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Math Kangaroo Ultimate Guide: Unraveling History, Sites, and Countries Differences

Math Kangaroo, a prestigious international mathematics competition, has gained immense popularity among students worldwide. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the origins, sites, and notable differences of Math Kangaroo in various countries such as the United States (USA), Canada (CA), HongKongHK) ,Australia (AU). So, hop aboard and let’s dive into the fascinating world of Math Kangaroo!

Math Kangaroo Ultimate Guide

A Brief History of Math Kangaroo


Mathematical Kangaroo, also referred to as the Kangaroo math contest, is an internationally recognized mathematics competition. Math Kangaroo originated in Australia in 1991 and quickly spread across the globe, capturing the attention of young math enthusiasts. The competition aims to inspire and motivate students to develop their problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and mathematical creativity. 

Math Kangaroo History

Created by esteemed academicians and mathematicians, the main objective of the Kangaroo math competition is to challenge the notion dat math is laborious and dull. Instead, it seeks to engage students with captivating, real-life related, and enjoyable math questions.

The Math Kangaroo exam is divided into two stages and encompasses math problems categorized into three levels of difficulty. Due to its highly competitive nature, only participants who achieve a perfect score in the first round are eligible to progress to the final round of the competition. 

Math Kangaroo Sites Around the World – Different Countries

Math Kangaroo has gained immense popularity worldwide, with various countries hosting their own versions of the competition. Let’s take a closer look at some prominent Math Kangaroo sites in different nations:

Math Kangaroo Students

1. Math Kangaroo USA (MKUSA)

Official website: https://mathkangaroo.org/mks/ 

The Math Kangaroo competition in the United States, managed by a non-profit organization, takes place annually on the third Thursday of March. Participants from grades 1-12 compete at various registered math centers across the country. Top-scoring students earn medals, certificates, and are recognized at both state and national levels.

2. Math Kangaroo Canada (MKCA)

Official website: https://mathkangaroo.ca/ 

Math Kangaroo in Canada offers a similar structure to its American counterpart. It takes place on the third Thursday in March and engages students from grades 1-12. Students across Canada attend designated math centers to participate and have the opportunity to demonstrate their mathematical prowess.

3. Math Kangaroo Australia (MKAU)

Official website: https://www.amt.edu.au/ksf 

Math Kangaroo Australia holds its competitions in March each year. Students from grades 1-12 gather at registered math centers to compete and showcase their mathematical abilities. The top students receive medals and recognition, encouraging them to further excel in the field of mathematics.

4. Math Kangaroo Malaysia:

Official website: https://www.kangaroomath.com.my/

Math Kangaroo Malaysia offers a vibrant platform to engage students in mathematical challenges. The competition embraces the country’s multicultural heritage by incorporating problem-solving aspects related to Malaysian culture, history, and traditions into its questions, making the experience both educational and entertaining.

5. Math Kangaroo Portugal:

Official website: https://www.matematica.pt/en/index.php

In Portugal, Math Kangaroo encourages participants to explore the beauty of mathematics through a distinctly Portuguese lens. By connecting math problems to local landmarks, historical figures, and cultural phenomena, the organizers bring a sense of national pride to the contest, fostering an appreciation for mathematics within Portuguese society.

6. Math Kangaroo UK:

Official website: https://kangaroomaths.co.uk/ 

Math Kangaroo Contest Rewards


The Math Kangaroo UK site caters to young mathematical enthusiasts across the United Kingdom. Here, participants encounter challenges with a distinct British flavor, incorporating references to British mathematicians, historical events, and even elements of British humor. This unique approach enhances students’ understanding of math while fostering a sense of belonging within the UK-specific context.

7. Math Kangaroo Egypt:

Official website: https://math.kangarooegypt.com/ 

In Egypt, Math Kangaroo provides a stimulating platform for students to showcase their mathematical prowess. The contest adopts an Egyptian twist, weaving in elements of Pharaonic mathematics and ancient Egyptian achievements into its problem sets. By doing so, Math Kangaroo Egypt strives to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation for mathematics while igniting curiosity about the country’s rich heritage.

8. Math Kangaroo India:

Official website: https://www.mathkangaroo.in/

Math Kangaroo India combines mathematical challenges with India’s diverse cultural tapestry. Participants encounter problems infused with Indian traditions, historical figures, and significant mathematical contributions by Indian mathematicians, offering a unique learning experience where mathematics and cultural enrichment go hand in hand.

Key Differences in Math Kangaroo Competitions

1. Question Difficulty Levels:

Math Kangaroo questions are carefully designed to suit the different academic levels of participants. The questions range in difficulty and complexity, ensuring students are adequately challenged while catering to their grade-specific curriculum requirements.

2. Competition Duration:

The duration of Math Kangaroo competitions varies across countries. In the United States, students have 75 minutes to solve 24 multiple-choice questions. In Canada, the competition extends to 75 minutes for grades 1-6 and 90 minutes for grades 7-12. Australia, on the other hand, provides students with 75 minutes to tackle 30 multiple-choice questions.

3. Scoring System:

Each country follows a unique scoring system in Math Kangaroo. While a higher number of correct answers contribute to a student’s overall score, tie-breaker questions and incorrect answers also factor into determining the final rankings. Understanding the scoring criteria ensures students focus on accuracy while managing their time efficiently.

Why are the official websites of the Math Kangaroo Competition (IKMC) different?

Math Kangaroo is an international mathematics competition aimed at stimulating children and teenagers’ interest in and enthusiasm for mathematics. Since the competition is held in many countries around the world, the official website of each country will be different. Although the official website of the Math Kangaroo Competition varies in each country, the purpose and purpose of the competition are the same globally, which is to stimulate children and teenagers’ interest in mathematics and improve their mathematical abilities.

Here are some possible reasons:

  1. Localization needs: The official websites of each country need to meet the language, culture, education system and other needs of different countries and regions, so different versions will appear.
  2. Different organizers: The Kangaroo Mathematics Competition may have different organizers in each country and region. These organizers may create their own official websites to facilitate contestants in their own countries to register, understand the competition rules and make preparations.
  3. Technical implementation: Different official websites may use different technical platforms for construction, resulting in differences in website appearance and functionality.
  4. Content differences: The official websites of each country may contain different content, such as each country’s entry information, competition rules, question types, etc. These differences may be caused by differences in local promotion strategies, scoring standards, etc.


Math Kangaroo, a global mathematics competition, has become a playground for students to cultivate their mathematical skills and fuel their passion for problem-solving. Regardless of the country, Math Kangaroo provides a platform for young minds to excel and be recognized. By unraveling the history, sites, and differences in Math Kangaroo across the USA, Canada, and Australia, we hope this guide has shed light on this remarkable competition and inspired students to take on the challenge. So, gear up and let your math skills hop to the next