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Five Best Platforms to Learn Basic Chinese Online- Tips and Tricks Unleashed

Nowadays, people are interested in learning a new language. Learning a new language other than their mother tongue has become a widespread trend among people due to the numerous benefits of this enlightenment.

According to our analysis, learning basic Chinese is the best option when looking forward to educating oneself about a new language. Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, with more than 1 billion speakers. Here we have shortlisted the five best platforms for you to learn basics of the language online. 

1. Wukongsch 

Five Best Platforms to Learn Basic Chinese Online- Tips and Tricks Unleashed - WuKong Blog

Due to its unique features and comprehensive course guidelines, is the best online learning platform for learning the essentials of the language. understands the needs of every student, and because of the different learning capabilities of every student, has designed four various learning programs for the individual to settle in. Unique features of learning program that makes it different from others are:

  • Easy online access to classes. This feature makes learning easy, as you will always attend your course no matter where you are.
  • 1 to 1 interaction between student and teacher proves to be highly beneficial in clearing doubts and problems.
  • Professional and experienced teachers focus on teaching  orally and in writing.
  • Free trial classes are available, and 
  • a lot more. Also, note that the teachers on the platform are carefully selected via a specialized process. Thus, each teacher is an expert in their field with at least ten years of experience in the relevant field. As these experts hail from over 100 countries, the students learn from the teachers from their native region. Thus, the learning journey becomes more fun, easy and enjoyable. 

With its incredible features, is regarded as the best site for many students to acquire profound knowledge and learn the primary language.

2. is another incredible platform for learning basics. enables you to learn essential knowledge and skills of the language and its calligraphy.

Some of the unique features of are:

  • It offers audio courses for students to learn according to the time that is convenient for them.
  • I am writing a course to recognize Chinese characters individually.
  • Vocabulary list to learn words used in day-to-day speaking. is a great option to begin learning the language online. In addition, students are also granted appreciation at very good. 


Through, you can learn various primary Chinese characters, writing skills, pronunciation of different words and meanings and use of other phrases.

In day communication, you can get access to vocabulary words with various theme words along with access to a community of essential learners with whom you can communicate and practice your language skills.

Nciku is an excellent platform for students to start their education in the prospect of primary Chinese language in terms of written and oral communication.

4. BBC Chinese

Five Best Platforms to Learn Basic Chinese Online- Tips and Tricks Unleashed - WuKong Blog

BBC Chinese enables beginners to learn essential Chinese online with their mini guides for the language pinyin. 

They provide short videos of basic conversation that help beginners learn and practice. A series of tests are also available for students to analyze their performance according to their learning perspectives. BBC Chinese is a beneficial platform for beginners to learn the primary language.

5. Livemocha

It is another superb online platform that helps people learn basic Chinese and various other sought-after international languages.

Introductory language learning courses are designed for students’ convenience and ease. Livemocha allows you to choose a method of your preference online, after which you can learn from enthusiasts and submit your answers. This website also lets students chat with people of native Chinese origin to improve their language skills.

Tips to Learn Basic Chinese Online:

  1. The best way to learn the primary Mandarin language online is to begin with pinyin. Pinyin is a Chinese phonetic written in Latin letters. This is the finest way for English speakers to learn essential Chinese.
  2. Set a study plan and stick to it. Plan a solid timetable for your learning and take advantage of your schedule. Plan your schedule wisely and set your goals weekly to follow up with your achievement.
  3. Work on your pronunciation; begin with greetings and common phrases. Learn the basic sentence structure.
  4. Take every chance to listen, watch, read or communicate in Mandarin. According to studies, people learn a new language more quickly by listening, reading and speaking in that language.
  5. Try switching your phone settings to Chinese and practice daily with native speakers.

These beneficial tips and techniques will speed up your learning of the primary essentials of the language.

Frequently Ask Questions

Many beginners are asked certain types of questions by a mass of people while learning Chinese. Here is a way you can answer them like a pro.

Q1. What benefit are you going to get from learning Chinese?

Ans. Chinese is a globally phenomenal language that enables its learners to have more robust career opportunities and provides them with substantial personal growth. The Chinese language is also very helpful in developing problem-solving and analytical skills among individuals.

Q2. The Chinese language is too difficult to learn; how will you be able to ace it?

Ans. Nothing is complicated when an individual is ready to invest total concentration and devotion. Hard work always pays back.

Final Words

Learning basic Chinese has numerous perks and benefits that enable learners to be strong in this globalized world. Various online platforms help an individual learn an entirely new language by just sitting in the comforts of their homes. 

You will benefit from this glorious opportunity and enroll in the courses mentioned above to gain the benefits of learning the primary Chinese language. Rest we wish you Good luck for your journey.

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