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Chinese Classes for Kids: 6 Best Online Learning Platforms

In this advanced era, making connections with anyone is easy, but language barriers can restrict your children to communicate skillfully. As a parent or caregiver, you must be finding ways to have Chinese classes for kids. But in what ways can you provide an easy and comfortable environment for your children?

Suppose your kids take classes from the comfort of their homes while learning language and exploring culture. Luckily, technology has advanced to provide authentic online platforms with quality learning. This blog post will discuss the best online learning platforms suitable for different kids. 

Chinese Classes for Kids: 6 Best Online Learning Platforms - WuKong Blog

Part 1: Why to Choose Online Chinese Classes for Kids

As the world is evolving rapidly, there is a need for young kids to have a handful of skills. Learning a language can open the door to communicating effortlessly with more people worldwide. Before diving into the best platforms, knowing why these classes are important for your kids is necessary. 

Tutors of these online platforms will teach Chinese and focus on cognitive development. The plus point is that parents will have full access to analyze their kids’ progress. Whether you want to improve your kid’s future career opportunities or teach them cultural importance, these are good choices. 

Part 2: Best Chinese Classes for Kids

The best Chinese online learning platform will offer you the opportunity to let your kids understand a second language in a flow. Different kids have different mindsets, so you can choose the platform based on your kid’s capability. We have listed the following online classes to choose from. 


You can learn Wukong Chinese from anywhere for kids of 3-18 years old. Here, you’ll experience the live classes at which teachers use the 7 steps method to teach Chinese effectively. It includes the learning and practice environment with the native tutors as per the need of learners.

However, Wukong provides basic skills, advanced language skills, and in-depth proficiency. It has a free trial after which you have to purchase a course that can cost you from $349 to $2039. The benefits of choosing this platform includes the free trial, varying course prices, 7 steps teaching method, and practice environment.


It is a huge site where you’ll find native Chinese tutors who have Chinese classes for kids. You can choose the tutor based on their background, experience, availability, and time. This platform ranges between $15 to $60 per hour. 

On average, tutors charged the kids $30 for one hour. However, the class duration will be 60 minutes, which can be customized after discussion with the tutor. These courses are mobile-friendly, so you can take classes from anywhere. 

Verbling, as a Chinese learning app, offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows users to choose instructors based on their prefrence. Moreover, it will also alow customization of class duration, mobile-friendly nature, and negotiation with tutors.

However, there are some drawbacks like pricing, while flexible, may still be relatively high for some users, especially if they choose high level tutors.


It is an online learning platform that provides native Chinese tutors of 1-1 Chinese classes for kids. The price at this platform ranges between $2 to $15 per lesson. It will also provide your kids live conversation practices, grammar, writing classes, and more. So, choose your favorite native Chinese teacher from the Proplay Chinese online learning platform for your kids. 

There are some benefits of learning Chinese from Preplay like native tutors, pricing flexibility, live practice, and customized learning experience. However, there are drawbacks of using this platform like the quality may vary from teacher to teacher. Moreover, the platform’s effectiveness may depend on individual learning preferences.


It is a platform from Singapore where you’ll see the native Chinese tutors and the tutors from Singapore. The price for one class starts from $21, which includes the syllabus from mainland China. 

They have quiz options and videos for practice that help them grasp the language. The class will be 25 minutes, but you can also schedule them by discussing with the tutor. 

LingoAce, a Chinese learning app, offers singaporian tutors, affordable price, flexible scheduling, quizizz, and practice videos. Besides, the 25-minute class duration may limit the in-depth learning for Chinese language.

Lingo Bus

This Chinese online learning platform provides two courses to the kids. One is reading and writing, while the other is listening and speaking. The price of this platform ranges between $16.40 to $20 per class. 

It has six levels based on the knowledge of kids. Besides the live classes, there are games, quizzes, and practices to help the kids learn culturally. 

Lingo Bus offers a comprehensive Chinese learning experience for kids, listening and speaking skills, tiered pricing, quizzes, and practice environment. However, drawbacks may include affordability for some users and varying effectiveness depending on individual learning styles.

Goeast Mandarin

It is a Shanghai-based school and online platform offering 1-1 online classes via Zoom. The price of the lesson is customized, and you can set it after discussing it with the teacher. The class will be 50 minutes, but it can be 25 minutes upon request. It also allows a parent or sibling to attend the class with the kids.

Goeast Mandarin provides personalized 1-1 online classes, allowing customized pricing, and flexible lesson durations. However, pricing customization may lead to varying costs that makes it less budget-friendly.

Part 3: Pros And Cons Of Online Chinese Classes For Kids

Chinese Classes for Kids: 6 Best Online Learning Platforms - WuKong Blog

After English, people focus more on learning Chinese, which you and your kid can learn online. However, online Chinese classes for kids have some benefits and drawbacks.


  • Flexibility: In these online platforms, you can schedule lessons by discussing with the tutor. It will help the kids learn the language at a convenient time. 
  • Access To Resources: To practice your learning and make it more advanced, these platforms also provide games and videos as resources. 
  • Global Access: These platforms allow anyone worldwide to enroll in classes and discuss different things with tutors.
  • Parental Involvement: The Best thing about the Chinese online learning platform is that it provides full access to parents. You can analyze and manage your kid’s progress easily. 
  • Immediate Support: If a student has any difficulty, they can ask immediately to the teacher in the 1-1 class. They’ll be provided with the best solutions in the live class. 


  • Technology Issues: As your kid uses technology while taking Chinese classes, there may be many technical issues like internet connectivity or glitches. 
  • Less Social Interaction: Where online classes allow learning the language from any part of the world, it may also reduce social interaction. Less face-to-face interaction can reduce the social development in kids. 
  • Attention Span Challenges: It will be difficult for the kids to pay attention while learning online. This distraction is because of the digital environment that distracts the kids easily. 


Q1: How Can I Help My Child Learn Chinese?

You can help your child learn Chinese by starting their classes early and doing cultural exposure. However, your habits and actions can impact your kid’s learning capability. You can demonstrate good behavior to have a good impact on your kids. However, creating a learning and enjoyable environment is necessary for them. Thus, you can help your child learn Chinese online via various strategies.

Q2: What Is The Best Age To Learn Mandarin?

To learn Mandarin, you need a period of your life when you’re eager to absorb the knowledge. According to the studies, such age is considered to be before the age of 7. Within this age, students will learn and absorb the knowledge of a language more eagerly. Besides, any age is helpful to learning this language, but less age is a critical period for adopting a language. 


This blog post emphasized the best Chinese classes for kids and explored their importance in the digital era. This learning can benefit your children with cognitive and cultural importance. We have provided a list of various platforms with features and prices to help you understand which suits you best. 

However, you can have Chinese classes for kids at Wukong, where you’ll find various options. The tutors are hardworking and have strategies to teach children effectively. Thus, by having such a platform, you can easily introduce a second language to your children. 

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