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5 Best New Chinese Movies To Watch In 2024 | Watch & Learn

Exploring new Chinese movies and finding the right one can be hectic for you. It is because you may have to read about the movies first from different platforms to estimate whether the movie is inspiring for you or not. It makes the selection of the perfect one from the list of Chinese movies in 2022 harder. To help our readers, we have listed 5 best new Chinese movies that you can watch in your free time and get entertained. These movies have different genres and stories that will surely keep you engaged till the end. You will never find them boring if you have picked the movie as per your favourite category from our list.

Part 1. 5 Best New Chinese Movies

Undoubtedly, we can create a list of 100s of new Chinese movies by exploring the internet. But not all of those are as good to make this list and let our readers get entertained in their free time. That’s why, we have listed 5 best CNY movies that you can watch and spend memorable time with your friends. Here we have discussed them briefly to let you know what these movies are about.

  1. Angels Wear White

Rating: 7.1/10 on IMBD (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7205208/)

This special movie is directed by Vivian Qu with Vicky Chen Mejiun as the main cast of the movie. The Angels wear white Chinese movie was launched in 2017 and got the attention of the audience. This movie revolves around an incident that happens in the hotel for which the only witness is the receptionist, Mia. She has seen a middle-aged man assaulting two school girls in one of her hotel rooms. For her job’s safety, she chose to be silent and don’t say anything to anyone. In this whole drama-based movie, Mia wore the white dress that belonged to the name of the movie. Undoubtedly, the entire movie is a masterpiece but the mysterious and innocent role performed by Mia engaged the audience till the last scene

Our Recommendation

Overall, the story of “Angels Wear White” is perfect to be recommended to people who love to watch new Chinese movies. But the main reason for its recommendation in this list is the mystery of the assault and the performance of Mia.

5 Best New Chinese Movies To Watch In 2024

The Star Female of Angels Wear White

  1. Deep Sea

Rating: 6.8/10 on IMBD (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt25434854/)

For anime lovers, Tian Xia has written this fantasy movie with a dream girl as the main character. The storyline of this movie is that the girl mistakenly entered into the deep-sea world through a magical ship. She finds that place as per her dreams and enjoys that deep-sea land. It is a perfect masterpiece for those who love to watch anime movies. You will surely enjoy watching this movie and get entertained by its graphics and dreamy world scenes.

Our Recommendation

Undoubtedly, the movie got the attention of every anime lover because of its storyline. But the main reason for recommending this movie is the scenes created by the directors to show a dreamy world. It will look so realistic that you will feel that you are wandering in your dream world.

  1. Dynasty Warriors

Rating: 4.8/10 on IMBD (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7587604/)

Another masterpiece among other new Chinese movies is Dynasty Warriors. Roy Hin directed this movie with inspiration from the game series of the same name. The movie was launched in 2021 and ranked among the best 2021 Chinese movies because of its graphics, VFX, and inspiring story. This movie belongs to the action-history genre in which you will see three ancient kingdoms of China among which the battle was pictured. As the movie was directed after getting inspired by the game, it also has footprints of the game in its directions.

Our Recommendation

The major reason for recommending this Chinese movie is the VFX and storyline. If you love to watch history-related action movies, we are sure you will never find it boring. It is right to say that you will be engaged with this movie till the final shot. 

5 Best New Chinese Movies To Watch In 2024

Dynasty Warriors Main Character

  1. The Mermaid

Rating: 6.2/10 on IMBD

Under the direction of Stephan Chow, The Mermaid movie was pictured and released in 2016. The story of the film is about a businessman who is looking to complete a big project of his life. But the main problem is he has to kill the aquatic life for the completion of the project. The animals in the sea get help from the Mermaid and hire her to kill that businessman. But the twist comes when the Mermaid falls for the business and starts loving her. That twist makes the movie more entertaining for the audience and keeps them engaged till the last part.

Our Recommendation

Apart from other new Chinese movies, this movie has a unique storyline and adventurous scenes. It forces us to list this movie here and recommend you, even though it was launched in 2016.

  1. The Post Truth World

Rating: 6.4/10 on IMBD

If you are a mystery lover, you shouldn’t miss “The Post Truth World”. It is one of the best new Chinese movies with a crime-mystery story. The movie was directed by Chen I-fu with the star cast of Joseph Chang, Edward, and Amber. Unlike other movies of this genre, it is based on the struggle of a group of people who stand against the ruler and help society to be honest with their work and profession. You will surely like this movie because of the suspense, drama, and crime.

Our Recommendation

Its thrilling story with the struggle of the main cast encourages us to list this movie among other new Chinese movies. We hope that you will like this movie because of its suspense and drama. 

5 Best New Chinese Movies To Watch In 2024

The Star Cast of The Post Truth World

Part 2. Can New Chinese Movies Help You Learn The Chinese Language?

By reading about the new Chinese movies, you might be curious to start watching them. But do you know these movies can help you learn something? If you don’t know, you should read this section because it has a tip that can help you learn the Chinese language from the best Chinese movies.

The thing is you should turn on the caption and pick an application that can let you download the subtitle of the movies. It will help you get them in the document format. So, you can watch the movie and learn from the subtitles while enjoying your favorite movie. The best thing about this point is that you can also practice repeating those words by reading them from the paper on which you have printed the subtitles of the new Chinese movies. In short, it will be entertaining as well as beneficial to watch.


Where I Can Watch New Chinese Movies?

You can watch new Chinese movies via OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney. The only thing to make sure of is that your concerned platform has the right to stream that movie. If you have found your favorite movie on these platforms, you are good to go for entertainment.

What Is The First Movie In China?

“Dingjun Mountain” was the first Chinese movie that was released in 1905 in Beijing. The film became popular because of its storyline in addition to being a new revolution in the Chinese industry.

Does Netflix Have Chinese Movies?

Yes, Netflix has hundreds of new Chinese movies that you can watch in your free time. You can also watch other language movies by turning on Chinese subtitles on Netflix if that movie supports the subtitles in this language.


By reading about the new Chinese movies, you must have found the masterpiece that has got your attention. We hope you will enjoy these movies and have a healthy time with your friends by watching any of these movies in your free time.

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