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How to Extend Vocabulary by Mandarin Chinese Flashcards

Having a strong base can help you build a long-lasting building on it. The same goes with the learning of any subject/language, especially a complex one like the Chinese language. A good approach to building a strong base while learning is Mandarin Chinese flashcards. These cards can be helpful for a learner to learn different words used in their vocabulary. Using these cards can help memorise the words as well as extend the vocabulary. If you don’t know about these Chinese flashcards, you should read this blog till the end. In this blog, we will share a comprehensive guide on these cards and their impact on learning the Chinese Mandarin language.

Part 1. What Are Mandarin Chinese Flashcards?

Before having a deeper dive, you should learn what Mandarin Chinese flashcards are. These are specific cards on which the picture of a specific object/animal is printed with the Chinese characters/words used to show it. Normally, these cards are used in Chinese schools or language institutes because of are effective for learning this language.

mandarin Chinese flashcards

Chinese Flashcards

With a long list of characters, Chinese is considered a complex language to learn. It becomes harder to understand its terms and memorize its words for a non-native speaker. This is where Mandarin Chinese flashcards proved to be the best for effective results. One can see a picture of an object to get a sketch with the word used to pronounce it in Chinese. In turn, it will be easy for a learner to memorize multiple words instead of struggling with fewer ones.

Part 2. Types Of Flashcards

When learning about Mandarin Chinese flashcards, you should also understand their types. Mostly, students divide these cards into the categories from which they belong like animals, plants, objects, etc. But these cards can also be divided depending on the mode in which they are available. Chinese vocabulary flashcards are available in two major formats that are given and discussed below.

Digital Flashcards

These are the most used Chinese flashcard type in this type that is available on the internet. You can access these Mandarin Chinese flashcards using your laptop. It will be an easy approach to explore the list of 100s of flashcards and learn from them. In addition to pictures and Chinese words, you will also be able to hear the words with accurate pronunciation. With this availability, Mandarin Chinese flashcards online are helpful in learning pronunciation too. You can easily understand how to pronounce a word properly instead of struggling with this phase.

Traditional Flashcards

It is an old-fashioned, but still used, type of Chinese Mandarin flashcard in which you will get physical cards with the name and picture printed on them. The traditional flashcards are normally used in Chinese language schools and by native learners. It is because they can use these cards to have fun with their friends and learn at the same time. Moreover, the Chinese educational system believes in physical flashcards’ effectiveness more than digital ones. In short, you will find Mandarin Chinese flashcards in traditional mode in most schools of the country.

Part 3. How Do Chinese Vocabulary Flashcards Help In Learning Mandarin?

When reading about learning from Mandarin Chinese flashcards, the most common question that comes to mind is how these cards can be effective in learning. Being a Chinese language learner, you must be aware of its broad character collection. As per estimation, more than 100k characters are there in Chinese literature. It makes it harder for a person to memorize those characters and use them for their vocabulary. But Mandarin Chinese flashcards can help a person memorize the most used words with the availability of pictures. In turn, you will have a sketch in your mind and feel it easy to remember a word used for them. For example, you will be able to remember the Chinese word used for “Lion” for a long time after sketching it in your mind as compared to the blind learning of words. Also, Chinese flashcards are designed by combining the most used words/characters only. So, you will be able to learn the common words only and avoid unnecessary character learning. If you are learning from digital Mandarin Chinese flashcards, you will also be able to learn the pronunciation of the characters and words. In short, learning from these flashcards can be helpful for you to learn this language quickly and with ease.

Part 4. Who Can Learn From Chinese Mandarin Flashcards?

A common misconception is that Chinese flashcards are useful for kids. It is completely wrong as you can also extend your vocabulary being an adult by memorizing these cards. Because of their effectiveness, these cards are also used in many linguistic institutes to let the learners go ahead with their learning with grace. Doesn’t matter whether you are an adult or a teenager, you can learn from Mandarin Chinese flashcards easily. You only have to choose the right set of flashcards from the internet and extend your learning. Moreover, these cards may have new words that you haven’t learned from your discussion with your friends. Most non-native speakers use these cards to memorize new words and extend their vocabulary to communicate with their Chinese friends or do their jobs in the country. In short, it is not compulsory to choose these cards for kids only but you can also learn from them.

Part 5. Where To Get Mandarin Chinese Flashcards?

As mentioned earlier, Chinese vocabulary flashcards can be found in two main formats i.e., digital and hard format. You can get your required set of Mandarin Chinese flashcards using both ways. You can either search for these cards on the internet or explore the list online. It is the easiest approach because you don’t have to move anywhere or ask someone to get these cards. You can search for Chinese language flashcards on the internet and explore a long list of websites/platforms. Moreover, you may also find a website with a free learning mode and pronunciation option. So, you can hear the words too it will help you learn them for sure. On the other hand, you can also move to the local market nearby and get Mandarin Chinese flashcards from there. You will find a large collection of flashcards separated into different categories. The most common categories are animals, plants, objects, and colors. You can choose any of these or any other collection of flashcards from the market and use them for your learning.

mandarin Chinese flashcards

Chinese Flashcards with their English Words


How Can I Memorize Mandarin Fast?

The best approach to memorizing Mandarin fast is through flashcards. You can sketch an object in your mind and read the words associated with it. Moreover, you can also hear

How Many Hours A Day Should I Study Mandarin?

It depends on your ability to memorize and understand the Chinese language. Some people spend 6 hours a day learning Mandarin while some spend 12 hours the same learning.

How To Use Flashcards To Learn Chinese?

You can use flashcards to learn Chinese in different ways. The most appropriate way is to see the picture, hear the words, and memorize them one by one. After that, you can either go for a blind repeating test or choose an online tool for a quick quiz.


We hope you have learned about Mandarin Chinese flashcards in detail after reading this blog. You must have an idea of how effective these cards can be for your learning. Also, we have discussed the methods through which you can download/buy them and start learning this specific language.

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