Mandarin teachers who provide supplementary learning resources. Access to interactive materials, recommended readings, or specialized exam preparation resources can significantly enrich your Mandarin learning experience.

  1. #10 Trust Your Instincts:

Ultimately, trust your instincts when selecting an online Mandarin teacher. Choose someone with whom you feel comfortable, motivated, and inspired to learn.

留资卡片:中文(en): Book Now-Wukong Education Platform provides a large number of experienced online mandarin teachers to customize personalized Mandarin teaching for different students.

Part3 : The Benefits of Ginding Online Mandarin Teachers & tutors

Seeking an online Mandarin teacher & tutor is a strategic choice for language learners, which offers a plethora of advantages. Whether you’re exploring phrases for travel or delving into the intricacies of Chinese characters, the benefits of having a private online Chinese tutor are noteworthy. Here are some necessities for choosing an online Mandarin teacher.

  1. #1 Personalized Learning Experience

Engaging with the best online mandarin teacher allows for a tailored learning experience.

  1. #2 Convenient Scheduling and Flexibility

Opting for an online mandarin teacher grants the flexibility to schedule lessons at your convenience.

  1. #3 Access to Native Chinese Tutors

Choosing a native online mandarin teacher to teach Mandarin online is crucial for language authenticity.

  1. #4 Enhanced Learning Resources

The best online mandarin teacher. platforms offer a plethora of learning resources.

  1. #5 Real-time Feedback and Progress Tracking

Online mandarin teaching platforms often provide real-time feedback and progress tracking.

Part4 : FAQs About Online Mandarin Teacher

Q1: What’s the difference between an online mandarin teacher and an online mandarin tutor?

Answer: The distinction lies primarily in the scope of their roles. An online Mandarin teacher typically implies a more formal, structured approach, often with a focus on comprehensive curriculum delivery and assessment. On the other hand, an online Mandarin tutor tends to offer a more personalized and flexible learning experience.

Q2: How can I maximize the effectiveness of online mandarin tutoring sessions?

Answer: To make the most of your online Mandarin tutoring sessions, ensure a reliable internet connection and choose a quiet, distraction-free environment. Clearly communicate your learning goals and preferences to your tutor, allowing them to tailor sessions accordingly.

Q3: How does learning with an online mandarin teacher differ from in-person sessions?

Answer: Learning with an online mandarin teacher offers the advantage of flexibility and accessibility. Unlike in-person sessions, online tutoring allows you to connect with a qualified tutor from anywhere in the world.

Part5 : Summary

The above article provides a detailed introduction for online mandarin learners from three aspects: the advantages of choosing an online mandarin teacher, the methods of choosing an online mandarin tutor, and the website of choosing an online mandarin teacher. I hope it can provide you with useful information when choosing an online mandarin teacher.