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A Guide: How To Wish A Happy Chinese New Year?

Sharing sayings, words, or phrases that represent good luck is a common thing on the Chinese New Year. Chinese people prefer to pick the most suitable words to wish their belongings at this event. If you are also connected with this culture or have friends from it, you should learn how to wish a Happy Chinese New Year to them. It is because this event has great importance for this culture’s followers. You can’t make a prominent spot in their mind without wishing them luck and good fortune for the upcoming year. That’s why we have wrapped a blog about the method to say someone Happy Chinese New Year. In this blog, we have wrapped the tips that can help you stand on top of the well-wishers as well as make your friends happy at this event. Let us show you the tips that you should follow to make them happy.

Part 1. How To Wish A Happy Chinese New Year?

You can find/use different ways to say Happy New Year in Chinese. But it is not enough to make one happy at this event. The best approach is to learn how to wish a happy Chinese New Year with an effective approach to make the receiver happy. For this, you may have to struggle a bit because you can’t get the expected results without following a few tips/methods.

It is right to say that you can’t make them happy with your simple words or techniques like you do while celebrating the Western New Year. In the following, we have listed a few tips with a brief explanation to let you learn, understand, and follow them for effective results.

Part 2. Choose Chinese New Year Wishes

First of all, you should choose effective, good, and attractive Chinese New Year Wishes. Unlike the Western year’s beginning celebration, you can’t choose random words. You should have to be proactive in choosing the words that attract the receiver. While learning how to wish a happy Chinese New Year, it is the most important step to consider. The reason is you will ruin the moment if you have picked the wrong words or phrases while trying to make them happy. While choosing the New Year wishes, you should pick Chinese characters instead of English or other languages. The reason is that Chinese people prefer to get the words in this language instead of other non-native languages. You can also choose Happy New Year in Mandarin wishes to make your friends/family happy on this event.

Part 3. Present A Gift

It is normal to present a gift on the New Year all over the globe. Doesn’t matter whether you think from a business perspective or another, you will see the importance of the gift. In the case of the Chinese New Year, you can’t go with ordinary gifts because Chinese people prefer something different at this event. Undoubtedly, you can choose any gift as per the nature of the person you are going to wish. But the thing to consider is some colors are preferred to be lucky by Chinese people while some are considered unlucky. 

How to Wish a Happy Chinese New Year

Present gift on Chinese New Year

For example, the Chinese avoid wearing black on the New Year because this color belongs to death for them. That’s why, you should choose a gift or wrap it in a paper of the color that they consider lucky instead of going with unlucky colors. Moreover, you should be aware of what the receiver likes to choose the appropriate gift. You will see the importance of gifts everywhere while learning how to wish a happy Chinese New Year to make this event unforgettable for your friends.

Part 4. Spend Time With Family/Friends

Last but not least, you should also consider spending time with your friends and family at this event. Instead of going to parties on the Chinese New Year, you should be with them to make the event special and celebrate it. It is simple to have celebrations with friends and family and have fun with them at this time. Undoubtedly, you can hang out with your friends and enjoy more but spending time with family is as important as it is to hang out when learning how to wish a happy Chinese New Year. 

How to Wish a Happy Chinese New Year

Spend time with friends

By doing so, you will be able to know the New Year resolution of your belongings and understand what they have got/lost in the past year. With this, you can also encourage them to achieve their aims instead of falling for the losses they have made in the previous year. Shortly, it will be an effective and good approach to wish a Happy Chinese New Year to your friends/family.


How Do You Wish Someone A Happy New Year In Chinese?

The best approach to wish someone a Happy Chinese New Year is by presenting a gift with valuable and good-luck words.

Is It Good To Choose English To Say Happy Chinese New Year?

No, it won’t be a good idea to choose English to wish Happy New Year to Chinese friends/colleagues. You should choose the Chinese characters to make this event memorable for them.

What Is The Best Approach To Make Someone Happy On Chinese New Year?

The best approach to make someone happy at this event is by wishing them good fortune with a precious gift for the following year. You can also spend time with them to let them know their importance and have fun with them.


From the above blog, you must have learned how to wish a happy Chinese New Year to your friends and family. Doesn’t matter whether you belong to this culture or not, you should follow the above tips to make your friends happy. Be mindful that picking the wrong words will not only ruin the moment but also leave a weird impact on them. So, you should be careful while choosing the Chinese New Year wishes and making a plan to leave a good impact on their minds.

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